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Enga mellom fjella: where from across the meadow, poems sing from mountains and molehills.

Enga mellom Fjella


                   as if you own me
I bow before the Bitterroots
and just like you
                   my rocky soil, my withered grass
                   lays prey to the empty sky.

© Kåre Enga 2007 "Sentinel

Daffodils from Mandy.

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 Kåre *Delight* Enga

~ until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go.
~ Elizabeth Bishop
The Fish
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January 23, 2016 at 3:05am
January 23, 2016 at 3:05am
Time to whine: social media is fickle. It changes in ways I never understand. When I started blogging on WDC in 2005 I wondered whether anyone would read what I wrote... and then they did. I became part of Blogville where my daily insights into homelessness became of some use if not amusement. But folks moved on by 2010. FB was the new kid in town and especially set up for those who liked short pithy bombshells or photos. But came along Twitter... and Pinterest. I still blog at WDC and occasional post poems or prose there as well. But I"ve moved on... in a way. I was bound to a small section of town in 2005. Lived one year without income. Now I travel and count every kroner here in Norway. I stay in a room with a wonderful bed and a television (10 channels). I sleep too much. I write too little. Is life better? All changes.In spite of my age and reluctance... I need to change again. What do you think, David McClain, Susan Wortham David, Anna-Lisa Gayle-Harling, Holly Jahangiri, Mavis Moog?

Posted at facebook, 23.januar.2016.

This blog is still full at 1450 entries. I have started to post my travel thoughts in "On The Write Path again. I'm bored. Was hoping to be writing again. Slowly... very slowly.

July 28, 2015 at 11:52pm
July 28, 2015 at 11:52pm
meeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeee:

27.julio.2015, San Vito to Buenos Aires:

Slept well. Took early bus to Sabalito and returned Marlena's key to the butcher shop where she'll pick it up in a couple days when she goes to town. (This cost me about $1.25)

Ate at Soda La Favorita (took Jeffrey's advice). Nice gallo pinto.

Called and met Roni. We went to the pastry shop and we talked quite a bit. She loves living in Costa Rica and keeps busy by teaching English and Birding. *Bird*

I, on the other hand, haven't made peace with this country.

Took 13:30 bus to Buenos Aires. Takes over an hour. I think I got some good pictures as day was fairly clear. Plus, I was better prepared for some of the sights, like the bridge.

Cabinas Mary? Not exactly in the center! A policeman gave me directions and when I got close a local woman took me up a short-cut. About 900 meters...

8.000 for a room with a fan, cold water. Not great. However, the owners were wonderful to talk to! And the guy across the street allowed me to connect ot his internet. When Ticos are nice they are very very nice.

Rural area with nothing. Nice and quiet.

28.julio.2015, Buenos Aires to Pérez Zeledón:

Ack... Ticos drive me nuts! Didn't sleep well and then I stayed in town anticipating a friend's arrival. He didn't come and didn't call.

So I left later than I wanted to.

Luckily I called the hostel I usually stay in. No bed. What to do? *Confused*

I decided to stay in Pérez and go to San José tomorrow after I check internet and find some alternatives.

So... got a room in the same hotel in front of the same noisy park. So far... not as bad, but still bad. Motorcycles and car alarms (set off by motorcycles?) *Angry*

Television is on but I muted it. Trying to listen to music on my computer. Debussy can't compete.

Miserable. Last four nights were much more peaceful.

Advantage of staying here is that it's a known pain-in-the-ass...

Ate at Soda El Molino again: pan de yuca (shredded yuca and cheese... sweet), canelon (pasta filled with meat served on tortillas), biscoho (cheese and corn 'pancake').

Didn't feel well afterwards... probably due to a long tiring day.

At least I got a few hours to walk around Buenos Aires this morning. Walking helps to understand a place. This small town sprawls in a mostly flat valley.

29.julio.2015, Pérez to San José:

I ate my morning pinto. I bought my bus ticket for 9:30. I left on the bus... boring...

