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Because Nov. 23 until Dec. 22, is really Fall, I am referring to this as Un-Winter Cup
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Leaving: An Anniversary
The anniversary of my flight to freedom
Of the time I chose to take my life back
Of the time I shed the old
And moved on
To better,
Brighter pastures.

The city had got so
Betrayal, greed.
Backstabbing, pain.
Heartsick, I fled
Knowing the only place
To find my sanity
Was away.
Far away.
Hidden from that past.

I said my good byes
To the few that had remained true
Packed up my stuff
And drove
Letting my heart find its healing
Giving no new address.

Heading north
Out of the city
That had pulled and clawed
At my very being;
I headed for a place more open
With breathing room
To Spare.

A place where trees
Out numbered skyscrapers
In the concrete jungle.
A place where wild life...
Was wild
And fierce
A place where I could hear the birds
And also hear myself think.

A place where I could
Lick my wounds
Heal my scars
And begin to rise again
Stronger for the experience
And wiser, too.
But also a place where
I could redefine my purpose
And find clarity
In the simplistic
Where my heart could lead
And my soul could
Breath again.

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Day 21

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