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Life with Jody--former Soldier (medically retired), writer (in training), and lots more
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Game of Thrones Finds, G.o.T. in General, & Other Activities
Howdy All!

Final Game of Thrones finds...reconstructed after I lost my first list. NOOOOoooo....

SirWriteALot wrote a very funny story about two gladiators called "Invalid Item. It's a short dialogue only piece that's certainly worth a read.

Another excellent writer is Jeff with "The Times They Are A-Changin' about a Soldier who wonders about what will become of his life after the service. I TOTALLY felt for this one since I'm getting medically retired against my will. "WLTM IRL was a creative story about a vampire who uses online dating services to find victims.

Be sure to check out "Chernobyl Lonely Heart's Club by Sparky by Sparky. And at the bottom are some links...the first one is a video by a Ukrainian sand artist who depicts Chernobyl through her work. It's a must see! Then there's the touching love letter from someone at Iwo Jima in "The Sound Shell.

If you like history, you'll love "Witch Trials by spidey. She intersperses real quotes from people living through the Salem Witch Trials. COOL! She also has a link at the bottom to help us learn more.

If you think YOU have nothing to eat in the fridge, check out "Invalid Item by BlueMoon! She writes about sharing a fridge with an apprenticing wizard. Yikes! lol

Squeekachu wrote an interesting story about a doctor/mentor teaching his student through dissection, back when that wasn't really allowed. Read "Invalid Item.

When I came across "Tears From the Sky I honestly didn't think I'd dig it as I thought the title sounded to typical. But this story by Stormy Lady certainly isn't typical. It's about a storm and a man falling in love. It's really neat.

If you like psychological reads, you'll love Sugaree-Serial_Writer's "The Mêlée Inside! I don't want to spoil it, just read it. *Smile*

iluvhorses wrote a very powerful piece about her time working in a hospital for people with chronic illnesses. She worked in the ventilator unit. Please read "My time with the undead!

I don't normally put poems on here. Mainly, because I avoid reading them whenever I can. lol Not to mention, half the time I can't understand them! But "Invalid Item was a nice poem by Ekant about a man speaking to an angel. I'm sure most of us would like an opportunity like that!

Here's another poem I actually understood. Vanillafire wrote "Would-be Heros which contains some pretty rocking images. I was very impressed with the creativity!

I had more pieces that I was trying to share with you all, but my blog post I was working on accidentally got erased, so I'm just recreating it from what I'm pretty sure I enjoyed. lol Normally, I immediately write a blurb about the thing I just finished reading so I know I loved it and I know my statements about it are accurate. Oh well...you get what you get. lol

G.o.T. in General

Well, this month has been crazy. I stayed up more nights doing reviews than I ever thought I would (or should lol). Several times I was up past midnight. Seriously? Oh well, if it were just for me, I wouldn't have, but I had 9 other people counting on me!

For those of you who don't know, I'm with House White Walkers. Our home base is "The Witch's House for anyone who wants to join. Honestly, after G.o.T., I have no idea what will be going on in there, but ₩ƹbBAD2DABONE₩i₸ↄӇ is pretty awesome, so I figured I'd plug her place. *Bigsmile*

Speaking of awesome, ₩ƹbBAD2DABONE₩i₸ↄӇ is the leader of the White Walkers and will hopefully be leading us into victory...or at least 2nd place--not bad for a new team, many of whom have never even played G.o.T. before, including our fearless leader!

My team is wonderful...I'll introduce you!

drjim is one of our MVPs or VIPs or whatever! He does TONS of reviews and is always super encouraging! I can't believe he will do 50 reviews in a battle. WOW! I'm doing good with 20. lol He also won a couple of writing challenges, so he's not just a great reviewer, but a great writer as well!

Shaye was one of our lieutenants that we couldn't do without. And she won writing challenges as well. AND, she's just an all-around super sweet person...you know, for someone who is on a team of the undead. lol

Intuey and I have really bonded due to a lot of similarities in our circumstances...which are actually positive, but whatever, she's wonderful and I'm so glad she's on my team! Not to mention, she's a talented writer to, winning some of these crazy writing challenges.

Paul D is another lieutenant who volunteered to help out with the team. And he's ANOTHER talented writer. I think he was one of our most prolific winners, if I recall. Smell that? That's what talent smells like! lol Anyway, great job!

LostGhost: Seeking & Learning I believe won more competitions than anyone else! WOW! AND she helped organize those crazy lists for battles...amazing. I wouldn't want that job! lol On a side note, she speaks like 80453 languages. lol

SB Musing was our other Super Reviewer/MVP/VIP/Caffeine and Bacon Addict...not sure those last things have anything to do with the reviews, but just noting that our 2 power reviewers both love coffee and bacon...training tip for those of you planning to do G.o.T. next year! *Wink* This woman did 30 reviews in ONE DAY! Don't scoff at that bacon and coffee thing, folks!

Inkslinger is my beloved mentor! She's also a valuable member of our team...and a winner of competitions. What would we do without her? Well, we might lose, who knows? Thanks for being here with me!

Antonia Ryder is our final member of our team. She also is multi-talented between winning and reviewing. And the tallies aren't all in yet, so who knows how many wins she'll end up with? I look forward to having time to read her items!

We have a GREAT team! Everyone is so nice and helps each other out and no one gets mad when someone else has life happen! They are just a wonderful bunch of people!

Well, that's the White Walkers. White Walkers, I'd like to introduce my readers and fans! I think everyone will get along. *Bigsmile*

Other Activities

Well, never one to let moss grow under my feet, I'm already diving into other activities. I'm trying to do "Invalid Item with my entry "Hook to Book, Round 3-Sheriff Sam Rabbit. That's just the blurb, though. I think next we have to write the first chapter. I'd better get to thinking...

I also saw "Invalid Item and wanted to enter someone. However, after G.o.T., finding a willing participant was a bit tricky. Finally, I got confused and accidentally IMed Jeff. Well, it turns out he was willing anyway, though we didn't know each other. So, yipee! I'm sponsoring someone! (Moderator's can't sponsor themselves in this.) *Smile*

I also joined "I Write in August-September-October. It SEEMS easy enough...I just enter 1 contest a week, post the contest and the entry and then review the entry just before mine. Simple? Well, there's the whole REMEMBERING to do that part...lol But SB Musing agreed to be my accountability partner, so hopefully that will help. *Smile* She's such a sweetheart!

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