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April 11 - Hawaiian Vacation
Away from the world of winter's cold
Traveling thousands of miles to be so bold
To shed the layers of sweaters and fleece
I say goodbye to all the Canadian geese.

Boarding a plane, with my passport in hand
Hoping it won't be long before we land
It has seemed like forever since summer's fun
I can hardly wait to be back in the sun

Arriving is chaos, but warmth seeps through
Frazzled nerves and tension are gone like the flu
Brilliant beaches seem to shimmer hello
I find myself racing to change and to go

A week is not long enough in paradise
Our time here has been so wonderfully nice
But memories will hold me and keep me strong
As I return to the real world and its throng.

{dropnote:"Daily Poem"} - due April 11 at 1 pm
On this day in 1825, the first hotel opened in Hawaii. Give us four quatrains about a Hawaiian vacation without using the words hotel, island, ocean, and sand.{/dropnoote}

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