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Poems, Poems, Poems.... 30 days of poems
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April 16 - Depression
Depression sinks into me
Like a blade it cuts into deep tissue
It leaves little mark on the surface
But the internal damage
Is progressive
The initial malaise has darkened like a bruise
And caught me floundering
Like I am trying to swim
In lake water not yet fully broken up
From the winter storms
The cold steals my breath
The shards of ice scrape and pierce my skin
I feel myself go under
Battle to stay afloat
But I am growing weaker
And part of me wants to give up
And let myself sink down
Into the murky depths
Still a spark of life
Flickers with hope
And somehow I manage
To keep my mouth above the surging froth of water
That threatens to enter
And rob me of my voice
And my breathe
Ultimately my life.
I hang on there
Clinging to hope
Like a life preserver
I have faith that
This too shall pass.

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