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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #1523653
Story of a vampire prince and how his life is playing out differently than anyone planned
List of Characters

Alexandros- Main character (Crown Prince)

Persephone- Younger sister

Xailon- Oldest brother

Ambrosia- Oldest sister

Micah- Middle born brother

Phaedrus- Youngest brother

Melitta- Middle born sister

Sohpronia- Baby sister

Zosime- Mother (Queen)

Alcaeus- Father (King)

Ireneus- Alexandros' true love

Gariella- Alexandros' betrothed


The boy walked out onto the balcony that overlooked the waterfalls that surrounded the castleThe light from the moon glinted off one of the hundreds of soldiers hiding behind the falls, his legs were beginning to feel weak as he leaned there for a long time. About half and hour had passed before he whistled low and long for his phoenix. The phoenix appeared out of nowhere and landed on her perch near his arm.

"There you are my pet. Take this note to my father, Artemis." He whispered to her and attached the note to a flame retardant pouch.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 4.5: The Miracle Birth 2.76k
Chapter 2 Chapter 4: The Confession 8.32k
Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Love and Confusion 6.28k
Chapter 4 Chapter 2: The Engagement? 7.80k
Chapter 5 Chapter 1: Introduction 6.99k

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