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All stories will follow this Adele album.
This is for the "Musicology Anthology.  Adele has captured my heart with her pulsing rhythms and raw, gritty vocals.  I even have Rolling in the Deep as a ring tone on my smart phone.  She is a unique artist that just stops me in my tracks whenever one of her tunes come on the radio. 

These are the tracks on the "21" Album that will be in this book. 
1.  Rolling In The Deep  -- a lead singer discovers you reap just what you sow.
2.  Rumour Has It -- Getting over it vs. getting even
3.  Turning Tables -- Learned the lesson too late
4.  Set Fire To The Rain -- She just cannot pick a winner
5.  Don't You Remember  -- When the yo yo effect no longer works
6.  He Won't Go -- I wanted this to be a story about choosing addiction over people.  Terrible thing when the muse goes AWOL mid-thought.  I hope you get what I am trying to say in this piece and that it does not sound like two different stories -- you know one from the brain tired muse and the other from the frolicing back from vacation muse.
7.  Take It All -- Break Up After a Brief Romance
8.  I'll Be Waiting -- Ever have the story take off in a different direction than intended?  This one falls in that category.
9.  One And Only -- When it's time to amp it up.
10.  Lovesong -- For the one you love, even if they don't know it.
11. Someone Like You

There were bonus tracks released in iTunes and UK/Japan.  I am not including those for this project.
please note that item 4 and 5 are switched in reverse order from what the tracklist says.  It is an uploading error, and I really don't want to take everything down and put it back up again.  I apologize.

#11. Someone Like You
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#10. Lovesong
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#9. One and Only
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#8. I'll Be Waiting
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#7. "Take It All"
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#6. He Won't Go
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#5. Set Fire To The Rain
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#4. Don't You Remember
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#3. Turning Tables
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#1. Rolling In The Deep
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