But along the way there were pilgrims walking. It's a long cold walk uphill. Pérez is less than 1.000 m.n.s.m. The road reaches an elevation of over 3.000 m.

Some fog but it was clear enough to get some pictures of people, paisaje, blooming moss.

I spoke with a young Tico, Jonathan, who travels and wants to visit Norway some day. I gave him my contact info...

In San José I linked up with Brian. We went to one place but there wasn't any room. So, I went to another that costs $17. Last time it was $15. Prices inflate here in C.R. At least it includes breakfast. Shared a room with two Germans, one from Dortmundt.

Brian and I went to the Jade Museum. He had never been. And we ate dim sum later.

Later, a quiet night of talking with the prostitutes in the park. (No, I didn't contract for their services!) Meeting all types of people really helps me understand humanity.

30.julio.2015, San José:

At this moment I don't even remember... other than stressing over mathmatics and meeting women from Limón.

31.julio.2015, San José y Jardines Lankester:

Met Jonas, an American-German who will be on a project in Matapalo. Very nice chat.

Went with Brian to Jardines Botánicos Lankaster. He wanted a carnivorous plant... Instead we saw cactus, waterlilies, orchids and the Japanese Gardens. Took a few photos.

On the way back saw hundreds of pilgrims walking to Cartago.

1.agosto.2015, San José:

Met an interesting Norwegian-Tico. Mostly did nothing else. There were thousands of pilgrims walking through the city.

2.agosto.2015, San José:

Still waiting for a life.

Met more folks going to Matapalo. I tried to show one young Englishman around San José but I wasn't too successful.

But then... I was invited to sit and have coffee with a couple Mexicans... and that truly helped.

3.agosto.2015, San José to Turrialba.

Since Brian wasn't feeling well and wasn't up for visiting, I decided to go to Turrialba. Glad I did.

Lisette was home at Casa de Lis as were the two cats, Pepper and Toby. Some of the staff was the same as well.

Scored a lower bunk and shared room with a couple couples, one from Belgium.

I didn't do much. Just walked around the park and took pictures... and chatted with guests.. as always.

Washout some clothes. This has been an issue on and off.

4.agosto.2015, Turrialba.

Very rainy day. Walked to CATIE and back. Took photos of flowers and trees. Wrote. Got a tad wet.

Ate a rice-and-beans with fish and gravy at Betty's. Very nice. Watched a show on grooming dogs. I rarely watch television.

Met Jason from Grenoble, France.

5.agosto. Turrialba to San José.

Brian called early so I tried to get back to SJ by noon. 10 am bus was direct and no traffic problems. Took 1:40. Chatted with professor of music.

Saw Brian. He shaved his head. Quite happy to receive the small gifts I brought for him.

We ate, went shopping, but didn't do much.

Late evening in the park was fascinating. Talked to Nica from Managua. Park had areas cordoned off... who knows for what reason...

Ate some left over spaghetti with tomato-mushroom sauce.

Sharing same room with the Danes... as before.

6.agosto. San Rafael de Heredia...

Brian called me in the morning asking me to visit him in San Rafael. So I did. Wasted time by going to the train station first (last train is 8 am) but I finally got there. Quite a walk to his friends house.

Brian cooked lunch. Very nice but I forgot to take a picture. Typical lunch of beans, rice, pasta, maduros... with a soup made by Randall.

We chatted while Brian cleaned.

Walked around Heredia when I left. Ate a copo (shave ice) con dos leches and zarza (root beer). Took some pictures but not too many.

Took wrong bus to San José but I got back without any further problems.

Evening in the park... met Gregory who cuts hair and hopes to open his own salon. Quiet peaceful evening.

7.agosto. San José:

Met Brian after class. We went out to lunch. Bought gifts for my friends. 4 puzzle boxes. Decent price (thanks to Brian) and he helped choose which ones. I get indecisive.

Packed. Decided to stay at H. Van Gogh rather than change hotels. This meant being totally ready before setting the alarms and trying to sleep.

