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A journal of writings and progress through the 2020 year challenge.
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April Goals
My Three Goals for the year are:

#1 Complete a contest a week for the I Write in 2020 Challenge.
*Checkg* Week #13 - March 23 to 29 - Done: April 6 - "Building Sensuality - "A Memorable First Date
*Checkg* Week #14 - March 30 to April 5 - Done: April 11 - "Building Sensuality - "Morning Encounter
*Checkg* Week #15 - April 6 to 12 - Done: Apr13 - "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest - "Entanglements
*Checkg* Week #16 - April 13 to 19 - "Building Sensuality - "Conflict's Brewing
*Checkg* Week #17 - April 20 to 26 - "Building Sensuality - "Homecoming

#2 Write 750 words a day (for a weekly total of 5250 words a week).
*Checkg* Week #1 word total = 6073.
Week #2 word total = 4272 - I managed to forget to update before midnight. Writing streak restarted after 279 days. *Sad*
*Checkg*Week #3 word total = 5,381
*Checkg*Week #4 word total = 5,981
*Checkg*Week #5 word total = over 8,400 I won Camp Nanowrmo!

#3 Continue to work on my NaNoWriMo novel - Arlynn's Way.
April's mini goal is to add 5000 words this month. I am also doing 30K for Camp Nanowrimo.
*Checkg* Week #1 - since I used these characters in my Building Emotion and Sensuality class, I was able to add over 2700 words this week.
*Checkg* Week #2 - I am using my characters for my workshop, but this week the story part just needed some edits... so I did work on story, but did more edits.
*Checkg* Week #3 - added to my novel and worked on the conflict aspect of my story.
*Checkg* Week #4 - added to my novel and worked on a anticipation aspect of my story.

Extra Goals:
Books: Goals for Monthly Reading Challenge for March/April is 5 books. *Checkg*
*Checkg*The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer - Finished April 6, 2020
*Checkg*The Woods: A Year On Protection Island by Amber McMillian - finished April 2,2020
Poetry Will Save Your Life by Jill Bialosky - currently reading.
Embrace Your Weird by Felicia Day - currently reading.
Fierce On The Page by Sage Cohen - currently rereading.
*Checkg*Depression and Other Magic Tricks by - finished April 29, 2020.
The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich - currently reading.
The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass - Currently reading
*Checkg*The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong - finished April 26, 2020
*Checkg*Little Book of Writing Romance by Liz Fielding - finished April 27, 2020

I am taking a six week workshop:
Building Sensuality  (18+)
Class Forum
#2183646 by Purple New Year Princess

Assignment #1: "A Memorable First Date
Assignment #2: "Morning Encounter
Assignment #3: "Conflict's Brewing
Assignment #4: "Homecoming
Assignment #5: "Taking the Leap
Assignment #6: "Let's Get Physical
On track for an assignment and at least one review a week.

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