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Editing is the key

DyrHearte writes
Teerich - 2019
Paul D
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Future Hopeful Participants:

Characters so Far:

Gustav an Iron smitty and Jeno a weaver (Anez Jeno's wife/weaver & Dorte Gustav's wife/good cook}

Rothfram, Erte, Sahima, and Teria--Jeno and Anez's children

Alayos --a male prostitute and a childhood friend of Gustav's

Minna--Gustav's lover and mother of his son, Keldan

Patrikio Guarnez Govenor of Bansbree//Felisa the Govenor's Daughter

Cassandra-a gypsy orphan when her merchant craftsmen parents disappeared three years prior-present age=13 years.
Cassandra/Cassidi Lonas-a gypsy orphan when her merchant craftsmen parents disappeared three years prior-present age=13 years.

Shivers-male street urchin-approximately 12 years of age--Cassandra's friend
Shivers/Giles Lonas-street urchin-approximately 12 years of age--Cassandra's friend

Dorisa//Dorita Lonas--healer and children's nurse (Sapphire Dragon Guild) (used Powder of Forgetfulness on the gate guard)

Meleda Poulos--Dirita Lonas's cousin who lives in Elvish lands two days walk from Bansbree

Squeeks and Crusher-two goons after the reward for capturing Cassandra

Mortimer Langster-Elf Underlord of Bansbree made the mistake of offing Cassandra's parents when they wouldn't bow to his authority--unfortunately for him her parents were connected to a powerful group {Sapphire Dragon Guild) and now he must pay restitution

Ilfini//Ilfilio one of the Elves caught behind Dunish borders with poached gold. Missing both hands.

Eddie--servant--domestic man servant in training--soon to be Ilfilio's personal servant

Jasper, Mortimer's head doorman

Hamish Diggery--Dwarven Lord who captured and exacted Judgement upon Ilfini//Ilfilio.

Kynyr--a mage of moderate powers and skills, associate of Mortimer//chaotic neutral tendencies

a man--in Mortimer's corridor who approached Dorisa/Dorita outside Cassandra's room door. Obsidian Dragon Co-operative

Clarissa--bar maid at the Blooded Dagger Inn

Doxy-- proprietor of Doxy's Den

Elric--Dwarf magician--looking for information (Sapphire Dragon Guild)

Younce--inn keeper with a side of trade of 'shanghai' (?)

Sylena--bar maid (Sapphire Dragon Guild)

Edwart--kitchen help soon to retire from that particular tavern

Mirabella, Fren, and Jebodiah-- Twaning’s Iron Works

Zelda Rainer -- Baker (Mirabella's teacher)

Klarg wagon driver from the Querlin mine.

Roen--sword trainer for Sylena

Moonwillow--Druid initiate of the second circle going to Bansbree to serve there

Starwolf--Druid in the final cycle of his training-accompanying Moonwillow--same mission

Epona--Moonwillow's horse pulling the cart

Unknown Dwarf woman who'd been robbed in the woods. She was found, healed and clothed by the two Druids

Duilin's ax a Dwarven equivalent to Sword of Damaskeles

Place Names:
The Seven Stars Tavern

Broken Dagger Inn.

Blooded Dagger Inn

Doxy's Den

Twisted Sabre

The Great Tree

Twaning’s Iron Works

Querlin mine.

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