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Rated: 18+ · Book · Horror/Scary · #2203800
The inhabitants of a small town find themselves in the middle of an unknown outbreak.
Action, gore and death will accompany the reader throughout this gruesome story, as the good people of the peaceful little town wake up to the unknown outbreak of violence and are forced to defend themselves against the hordes of the infected, still unaware of the causes of the disease. Little do they know........

The last stand will take place at the town's hospital. So buckle up and enjoy.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 A Lousy Day 12.74k
Chapter 2 A Changed Man 12.12k
Chapter 3 The Barricade 16.91k
Chapter 4 The Standoff 12.30k
Chapter 5 House party 12.48k
Chapter 6 Doc 12.42k
Chapter 7 Time to run 15.87k
Chapter 8 Boom 14.00k
Chapter 9 Hard Choices 13.58k
Chapter 10 The West Wing 14.48k
Chapter 11 Getting a ride 15.20k
Chapter 12 Aftermath 14.17k
Chapter 13 Good Guys 15.61k
Chapter 14 Turmoil 13.93k
Chapter 15 Motherly love 14.93k

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