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Rated: ASR · Book · Action/Adventure · #2161993
A ROBLOX thriller. Don't hate on me please.

There was a city called Bloxington. It used to be a large, thriving city, until the mayor had to end his term, and a new mayor was elected. This new mayor was named James Bloxin, and he wanted to encourage diversity. So, he relaxed the immigration policies (literally by deleting some of the rules), and upgraded their fine cafes; Frappé and Bakiez Bakery. However, by relaxing the immigration policies, things got very wild. Trollers trolled at the cafés; raiders lagged the entire city, exploiters destroyed a few homes using BTools, and cringy 8-year-old YouTubers came to continue dabbing on their haters. The whole city was full of insanity, but the worse thing of all was that ODers left Meep City; they left New Blox City and Blox Angeles; they left every hangout and nightclub in the country of Robloxia, and they came to Bloxington for freedom and justice. In fact, so many people were living in Bloxington, the average house income tripled in value within 10 months! However, more and more foolish people fell under the dark, evil curse of ROBLOX online dating, and they continued to come to Bloxington for freedom of ODing and more clothes by Inc! Clothing x1 all the way up the Inc! Clothing x329874298347329493247294327492846297659843756241 got shipped to the Bloxington Mall, which needed an add-on every year. Money was forced to be wasted on outrageous nightclubs and hangouts, and a ridiculous percentage of the population owned the most ludicrous and most expensive cars in the history of Robloxia. The mayor couldn’t do anything about, so he left the city, and the ODers took over the office. They made sure that you had to be married to have a job, and you needed to do something about ODing before you had formal education. But the ODers’ biggest fear is disgusting stuff. That’s why they never went to the ghettos of where bacon hairs and noobs and guests lived. Within a few months, the ghettos and the original Bloxington areas were so different in law and lifestyle, Greater Bloxington was split into 2 different cities: New Bloxington and Old Bloxington. New Bloxington had 95% of its population as ODers and Old Bloxington, a.k.a. the ghettos, were 100% bacon hairs, noobs, and guests, even though the great Guest Massacre, the largest and bloodiest war in Robloxia, led by Francis Robloxen, killed all of them off. There are only a few guests left that are hiding in the noobs’ and bacon hairs’ homes. It is a very sad story, but the ODers do not give a oof about it. The bacon hairs and noobs continue to oof and protest and raid the city hall, but the ODers are relentless and powerful. The ODer population increased so much, the entire exploiting army couldn’t remove all of them, and the trollers, raiders, and exploiters combined wouldn’t even kill half of the ODer population. But, the ghetto population continued to grow, as fast as the ODer population did. The mayor of Old Bloxington, Oofer Midget, decided that the population of Old Bloxington was too large to support food, water, and shelter. Old Bloxington wasn’t a good place to live, but when you don’t have Robux, life is almost impossible. And they definitely didn’t have money either. Sure, the mayor was rich. But he had to save it up for something great for his city. The only thing that was blocking his plans was time. Bacon hairs and noobs had more children, and the population was growing fast. Plus, bacon hairs and noobs had to adapt to harsh conditions, so they grew and matured faster than other Robloxians. The mayor then decided to hire the bravest bacon hairs and noobs to sneak into New Bloxington and steal some of the Robux to help Mayor Oofer Midget do what he needed to do to his community. It was a very well-thought idea, and he quickly trained and tested the smartest, strongest, fastest, and the oof-est citizens in Old Bloxington. That was the start of one of many clever, but small operations, and all those small operations came to be one large, extremely clever operation called Operation O.O.F.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Operation O.O.F. | Chapter 1 5.07k
Chapter 2 Operation O.O.F. | Chapter 2 8.74k
Chapter 3 Operation O.O.F. | Chapter 3 4.60k

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