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Arlynn's Way (continued)
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Day 17 - Plot: Outline Revision #2
Oct. 17: - Plot: Outline Revision #2 ▼
(1) Review your plot elements thus far and organize them into your outline.
(2) Add a chronological timeline to your revised outline, using whatever measure of time is appropriate in your story. Determine when plot events happen in time (which is not necessarily when you will reveal them in your novel.) See this example composed by JK Rowling while outlining one of her famous Harry Potter novels.
(3) Optional: Brainstorm the best chronology(ies) for your story and work it(them) into your outline.

I need to work in a two week period that happens between Labour Day and the time Arlynn goes to Toronto and Guelph to get her truck and meet her mentor / Children's Book author she is working with... and that woman's agent who also signs her.
Can I put some tension in the area of her work situation as well?? Maybe? Worry if she can really do this?
I also need to figure out when Lance shows... I am thinking after Arlynn and Ryan get together, but before they have seriously committed to each other. Lance's arrival confirms in Ryan's mind that Arlynn is indeed staying. Does it also let Arlynn know Ryan has her back?

Chronology Strategies
Linear Narrative - the story is told in the order the events occurred. - this is the one this story follows.
Non-Linear Narrative - the story is told out of order.
Reverse Chronology - the story is told backwards.
In medias res - the story starts in the middle, goes back to explain how it got there, catches up, and then resolves.
Flashback/forward - individual scene(s) that take place prior to or after the current action.

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