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Because Nov. 23 until Dec. 22, is really Fall, I am referring to this as Un-Winter Cup
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Day 27
Santa stands to stretch his legs
Another Christmas Eve is done
Taking up his fancy bag he flips out all the dregs

Then hopes to fold it up for another year
But his hand lands on a simple gift
With eyebrows raised, he feels the fear

He's forgotten someone somewhere
And his mind begins to race
But who, but how, but where?

A tiny precious box he cannot remember
He turns it over in his hands
Tears spring up, he cannot return to sender.

I cannot figure out these rhymes
It's driving me insane - right!
And apparently I must do it three times
So into knots I myself will tie.
And hope to send this in real soon
Or else a gasket I will boom!

Day 27

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