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Arlynn's Way (continued)
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Day 3 - General: Theme
Oct. 03: - General: Theme ▼

(1) Theme. What is the theme (see below) or moral of the story?
Themes are Love and Friendship as they relate to a sense of belonging.
In the Big City both love and friendship were toxic in many ways. There was isolation and betrayal. Even within an expansive environment, both love and friendship were restricted as Arlynn's ex-boyfriend was controlling and pulled her away from her good, uplifting friendships. Arlynn feels restricted and held back.
As she retreats to the country and Cottage Country she finds her relationships expand and encourage her to grow and stretch herself. She finds love as well. A love that is based n friendship and grows to something so much more potent. Arlynn feels as if she belongs. From this place of belonging, this love and friendship she is able to grow and take risk that she had previously been too afraid to take advantage of.

The moral: be true to yourself and find your Tribe. There is nothing more inspiring and encouraging than being surrounded my friends and loved ones who want the best for you.

(2) Resolution. Brainstorm ways you could resolve the conflict(s) within the confines of the theme. You are not required to identify a chosen resolution from your list of possibilities yet, so really think outside the box! Anything goes.

Given that this is not a new story, but I am so ready to finish the first draft of it this NaNoWriMo, I know where my story is headed.
The biggest is leaving her boyfriend and job once she realizes how confining and soul-sucking they really are. She initially leaves the big City without telling her ex where she has gone... later a woman who is intent on getting Ryan for herself, manages to contact him and invite him up to find her and take her back to the Big City. By then she has developed some confidence and found that she is far more capable of following her dreams than she realized. She has no intention of ever returning to him or the Big City.
Ryan fears she will become bored and return to the Big City, but over time he learns that she is committed to living there and making a life for herself in their community. He decides to take a chance on love and follow his heart where Arlynn is concerned.

NOTE: This list of universal themes might give you some ideas, but don't let it box you in. Feel free to add your own.

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