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Time is mischievous.
Though Samantha Marquet attributed the perpetual feeling of being followed to her imagination long ago, it still haunted her. One night, emboldened by frustration, she challenged the presence to make itself known, and the Shadow Watcher materialized.

While his existence proved her sanity was intact, Sam had more questions than ever before. Why does he follow her? Who does he work for? And how does he look exactly the same in a photograph she found, taken seventeen years earlier?

Sam soon learns the timing of his appearance had little to do with her command and everything to do with a threat to her inheritance - of which she was unaware. With danger drawing near, the façade of her near-perfect life crumbles; Sam must trust the Shadow Watcher to navigate her through a new world where the truth is often not expected.

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Time is mischievous. It plays tricks on the mind, it changes perspectives, it creates illusions, and it reveals truths. As memories fade with the passage of time, the mind can have difficulty sorting reality from illusion; it can become convinced illusions are real, and will deny truths that threaten its fragile nature. The truth is often not expected.
#5. Chapter 1: 09/19/2006: The Shadow with a Face
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#4. Chapter 2: 09/20/2006: Not-So Normal
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#3. Chapter 3: 09/21/2006 An Unwelcome Encounter
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#2. Chapter 4: 09/22/2006: Conflicted
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#1. Chapter 5: 09/23/2006: The First Revelation
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