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Unexpected Visitor

Nothing was going right. First the toilet backed up, then, the sink clogged. When she'd finally gotten those things fixed, she’d gotten online only to discover out one of her clients had bailed on a current project she had already devoted too much time towards.

At two she stopped for lunch. Looking down at herself she was grateful that she worked from home. No one could see her ratty track pants or holey old t-shirt. Her bunny slippers had seen better days.

That's when she heard it. The sound of a car turning into her driveway and she prayed to God the person was only turning around after realizing they took a wrong turn. But that was only wishful thinking. Nobody came this far down the rutted gravel roadway unless they knew where they were going. She knew she wasn't expecting anyone.

She took a quick glance in the mirror and winced at her reflection before pulling the crazy riotous curls into some kind of twisted bun. Then, kicking off her slippers she pulled on her boots leaving them unlaced as she trekked out to see who it could be.

Her heart stopped as she rounded the corner. There, standing just outside his fancy BMW, was her ex-boyfriend, Lance. He had not yet seen her. Instead his eyes were taking in all that was around him; the dirty truck, the rustic cottage.

When his eyes did move to her his grimace changed to a sneer. "Seems I got here just in time to save you from yourself. This place is a hovel."

That got her in motion, anger flashed through her as she moved forward, "what do you want Lance? I don't have anything else you can steal, so you might as well go back to the city.”

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Daily Flash Fiction - Sept. 6, 2018

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