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Because Nov. 23 until Dec. 22, is really Fall, I am referring to this as Un-Winter Cup
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The Last Day
Part 1
Pick and link one of the poems you've already written. Then either write a totally new poem following the prompt or significantly edit original as new item.

Day 5 - "Essence of Christmas
Pre-Winter Construct Cup:
Day 6 - Ren wants a haiku. Just 1 haiku.
Theme: Winter or Christmas Haiku. 1 (ONE) singular.
No specific words to use or not use -
Additional parameters: title must include the specific word: Essence

The essence of the
season is Christ's birth at long
Last thank God for him.

Part 2
Email Ren~HO HO HO out in the snow!! (176) and me Fyntabulous Fyn (793) by end of day tomorrow answering the following questions.
1. What you liked
2. What you didn't like
3. Which prompt was hardest and which was easiest for you.
4. What did you learn?
5. Suggestions and/or compliments.

I love this challenge and everything about it, but I found doing this right in the last week of NaNoWriMo set me in a bit of a tail spin and I still want to get back into that place of my story so that I can work on finishing it. I would have preferred a December 1, or better yet, a January 1 start.
The hardest prompts were day 11, 17 and 21 - they dealt with holiday songs as inspiration, a love one and an anniversary, both of which are in limited supply and not in a happy place right now.
I love this contest... though this one was Pre-Winter, not Winter, as only the last day and a half were officially Winter.
You both do an awesome job with the prompts, my only suggestion is posting them in the forum and also in our emails.... just in case I get overwhelmed and forget - starting a day late puts me a little off kilter, but I do appreciate letting me participate. There were a few days I forgot and then had as many as 5 to complete!

DOING both parts counts. (What you say in Part 2 is a check mark that you did it and so you won't lose points.) WHAT you say matters but doesn't matter as far as your accomplishing Part 2. (ie; not judging what you say)

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