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April 15 - April's Storm
April is the cruellest month
T.S. Elliot tells us in his Waste Land
And tonight I am believing him.
Gone is the green grass of early spring;
Hidden are the birds
When they are not searching the ground
Wondering where all this white stuff has come from.
I have stayed inside all weekend
Watching the drizzle
Seeing it ice itself to all the windows
Locking us in
I am in need of some fresh air
But the stinging sleet is unyielding
And the white packed earth
Is glossy and treacherous with ice
Walking outside is next to impossible
And I wonder what Monday will bring
More rain, frozen and dire
Or flooding...
For now I can only get some rest
And be ready for anything
Mother Nature has in store.

**Note - the next day, April 16, schools were closed. We have not have many bus cancellation days this year or many cancellations of anything... so this is a gift of sorts. Hope everyone keeps safe.

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