8.agosto. Off:

Up at 4:25. Showered. Out at 4:46. Walked through deserted areas; angled towards Avenida Segunda (taxis, buses, people); at Tuasa bus around 5:05. Slow bus but no traffic. At SJO airport about 5:30.

No line for exit stamp. No line for Delta boarding pass. No line to speak of going through security. Way to gates re-arranged. Gate 5 was very close. Sat as I was early.

Then Brian called. *Smile*

So I was off. 4 weeks were enough. A bit frustrating at times. But not as miserable as last year. Kept my expectations low and traveled very little. Came in a bit over budget. No disasters. Met up with many of my friends... one of my goals.

PS: Ran out entries so I had to delete one that was no longer important. 1,450 entries is the max here at WDC. This one was started in 2007. May have to go back again to old blog as it has more room for entries.
July 18, 2015 at 9:52pm
July 18, 2015 at 9:52pm

Trying not to be bored by keeping busy and reminding myself that my body needs a break. So far, I'm doing okay with that.

Saturday, July 18th:

Rainy day in Pérez Zeledón. Rained in the morning and afternoon. This means it stayed cool. I didn't get wet so I'm all good with that.

Went to the market twice to eat at my favorite place, Soda El Molino. Had my gallo pinto (rice and beans) early with coffee and later returned for un gallo de barbudos (green beans and egg on a tortilla) and more coffee. Saw Leo and Thony.

Took pictures of the market and flowers in the park. In the park there were still droplets and wet surfaces glistening. Hope I got a couple good photos.

Spent some time stirring up the discussions on facebook. I try to be intelligent and respectful. Hopefully I succeed.

Photos of art today. Comments on my plethora of penises (phallic artifacts) I posted yesterday. *Smile*

Sunday, July 19th:

Sundays are slow. I wanted to go to the beach. But a friend wanted to meet up with me.

Didn't happen. Welcome to Costa Rica.

Ate my daily rice and beans with two eggs and two coffees today because I was hungry and the market closes early.

Watched 'Once Upon A Time' and am now watching fútbol Costa Rica vs México. Posted pictures and a rant on facebook.

Bored. Friends want to see me Tuesday and maybe later this week. I won't hold my breath.

Monday, July 20th:

Decided to say 'fuck it' and went to beach.

Dominical was at high tide = stony. Waves were quite high = it's July surf season. It was muggy = duh.

So I did nothing. Walked along the river and beach and took photos. No shells. Didn't get wet. No cocazo either = no coconut fell on my head.

Puzzled: why would someone be looking for a sushi restaurant in Costa Rica. These waters are tropical and I can't imagine what they'd use. Squid? Shrimp? Octopus? Sea urchin? Possibly...

Slow ride getting there but bus back drove like it was on fire. Left quite late but cruised in almost on time.

Cheese on pan de natilla (sour cream bread = it's soft) for supper.

Tuesday, July 21st:

Costa Ricans are definitely chaotic. It has annoyed me to no end. There is no great need to consider my friends feelings here as they definately don't consider mine. Tired of this neverending shit.

So... met with one friend... finally. Now I'm waiting for another. Been waiting for hours. That's how it goes. A third has changed his plans which shouldn't affect me... but they do. I no longer know what to say... Have a good life? Ciao?

Rained. Ate. Edited some picutres. Ate. Bought mouthwash.

When what I eat matters more than the people I see there's a problem.

Did have some great masamorra though. *Smile*

Wednesday, July 22nd:

Further chat with Fabian. Nice talk with Brian... he's going through some changes.

Alberth left for home? Johnny called but left park early.

Saw Mary... it's evident that I struggle emotionally when I'm here. The culture and I clash big time.

Time to move on?

Requested shrimp with my rice and beans... and fried cheese. Cost more but I wanted a change. Cheese was a tad overdone. The gallo pinto was really good though.

No other news. Rained a couple times. I got up late... a late coffee... staying up late... tired in the morning.

