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Don't Come Back!
Opening the door, I froze at the sight before me. My eyes widened as I scanned across the debris that was once my living room. The Christmas tree lay on its side and some of its bobbles had come off and rolled across the floor. Some of the balls were shattered.

The couch had been torn apart, its cushions ripped and tossed around the room. The coffee table was covered with beer bottles and a liquid dipped off the edge soaking into a ghoulish stain that spread like a virus across the carpet.

Garbage covered every surface. The smell of a beer parlour rose up and engulfed me causing me to gag as I took a few steps into the room.
Moaning came from down the hall. With each step forward, the shock ebbed away and anger settled in.... it simmered but I could feel its heat building to a rolling boil.

The moaning was building as well, not in pain, but in something that fueled my blood and anger. Thumping began in a rhythm. I moved to the bedroom door and kicked it will all my might. The door slammed back with such force it lodged its knob into the wall and stuck. The sound brought the moans to a stop and I looked towards the bed to see my man embedded in some woman I had never seen before.

His swearing rose up as he tried to get up and face me. The woman slunk out of the bed and I narrowed an evil gaze at her before roaring a blood curdling warrior call.

"Get your lazy ass out." I fired at him as he scrambled to grab his clothes. "You good for nothing piece of ... Don't ever come back! Do you hear me! Don't Come Back!"

Word Count = 300 words.


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