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Arlynn's Way (continued)
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Day 2 - Plot Premise
Oct. 02: - Plot: Premise ▼

Now that you've brainstormed the general story idea, let's identify some story elements:
(1) Setting(s). Where does your story take place?
My story starts off in the Big City (in my mind this is Toronto, but I am not sure if I will name it). Here we see where she lives and works - she is almost entrapped by her controlling boyfriend who she leaves. We also go to an apartment of her friends - a gay couple.
She does return to the Big City, but only as part of her work - meeting an author, meeting an agent and working a the Writer's Collective.
My character leaves the Big City and flees to the sanctity of Cottage Country (I am thinking Bracebridge predominantly, but it may be a conglomerate of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and one other place - essentially it is Muskoka - two hours north of the City). Here she lives in her Aunt and Uncle's cottage which is off the grid. She also spends time in the small town... particularly the Art Gallery / Studio where her friend works. There is also a bar / restaurant that is a local place to hang out. Also the police station - which is where Ryan works.
There is also some time spent in a smaller City where my main character's Aunt and Uncle live
A small community in Northern Ontario is also mentioned as Arlynn grows up in this town (my hometown of New Liskeard... and my Grandparent's farm).

(2) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)?
My main character is Arlynn
Another important character is Ryan - though I would consider him a secondary main character.

(2b) Flaw(s). What is(are) the protagonist's major flaw(s)?
Arlynn's flaws - she stays in a job she does not like because she fears stepping up into the freelance world of graphic art. She doubts herself and lets this doubt overshadow her confidence... thus making it difficult to go after her dreams... a huge betrayal changes this.

(2c) Goal(s). What does(d) the protagonist(s) want (or want to avoid)?
Arlynn wants to get away from Lance and his controlling ways
She wants to feel like she belongs - where her friendships and relationships expand her world, not cut her off like her experience in the Big City.

(3) Conflict(s). What's keeping them from their goal(s)?
Fears and doubts plague Arlynn at first...
Her boyfriend and 'best friend' are having an affair and they betray her by stealing her designs. Her friend gets a promotion because of these stolen designs.

(4) Antagonist(s). Who or what is creating the conflict(s)?
In The Big City, Arlynn must deal with a controlling boyfriend (Lance) as well as a backstabbing friend (Sheila)
She leaves a job where she thinks her boss is out to get her, but learns he wants her to quit and go out beyond the confining constraints of this job... but he is not good at communicating this to her at first.
Doubts and fears plague her until she is able to slowly rebuild her confidence and take steps toward finding a career that is her dream job.

Just for fun: Write a provocative one-sentence description of your story.
Example: "A young, mistreated orphan discovers he is a wizard and must face the evil villain Voldemort to fulfill his destiny."

A young woman must break the bonds of a toxic relationship and move beyond her own doubts and fears to find where she truly belongs - complete with a dream job and a partner that is both loving and supportive.

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