Fútbol is big here, so everybody is watching the match between Panamá and México. Jamaica won 2-1 over the U.S.

Thursday, July 23rd:

Loud motorcycles till midnight...

Up at 8.

Went to farmers' market. Coffee and lasagna. Took photo of Fabian (later used Picasa to make it 'neon'.)

Decided to spend one last night.

Friday, July 24th:

Drank a mosote for breakfast at the soda. Caught the 11-ish Tracopa bus. Ate ceviche for lunch.

Arrived in San Vito 2:30-ish. Place I stayed in way-back-when is no longer. Struggle to find another place. Ended up at the Rino... disappointed.

Went to Sabalito but Marlena didn't answer her phone. Chatted with Jeffrey and the crippled kitten instead.

No internet. Roni didn't call.

Saturday, July 25th;

Can't find my library book. Check bus from yesterday... serendipidy... but no book. Check room and luggage. *Frown*

Decide to stay in Las Mirlas. Same price but hoping I like it better... so far so good.

Walked to Fincas Cántaros. Wrote this on facebook:

"I went to Finca Cántaros today, Roni S Cher​. Walked up the hill until a young man stopped to give me a ride. Lovely place. Flowers, trees, water... and mosquitos. I've been a few times. The first time I visited I remember meeting Gerald who was 14 or 15. He spoke fluent English and was very capable of running the office. I asked about him today. His family is no longer there but the young woman said that he was in San José and that his father worked at the Chinese restaurant (there is only one). When I walked back to town I looked for it. Asked a man at the corner where it was. He pointed across the street. I went in but had very little money on me so decided that it would be better to come back at another time. When I left I told the man that I had found the place but that the prices were a little high. Then I mentioned that he looked like someone I had met before. Was his name Mynor? I think he was quite surprised. He didn't remember me... but yes, he's Gerald's father. *Smile* Gerald is now 19, studies political science at U Latina, spent a year in the U.S. at school. This put a smile on my face. Then I went to the grocery store bought some cheap bread, three slices of mortadela and milk. I just got done eating."

Got response from Roni and Gerald too! *Smile*

Spoke to Marlena. Spoke to Brian N.

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July 17, 2015 at 2:27am
July 17, 2015 at 2:27am
ME: just me.

July 10:

The hysteria of the day before. Packing went slow. Everything went s.l.o.w. To bed too late.

July 11:

A very long trip. All day. Jen picked me up at 4 in the morning and got me to the airport.

Once in Costa Rica I couldn't do anything with my phone (too late). Took Tuasa bus into town. No single room at Gran Hotel Centroamericano so I went to Hostel Van Gogh. Fortunately they had a bed.

July 12, San José:

Managed to get new telephone number. Luís helped me with that.

Met up with Brian and we ate at the same Chinese restaurant we ate at before. We both like dim sum.

People in hostel from Cork and denmark. Andreas from Århus is amazing!

July 13, San José:

Evie and I visited the zoo. Took some of pictures. Wandered around Barrio Amón. Found out the Jade Museum was open...

...and Evie turned into a tour guide! she'd read up about it but had never been there. It's new and world class. Glad we went together. Even took photos of phallic objects... read penises. The collection has lots of jade but also stone and ceramic artifacts. The Spanish were mostly interested in gold so they ignored everything else.

Brian decided to go with his mother to Limón.

July 14, San José:

Took the bus to the university in San Pedro and took photos of the awesome street art.

Walked back.

Exchanged some money with David. Got a 1914 5 centavo coin. *Smile* And a Venezuelan note (a pink one).

Fish al ajillo (garlic). Later yuquitos (fried yuca).

Sat on the floor while talking to Evie. Had a difficult getting up. The pain... but no harm done.

Teenagers from San Carlos played pool (but should've turned their other toys off). I picked on them. To their delight.

July 15, San José to Pérez:

Got up early and took my time packing and getting ready.

Wandered to the bus station. Took photos in Plaza de la Cultura of shoe sculptures.

