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Arlynn's Way (continued)
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Day 21 - Plot: Complications
Oct. 21: - Plot: Complications โ–ผ
Complications. Identify additional things that could go wrong for your protagonist. You are not required to resolve any problems yet, just create them. Remember: The more hardships your main character faces, the more readers will cheer them on, and the more engaged and invested the reader will be in your story. Brainstorm a list of problems you could throw at your protagonist(s) throughout the story, using "What If," mind mapping (see the resources at the bottom of the calendar), freestyle writing, or any other form of brainstorming you prefer. Hint: Other characters are a great source of realistic strife, since characters often are driven by conflicting motivations.

*** NEED DISASTERS? See the Plot Twists generator at the bottom of the calendar.

This would be the Fun and Games portion of my novel...

Lance is invited to the area by Penny Carlson who wants to see Arlynn gone. She figures he will convince her to go back to the City. Instead, he lets his aggression surface. He does not like losing Arlynn - it is something out of his control and that bothers him.

But I am not certain what happens - is he threatened with lawsuits and a scandal or is a restraint order put in place or is he killed???

I am not sure which of those will complete the story. I am hoping the threat of a lawsuit and a scandal is enough to send him packing. Lance cares what others think of him and he wants others to see him as strong and powerful. He can claim he kicked Arlynn out if it makes him feel better, but those who know Arlynn know the truth.

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