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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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G.o.T. Finds, Visiting Cousins, and Something Cool in Town

Game of Thrones Finds

I, as always, found some interesting, encouraging, and amusing reads while doing my reviews for G.o.T.

Steve adding writing to ntbk. did a lovely piece that was a letter to a soldier in "To The Patriot - Letter From Home.

I really liked Prof Moriarty 's piece with a surprise ending "Retribution.

FYI, I LOVE surprise endings!

Connieann is missing Mopsy wrote an intriguing series starting with "Anna's Journey Home. If I wasn't doing G.o.T., I'd totally read more! (Update: I got to go back and read the whole thing--great work.)

A FABULOUS piece about death interviewing to get another horseman is "Invalid Item by Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary .

If you want to feel better about your luck, read a true story by Scarecrow in "Invalid Item.

A touching and well-told story is written by ember_rain in "Invalid Item.

As its getting close to bedtime, I'm getting more and more anxious because I read "Shadow Man. Gee, thanks, Legerdemain ! CREEEEEPYYYY!!!

A really fun and funny story I read by J. A. Buxton was "Fun With Felines. Delightful!

Angus wrote a disturbing but fascinating piece called "For The Love Of Oliver It's about child abuse, but done differently.

My Army buddy, TehKnuck just posted his first piece, "Alverad's Adventure and, as expected, I think it's awesome. That's why I invited him here! He's got talent!

Joy did a VERY interesting and educational article that had once been in a textbook. Impressive! Read "The Start of Television to learn some really fascinating stuff.

One of the most adorable things I've read lately was "Invalid Item where Michelle M "interviews" her cat. Awesome!

If you want to learn about writing fantasy and science fiction, Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC has several good articles.

Visiting Cousins

I have three cousins (a husband and wife and the husband's sister) who all drove 8 hours to come and visit little old me. How super sweet is THAT? They've helped me run a few errands and even took me to a doctor's appointment since I can't drive these days. (No, not from a DUI. If you haven't read, I have a mild traumatic brain injury from Iraq.)

I'm SO thankful my mom married my dad. Admittedly, if she hadn't, I wouldn't be here, so I wouldn't know not to be thankful. lol (Not being here would solve a myriad of problems, though. Anyway...) My dad's family is WONDERFUL! They are all genuinely sweet, kind people and I love them dearly. My mom, in my opinion, was the best one to come from her side. When she was in her coma, her only sibling, her brother, (who took three days to get there and he was only one state over, when my brother was on the other side of the world and got there in two days) said he wasn't going to come back for the service (which, because of my military issues wasn't going to be for several months after she died).

Thankfully, his wife is more sensible. I spoke with her and they came back. However, I tried to call them both about three months after the service and they'd both changed their numbers with out telling me. I never heard from them again and that was in 2007. My dad's side, as I mentioned, drove eight hours to come see me when I moved back to the mainland. And I've only been here two months. *Smile* They're great! Did I mention that? lol

Something Cool in Town

Oh, today I saw a wall downtown that I thought was super cool. It has permanently written something like "Things to do before I die" and in has lots of spaces on a chalk board type of part of the wall where permanently written numerous times is "Before I die, I want to _________" and then there's chalk so you can write what you want to do. Then it washes off in the rain and more folks can do it (or you can just erase one you don't like lol). Really neat idea! I'm glad I saw that!

That's about all. I've had this blog open for several days as I include things I've read that I enjoyed. But I'm getting tired of those stupid blog reminders, so I'm going to save this entry. Of course, without those stupid blog reminders, I might never have written again after the contest I started this for on The Bard's Hall. lol


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