3 hours on the bus. The mountaintops were clear of clouds. Unfortunately I didn't have seat by window.

Bought my usual rootbeer, bread and white cheese at rest stop.

Arrived about 4. WAs able to get to market before closing, eat and see friends.

Ran into people I knew within minutes.

Small town...

July 16, Pérez:

Feria = farmer's market. Gave licorice to Sam and Marguerite. Hugged Ilena. Spoke with Franklin, José, Ronaldo, Maxine, Susana, others... Ate one of Sam's TexMex enchiladas. Very good.

Had my pinto con natilla at Soda El Molina.

Saw Johnny at bus stop. Met Aarón in park; he plays pool. Got call from Mary. Met Carter at Delicias; he writes essays.

Very social day.

Unfortunately felt weak, tired and depressed.

July 17:

Midnight of the 16th/17th. I need sleep.

Awake at 7. Up at 9. Shouldn't have gone back to sleep.

Wandered down to feria (farmers' market) and saw a couple friends. Not busy on a Friday.

Bought avocados. Shopped with Sam after we ate gallo pinto at a new place. I had to eat something...

Posted animal pictures. Edited photos of penises (phallic artifacts from Pre-Columbian times). Bought one liter of milk in a good plastic container I can re-use.

Sent a postcard to my friend Gary. Cost 600 colones = that's over $1. Costs went up again.

Went to writer's group. Met up with my friend Johnny in the park.

Late evening? Roar of macho motorcyclists tearing up the town. Miserable until they left.
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July 3, 2015 at 5:52pm
July 3, 2015 at 5:52pm

Oh... just being me. Whether that's good... or bad... depends on p.o.v.

July 3rd:

Places are closing up early. This is to be expected... but not enjoyed by all (ME, for example).

It's hot but breezy.

My problem? My rooms don't catch the breeze. I don't have a/c. I don't have internet either.

I'm cheap. And proud of it!

But it does get dicey on hot days.

Still working on strong verbs in Norwegian. Slight complication... sometimes there are two verbs spelled the same but delcined differently and with different meanings. Then there are the transitive verbs (which I think take regular declensions) versus intrasitive verbs that change in 'wonderful' ways.

But I'm making progress! *Bigsmile*

In the food department of my life: sautéed turnips last night; today ate brats. If I could find an a/c unit that ran on gas...

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June 26, 2015 at 10:21pm
June 26, 2015 at 10:21pm

Day 8, June 26:

Boiled underwear while I listened to NPR. Didn't get up till 8... the big decision had already come down from the Supremes. Now to dissect and note the tenor of the dissent.

My concern? The push-back. Not as strong a decision like the ones in Canada or Mexico. There are many places that will be facing a new reality... one they don't approve of.

May reach 100º tomorrow. Now? 93º at 8 pm. Forecast is 101, 103, 96, 94, 96, 98, 96 with searing sunshine. Not amused am I.

I'll try to stay in the shade and sit in a/c. Market in the morning is still doable as it may only be 65º. Highs tend to be around 5 p.m.

Day 9, June 27:

Went to market and bought cherries, ginger pear jam. Ate biscuits and gravy.

Went to the bank... needed money. *Smile*

Hot day. Very hot. tried to stay out of the sun. Went to Bernice's in the evening and worked on my Norwegian verbs. Strong verbs are a bit tricky... like English but I begin to see patterns.

buy / bought / have bought
seek / sought / have sought
think / thought / have thought

blæs / bles / har blåse
græt / gret / har gråte
læst / let / har låte


Put a fan in the window. Hope for a cool night.

Day 10, June 28:

Not very cool in the morning. Friend posted that it reached 101º yesterday. 80º at 11 a.m. Maybe a break come Tuesday? One can only hope.

I make small but steady progress on unpacking... almost done. Cleaning... maintaining. Soaking plants... one-by-one. Mexican bridal-wreath is blooming.

No internet yesterday, so I'm catching up on the news. Disturbing images from Pride Parade in Turkey... celebrations elsewhere. Russia is upset... that can be good and bad.

