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Tales of a modern day gypsy (In progress)
Jean Pierre Lafitte is the owner of his own air cargo company, "Lafitte Cargo Carriers". The company had a strong start out of the gates. Hard times have reared their ugly head though. Wanting his business to be a success this drive has dulled his normally cautious senses. He enters into a business deal that is a little more than he bargained for.

We follow his tale riding right seat in his "Jolly Rogue". Bring with him his true desire, restoring a Grumman Goose retiring to the Carribean doing some fishing and maybe giving some tourist a different view.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 27.80k
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 29.53k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 19.56k
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 25.61k
Chapter 5 Chapter 5 52.32k
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 17.74k
Chapter 7 Chapter 7 7.57k
Chapter 8 Chapter 8 14.37k
Chapter 9 Chapter 9 16.33k
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 7.74k
Chapter 11 Chapter 11 13.33k
Chapter 12 Chapter 12 8.35k

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