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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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Why are there mass shootings ? Is this demonic?

This sounds facetious.
"There were good people on both sides." President Trump remarked.
He was referring to NAZI protesters and peace activists.
The Alt-right was there too with teki torches.
I think the President was too forgiving..

There is a constant battle within the human psyche ..
between the mindless savage and civilization.
Jungle law is violent and favors the strong..
A civilized person cares about people they do not know.
I pay taxes for public education and medicare for people
I do not know..

I judge people by their character, not by their race.
There is evil when good people allow it.
That's why we have laws and a democratic government.
Why are there so many mass shootings?
I grew up in the 70's...
My mother told me not to ride my bicycle outside the neighborhood.

"The hippies might grab you," she said.
She was afraid of the violent anti-war protesters.
They blew up recruitment offices and attacked soldiers on leave.
There were sniper attacks and hijackings by counter-revolutionary communists.
My brother volunteered for Vietnam.
He received the medal of valor for retrieving soldiers under fire.
He was an Air Borne Ranger.
A woman on the subway called him a "Baby killer."

Why are there mass shootings?
There is a constant battle between good and evil in all of us.
The weapon is not evil. The person who misuses the weapon is evil.
I think we should teach civics in grammar school.
I learned about the Continental Congress in my 5th-grade civics class.
The Continental Congress wrote a Declaration of Independence from a tyrant king.
"All men are created equal." the Declaration stated.
Even if private gun ownership was banned, an evil mind would find another weapon;
a knife, a car or a bomb.

Just my two cents,

Bob County

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