Got up before my alarm went off. This bodes well. *Wink*

Day 11, June 29:

Sat with Jane and her husband. Then I scooted to a corner to work on the internet.

I putter with tasks: plants in the hallway (not mine) are watered.

I wrote in my journal: "I'm so bored with myself. At least I'm not vegetating at home. Getting up early enough to get something done. Coming up on 7 pm - and a poetry reading = something to do."

So I went. John burgess from Seattle was quite entertaining. I bought his book, "By Land".

After, I went to the food store. It rained while I was inside. Not much, but real rain!

Day 12, June 30:

"I gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today..."

First hamburger was strange, second was normal; however, I'm not amused by hamburgers for lunch. Not my thing.

Paid my WDC account with my 10% discount... at least that's out-of-the-way.

July = pay my post office box!

Met with Spanish speakers today. Everyone was looking good but I had trouble hearing and it was worse when people were loud. Ah... glad to be sitting quietly on a bench.

Same at Senior Center. Bingo on Tuesday is painful but I sat in the back away from the speakers and was pleasantly surprised.

Day 13, June 31:

Socretes Club, Men's Group. Back into routine. But Men's group... I want to do more than talk about the latest Hollywood movie fail. At least the Socretes Group is cpable of intelligent conversation. Even had a chance to agree with Mary Alice... I don't all the time.

Went under the bridge. Met AC and DC two frilled bearded lizards. Saw a fish swimming at the surface. A beaver carrying a stick was going upstream.

Sat late at night on a bench outside the bread-store. peaceful and cooling. Room was still too hot although I did put an inadequate fan on. Better than nothing?

Day 14, June 32:

Good lunch/dinner. Chicken was done correctly. Potatoes and gravy, vegetables? Fine. Nothing fancy but fine.

Sat next to someone who was choking but she indicated she had it under control. David and I weren't sure...

Visited folks but I'm really enjoying this quiet corner. Might become a bad habit.

Would a Fransiscan's wardrobe fail be due to a bad habit?

Don't hit me; please don't hit me.
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June 21, 2015 at 8:03pm
June 21, 2015 at 8:03pm
No sense in me posting here on a daily basis as blog is near its limits.

So... one a week. Added on to and edited. *Smile*


Day 1, the 19th:

Started Book 47 of my eleven-year-long hand written journal. This is important as I had trouble journaling on this past trip.

Exhausted. Managed to get to Senior Center for the $4 Father's Day lunch. Saw friends.

Stated unpacking. Dumped most of my luggage. No need to hurry.

Added up my bank reserves. Enough for another trip without stressing.

Plants okay. Small changes where I live and where I hang out. Only gone less than 4 months.

Evening writers' group. They seemed to like my travel writing.

Day 2, the 20th:

Pride Parade. Took photos of my friends.

Went to morning market and ate apricot-blackberry pie. Bought salad turnips and butifarro sausage.

Went to Butterfly Herbs. Gave cardemom from Norway to Ingrid.

Made lots of phone calls. Spoke with my sister for over an hour. Have about 19 days of calling left on my pre-paid account. This is good.

Day 3, the 21st:

Up 7ish. Took shower. So nice to get back into a routine. Sleeping in spite of the warmth.

Started at Le Petit. Bought bread. Posted photos on facebook.

Visted artists along the river.

Headed for Butterfly Herbs. Sipped coffee and ate a pasta salad. Saw more folks. Checked news and facebook.

Headed to Liquid Planet as they still have $1 drip on Sundays.

Made new list of goals. Now time for objectives and/or monitoring progress. Hope springs eternal they say.

Day 4, the 22nd:

"Why aren't the crows plucked and stuffed?"

Woke up with a weird story in my head... after going back to bed... after catching a glorious dawn, pink in the southwest.

Posted edited sunrise and sunset photos on facebook.

Shaved off beard. Small tasks every day pile up and I feel I'm making progress.

Have 9 postcards of Norway displayed by my door.

