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Smoke is an elusive thief that no one has been able to catch.
This is a story about a thief called Smoke by reputation. No one has ever met Smoke, they only know when they have been robbed when a black cloth is left in the items place. Most of the time it is valuable jewels. FBI agent Brian Shields has a need for Smoke's help and decideds to set a trap. It goes horribly wrong. This is their story and how they try to catch jewel smugglers
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter Seven 10.48k
Chapter 2 Chapter Six: 13.62k
Chapter 3 Chapter Five: 8.07k
Chapter 4 Chapter Four 7.24k
Chapter 5 Chapter Three: 6.20k
Chapter 6 Chapter Two: 8.91k
Chapter 7 Chapter One: 5.33k

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