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April Fools
Tricia woke to her phone blaring as she rolled over to answer it, her gut tightened like she had forgotten something.

'What day is it?' she asked herself. She was sure she had the day off.

Picking up the receiver, she was met with a calm, "Are you coming in to work today?"

Her gut tightened further as she through off the covers.

'Not again.' she thought. She had managed to mess up once before when the new schedule went into effect. She had scrambled and managed to get to work; arriving just in time to do her coverage of a very rambunctious group of second graders.

With the phone still pressed to her ear she yanked off her clothing and pulled out several items that would be decent to wear today.

"I'll be there in twenty." she said and hung up before anything else could be said.

When her phone rang again, she ignored it. She did not have time to spare. She had to get to work. And get there she did.

Arriving at an emptied parking lot and wondering 'what the hell?!'

When she glanced back at her phone, she noticed a text:

April Fools!

Word Count = 198.


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