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Caught In The Act
Arlynn tried the door again. Still locked. She pressed her face to the glass to peer in. She could see them on the floor shoved back under the edging surrounding the lower kitchen cupboards. How she could have forgotten them. It still bothered her, but she knew she needed to get them back. She didn't want Ryan thinking she'd leave them anywhere and besides they were part of an expensive, lacy underwear set.

Pulling a bobby pin from her messy hair bun, she slipped the thing inside the lock. She twisted and turned but the lock remained fortified.

It looked so easy on the TV shows. A simple slip in and click click out popped the lock. But not here and not for her. She swore just under her breath as she stabbed the bobby pin back into her hair.

Moving to the windows she tried each and was about to give up when the one above the kitchen sink gave way and shifted up a few inches. Relief sparked her on and she shifted to give it a further push. It would only go up half way. Fine. She could work with that.

Climbing up on a fallen stump that she managed to pull over to the window she hefted herself up and squeezed into the tiny space. She made it half way when she felt herself catch on something and any further movement held her firm.

"Crap" she muttered as she found herself stuck. There was no going in or out.

That's when the light flipped on blinding her, but the voice held an unmistakable level of amusement that had her flaring with embarrassment as it said, “You have the right to remain silent.”

"Double Crap". she muttered, as she held her eyes closed tightly.

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