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Arlynn's Way (continued)
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Day 22 - Setting: Definitions List
Oct. 22: - Setting: Definitions List ▼
(1) Create a list of definitions (see below) in a format easy to edit and expand.
(2) Optional: Brainstorm and describe an object critical to the plot. Add to definitions list.
In your definitions list, you'll flesh out details that you'll want to remember later for consistency. You won't have to dig through pages of scribbled notes to find whatever you decided about these definitions - they will all be compiled into a neat list / binder / database / note cards / whatever your favorite form of organization happens to be.

Example definitions for the Harry Potter series:
rules of magic
the Ministry of Magic
modes of transportation (apparition, Floo network, portkeys, flying, etc.)
the four Houses at Hogwarts
the sword of Gryffindor (note: this would also make a good plot background story)

Non-speculative examples requiring definitions:
a fictional student organization to which your protagonist belongs
the fictional company or division of the FBI for whom your protagonist works
the disease afflicting your protagonist, which is a real condition you need to research
the antique artifact your protagonist intends to heist

NOTE: You can revise this list at any time, so this revision is not expected to be fully accurate or complete.

The name of the agent that her mentor introduces her to... and the mentor: The mentor is - Mr. Reid gives Arlynn this contact. The agent is: The fictional agency is:
The company Arlynn worked for before leaving the Big City: Jim ___ still works there. And Sheila before she is either fired or demoted.
The Writer's Center in Toronto - http://www.writerscentre.ca/ - as a fictional basis. Her mentor has a membership there and allows Arlynn to work there... maybe that is where they meet before the meeting with the agent.

Java Heaven - coffee shop in Cottage Country she frequents. Owed and run by __
____ Studio and Gallery - owned and run by Deirdre ___ - one of Arlynn and Emily's mentors and Emily's 'boss'.
I need to map out the small town close to where Arlynn's family cottage is.

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