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A journal of writings and progress through the 2020 year challenge.
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January Goals
My Three Goals for the year are:

#1 Complete a contest a week for the I Write in 2020 Challenge.
*CheckG* Week #1 - Dec. 30 to January 5, 2020 - "Invalid Item - "Prescient Warnings
*CheckG* Week #2 - Jan. 6 to 12 - "Invalid Item - "Canticle
*CheckG*Week #3 - Jan. 13 to 19 - "Invalid Item - "Divine Rapture
*CheckG*Week #4 - Jan. 20 to 26 - "Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed - "Angels Flutter; I also did the entries for week #5 and #6.
*CheckG*Week #5 - Jan. 27 to Feb. 2 - "Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed - "Angels Linger
*Checkg*Week #6 - Feb. 3 to 9 - "Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed - "Angels Scamper - I got some flak about this contest so I will do a different contest and enter it for Week #6. - "Dear Me: Official WDC Contest - "Dear Me 2020 - Keep The Vision Alive

#2 Write 750 words a day (for a weekly total of 5250 words a week).
*CheckG*Week #1 word total = 5900 words
*XY*Week #2 word total = 4650 (close, but no cigar)
*CheckG*Week #3 word total = 6120
*CheckG*Week #4 word total = 7304
Week #5 word total = 3354 by January 31... I am still working to catch up by Sunday.

#3 Continue to work on my NaNoWriMo novel - Arlynn's Way.
January's mini goal is to add 1000 words this month.
*CheckG*Week #1 - plotted out some of the ending and added more words to the middle (Thanksgiving weekend scene)
*CheckG*Week #2 - I did add more words, but the writing is going slow this week.
*CheckG*Week #3 - I did more words. A bit better than last week, but still slow.
*CheckGr*Week #4 - I did add words, but it was flat an minimal, hence the grey check mark.
Week #5 - January 27 I hit my mini goal of 1000 words this month.

Extra Goals:
*CheckG*Blogging for the month of January - 30 Day Blogging Challenge - so far these are done and posted on time:

"A January 2020 Thank You!
"Good Virtues to Have
"Writing Prompts
"Unsolicitied Advise
"Imaginary Me Through Another's Eyes
"Imaginary Friends of the Magical Realm
"She Jumps When She Hears....
"Oh The Places I Would Go
"Mining For Past Inspiration and Character Generation
"Fear and its Pathology
"Unexpected Joy from the Ordinary
"Show And Tell
"Navigating Tumultuous Journey of my Gargantuan Week
"So What Are You Waiting For?
"Favourite Foods
"Routines And Stuff....
"Meeting New People And First Impressions
"Games - Play On!
"Childhood Skeletons
"Skills I Would Love To Have
"Yucky stuff
"Music to dance to
"Book and Movie Preferences
"Nouns Rounded Up
"Future Invisions and inventions
"Refelctions For a Decade Gone Bye

Books: Goals for Monthly Reading Challenge for Jan./ Feb. is 5 books.
*CheckG*Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis - finished January 14
*CheckG*Frankie Styne and the Silver Man by Kathy Page - finished January 29
Fierce On The Page by Sage Cohen - currently rereading.

This is extra so I don't have to write it out again. {e;bigsmile}
Week #1
Week #2
Week #3
Week #4
Week #5

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