A long hot soak with the terse verse of Emily Dickinson.

Day 5, the 23rd:

Called my mother and my friend Gary... he answered! I need the cheer.

Began studying Norwegian... again.

Lyndia gave me 3x5 cards... now have 200 of them.

Chicken, roasted vegetables, bread pudding. Overate.

Did a wash. A double load for $2.50 for 40 minutes; soap 25 cents.

Met my friend Travis. Good to talk with a fellow traveler.

Told my friend Joyce, I was in 8 countries, stayed in 34 places. I should count again , but that's about right.

My legs swelled a bit... not good. My cousin had a stroke... also not good.

Day 6, the 24th:

Got up at 6... lay down again... got up at 9... late.

Snatched the last loaf of Birdman's bread. *Smile* $2 for day-old.

Did a blog entry in "O Pinion" and posted a travel piece.

Went to Socrates Club. Polled them on the Supreme Court. 6-3, 5-4. on both major issues. Same at Men's Group. Met a nice Hawai'ian couple.

Day 7, the 25th:

Up early. Out at 8. Went to Le Petit to connect to internet. 2 court cases settled. ACA survives to fight another day. Never understood why the GOP opposes a plan that is basically their idea and one that helps their base.

Sat by myself at Sr. Ctr. and got some work done.

Went across the river. Music. Food. I ate sweet and sour chicken on rice noodles. $7. Talked to folks about birds. Went and sat by the bronze fish. tyler came over and we sat on a bench and chatted.

Made phone caalls. Some answered; some did not. *Frown*

A sticky evening. Took an aspirin and took a shower.
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June 15, 2015 at 6:03pm
June 15, 2015 at 6:03pm
Will I find my Muse...

I've written a few things on this trip but very little.

Taken thousands of photos though.

I'll be back on the 19th. Time enough to sort it all out when I get home.
June 10, 2015 at 5:40am
June 10, 2015 at 5:40am
When I was homeless I didn't count the days. But... two years was more than 104 days.

I should be thankful instead of complaining.

This trip has not gone as well as planned. That said, there have been many nice times and I always meet nice people.

Like the Swedish-Finn on the train yesterday. A lawyer! Well spoken in at least three languages. She reads two more...

"Swedes will fight to the last Finn."

Or in other words... willing to sacrifice others but not themselves.

Ah... the Swedes. Finns don't trust the Russians either.

Two hours... three? The train was delayed. Great talk about the Finns. History too. She'd even lived in Australia.

So I should be thankful.

Once in Lillehammer, I shared the room with Arne from Grimstad. Closer to my age but spoke English. Nice chat but it was late.

Great bed here. Great breakfast.

I could go to sleep for a week.

And I might but, I'd like to do that in Molde. Ideally I get back to Montana before July. Just need to buy tickets. There's no easy cheap direct way. High season... my bad. I should've known. Really... I should've known... because I look into these things to not be caught. I'm cautious with planning and miserly with spending money. Did okay in Ireland, Japan, South Africa, Portugal. Australia was challenging though. I'm under budget but I need to check my balance as I don't know how much I have left!

Once I have my ticket back...
June 1, 2015 at 5:45am
June 1, 2015 at 5:45am

Wish I had the energy to get to know you.

I fear my body will shut down if I don't shut up and listen to it.

Outside 'tis a cold and rainy day. Inside I just can't...

I should be on the road to Dingle, to Cork, to somewhere. My body complains. I am going nowhere.

My mind has been swirling like this song, "Vivir mi vida", sung by Marc Anthony:


I have this urge to be back in Costa Rica. I feel estranged from everybody and everything.

It doesn't help that I finally found pictures online of a friends' family. Just makes me realize how heart-broken I am.

Like "Il pleure dans mon coeur" by Verlaine in this version of Billy Cowie:


But I should be thankful like Mercedes Sosa:


o su canción: solo le pido a Dios...

I'll have to go out in the rain eventually. I'll have to continue my journey as well. I'm just not ready yet.

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