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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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Puppy Breath, Colors, Red Squiggles, and Photography Class

Puppy Breath

Ahhh...puppy breath...so cute...unless your apartment smells like that, then it's just a bit disturbing, especially if it STILL smells like that after airing it out for several hours. Even more disturbing when your cousin agrees that it's not your imagination. Greaaat...I was kind of hoping this was a olfactory hallucination. I've had them before. When I get REALLY upset about Iraq, I'll smell the cologne of the head medic. (The 1st time it happened, I didn't actually know it wasn't real. Weird.)

The good thing about the cologne, it smells nicer than the puppy breath which gets old after a day or so. (And the cologne smell never lasts that long.) The good side of the puppy breath, I'm not being totally overwhelmed and losing 100% control of what's going on with me. Also, good that it's apparently real...or is that bad...kind of a tough call in this case.

Oh well, at least it's not smelling like the other end of the puppy. lol The weird thing about my apartment is all the animal smells when they repainted and replaced the carpet. It also smells like pets, though my cousin said it smelled a bit like wet dog. Well, what do you do? I mean besides often have all the windows and door open, burn scented candles, and spray everything down with Fabreeze...


I was recently renewing my interest in something I'd looked up before, favorite colors. FYI, the #1 favorite color in the WORLD is blue. Wow! On the good side, I'm normal in that respect. The #2 depends on several factors. Do you mean 2nd favorite color or the #2 most common favorite color? If you mean #2 most common favorite color, if you're a guy in America, it's green. (Which happens to be my 2nd favorite color.) If you're a girl, it's purple. Though, oddly, the 2nd favorite color for all of America is green. Also interesting, a lot of guys voted for green and some girls did too. But though a lot of girls voted for purple, no guys did. lol The 2nd favorite color across the world depends on the country you live in. Here, as I said, it's green. I've now forgotten, but Japan or China (or maybe both), it was red...no surprise there. lol

Further on colors, the least favorite colors were orange and brown. Hmmm...narrow miss for Halloween, there. Hahaha...or should I say, Bwahahaha... Also, the colors that "feel cheap" are orange and yellow. I'd like to say here, I owned a yellow Hummer H3 and it was NOT cheap...to buy OR to run...thus I OWNED, not OWN. lol Anyway, to sum up, if buying a friend a colored gift and you're not sure which color to choose, go with blue (assuming you don't already know their favorite color, which you should if you're bothering to buy them a colored gift, but that's a comment for another post lol). If blue is sold out (since it's the #1 choice), go with green if it's for a guy and purple if it's for a girl. Above all things, unless you know for SURE they'd like it, stay away from brown (disliked color), yellow (looks cheap), and most especially, orange (disliked AND looks cheap). You can thank me with an awardicon on this blog entry. Can you even do that for a single entry? I don't know, but I challenge you all to try! lol

Red Squiggles

Darn it! Those...wait, they're gone. You know those red squiggly lines you get under misspelled words? They will sometimes start showing up when I spell something wrong and then just not go away...everything I type after that will have a line under it for literally paragraphs. VERY annoying, not to mention, 100% impossible to tell when something is misspelled after that. *Pthb* If anyone has a solution, besides apparently complaining about them, lol, I'd love to hear it.

Photography Class

We have to turn in our best 3 pictures each week for a photography class I'm taking. He then chooses his favorites and shows the class. This was the 1st week he did it and one of mine was chosen. *Smile* Very proud, thank you. Of course, that means it's all down hill from here. *Laugh*

On a totally unrelated note, besides the fact that I just tried to do it again, but does anyone know why I can't seem to make the face emoticons work here? Well, they may work if I spell them out, but I tried to just partially type them and then click on the word to have it finish, but it just sends my cursor to the top and doesn't finish the word. Annoying...

ANYWAY, back to photography class...I don't feel like I'm learning as much as I'd like. He's putting the info out, but I don't seem to be getting it. I'll claim the minor traumatic brain injury (mTBI) from Iraq again. But seriously, it's frustrating. I literally took HUNDREDS of pictures in the last week, nearly 1000 since the class started a couple of weeks ago (far more than most of my classmates), I've read a lot of the manual, I've gotten some individual help, and I've even taken an additional beginner's class at the camera shop I bought my camera at. It was only a couple of hours, but still, I feel like I should have a better handle on things than I do. I can take nice pictures because I have a nice camera. But once I take it off Auto, all bets are off. I hate that. I think I'm going to try and take the class again and I'll take the shorter class a couple more times, but I may have to end up paying for individual lessons, unfortunately. Stupid brain. On the good side, I DO have a pretty nice camera, even if I don't know how to use it. lol

Alright. Enough annoying computer issues and whining about other things for one day. TTFN!

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