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Rated: 13+ · Book · Thriller/Suspense · #2152343
Sometimes the world needs to know what hides in the shadows...sometimes they can save them
Some things need to be hidden...I learned that early on in life. What you think is amazing, some people think is scary. It's why the witches were burned, why the Catholics were scrutinized. It's why no one can know what I do...even if I think it's absolutely awesome.

"Sinna! Time for school," my mom's altosoprano voice vibrated up the house and my eyes snapped open; once again, I was levitating off my bed.

I sighed in annoyance before gracefully landing on my feet and padding to the bathroom attached to my room. As I opened the door something swept past me and I looked down to see a letter at my feet. "What..."

"Sinna! Get a move on!" the voice came again, louder this time, and I grumbled, making my way to the bathroom. I kicked off my clothes and started the water, waiting for it to heat up before stepping under the spray.

Time Skip

I came downstairs still drying my bright blue dyed hair and looked around. "Breakfast?" I asked hopefully, grabbing a bottle of orange juice.

"Sorry," my thirteen year old brother Damon said, laughing. "Ate it all."


"You weren't moving fast enough," Mom said, shrugging. "Now, go. Ashley's almost here." I stuck my tongue out at my mom and banged out of the house, my bag banging against my hip as I moved out the door. I rapidly went down the stairs of the porch and vaulted into the seat of her convertible mustang.

"Well, you seem excited," Ashley commented. "what's up?"

"Didn't get breakfast," I said, buckling up. "almost killed my brother. The usual." Ashley laughed as she put the car and drive and started goign to the nearest coffee shop.
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