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Here I go down a rabbit hole. What will I encounter? What will I write? Viva l'imagination
Challenges await...
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March 21, 2020 at 1:30pm
March 21, 2020 at 1:30pm
         PROMPT: There've been many wars and battles. Choose one and write a short story. It must be a tale of how things escalated to the final event!
         The Battle of Lundy's Lane aka The Battle of Niagara Falls occurred the 25th of July 1814. It's been described as the bloodiest and deadliest ever fought in Canada. My apologies to the combatants and their ancestors. My paternal family, the Brownlees emigrated to Canada from Ireland and took part in this war. They were farmers, saddle makers and such.
         As he cleaned his gun for what seemed the thousandth time, Nathaniel griped out loud. "We left Ireland for this? All we ever do is march in circles and jump whenever the British officers tell us to. What are we doing here at The Falls? Those coward Americans ain't fixin' to bother us."
         His brother Joseph grinned and Nathaniel could swear he saw a twinkle in his eyes. He just knew Joe had a plan. Big brother had a well-earned reputation as a prankster. Their mother lamented he could and would get under the skin of anyone alive just to see them squirm.
         "Oh, I think I know how to jumpstart some action. Do you still have a needle and some thread? You can put those sewin' skills to work."
         A few hours later, the brothers were ready to irk some Americans. Joseph stepped out of their tent prancing and mincing, exaggerating a hip sway. He made sure to wave across the border and blow big air kisses to the troops there. The roar of the water made any taunts useless, but he counted on body language to drive home his point. He strutted and swirled. He curtsied to Nathaniel who bowed. They stepped together and mimed a waltz. They were certain that their every move could be seen by the soldiers with looking glasses.
         In their merriment, they could see arms raised as one and open mouths. They sensed the enemy was not pleased. They had the undivided attention they sought.
         Nathaniel scooped up his costumed sibling and tossed him into the roaring river. The savage current tore at his new gown tearing it to shreds. Joseph struggled to shore laughing. They watched as the red, white, and blue material floundered in the churning froth, born towards the American encampment. They had planned to take the flag home as a souvenir, the spoils of war, but this suited their purposes better. No one could ignore the soiling of their nation's flag.
         "Take that and what're ya goin' ta do about that then?"
( 430 words )
March 21, 2020 at 12:38pm
March 21, 2020 at 12:38pm
         PROMPT: You discover you're nothing but a figment of another person's dream! What is the dream about and how did you get there in the first place?
         Whoa! I feel woozy. My tongue is dry and fuzzy. My head throbs. Did I go on a bender that I can't remember? With a great deal of squinting, I force my eyes open.
         What is this place? I seem to be in a tiny, close-fitting chamber of some sort. I roll over biting my tongue against the stab to my brain. I hear moaning. Oh, that's me. My arms feel heavy and clumsy.
         Strange, I hear a constant buzzing. I shake my head, but, no, the buzzing doesn't go away. It's not me. There's also a sweet scent in the air. It's familiar, yet I can't place it.
         Something whizzes by and I feel a sudden rush of air, a breeze. Now I recall what caused my current predicament. I remember floating, no, flying through the air. Everything looked blurred. I sense being yanked up and away. Am I stuck to a hairy leg?
         The buzzing increases in volume and I find myself staring at a large yellow and black-striped bee. He towers over me. As I cringe, he reaches in and nudges me. I see my cowering reflection in his dark eyes.
         With a shriek and flailing, I awake covered in yellow pollen. A lone bee buzzes around my dishevelled hair and I swat it away. Undeterred, it returns and lifts me up as if I am weightless. The hairy legs are coarse and scratch my skin.
         Now I comprehend. I am a speck of pollen harvested by this drone. He finds me irresistible. I am hand-picked to be an ingredient in a honey comb. I am the object of its desire. He dreamt of finding me.
( 308 words )
March 21, 2020 at 12:35pm
March 21, 2020 at 12:35pm
         PROMPT: Study the Poem 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'.Give an interpretation of it. Write a stanza using the same format on any topic. ( rhyme scheme: abcbdb )
         I believe the walrus and the carpenter are shysters, con artists, who see themselves as leaders to exploit the gullibility of others. They discover a territory and they set out to change it if at all possible and bamboozle its citizenry.
         They lament that the beach has too much sand and without it "it would be grand!" They discuss options and determine that "seven maids with seven mops" could not clear the sand even if they "swept it for half a year." They then turn their attention to the oysters and find they are most willing to follow the walrus and carpenter. The younger oysters react in a mob mentality, all blindly trusting, hoodwinked by the pair. Their neat and clean appearances seem to demonstrate a naivety to please. They simply agree to accompany the walrus and the carpenter for a "walk", no questions asked.
         Ultimately, this couple devour all of the oysters. The innocents never attempted to flee because they did not sense danger. They assumed they would simply "chat." "And all the little Oysters stood and waited in a row." The cunning walrus and carpenter satisfied their own greed. They cared nothing for their victims. With no more resources to plunder, they will wander off in search of more for their appetites.
         Social distancing's a new trend
         in answer to a bug,
         COVID-19, viral stalker.
         No to kiss, handshake, hug.
         Self-isolate, stay strong, be calm.
         This blight is not so smug.
March 19, 2020 at 1:18pm
March 19, 2020 at 1:18pm
         PROMPT: You're a scientist discovering new species. Create at least 5 new creatures. Give details: description, mode of movement, diet, reproduction, etc.
         After trudging through the vast forests and waterways of Canada, I have stumbled upon the following magnificent creatures. I hope my descriptions do them justice.
         1. I found this particular animal hatching from eggs near open, fast-flowing streams. It resembles a small bird with green feathers and wings. Its natural camouflage permits it to blend in with the foliage of trees and shrubs. It flies with quick agile movements, alternating between soaring, floating, and diving. I observed it devouring stinging insects by the thousands. It seems to inhale them as it flies into a swarm. In particular, it seems to prefer eating mosquitos and blackflies. Hallelujah! I, for one, do not appreciate these irritating biters. Of course, my find needed a name. I toyed with the idea of The Deetenator, but we all know deet doesn't really do much to protect us from these scavengers. How about The Squelcher? The population of mosquitos and blackflies will be decimated. Oh, hang on, The Decimator?
         2.This second creature appears to be a cross between a cat and a dog. It is furry, lithe and sleek. I would describe its colouring as brown, hide-in-the-shadows- brown. In size , it resembles a terrier. It likes to dwell in caves or burrows. As a mammal, the young are born alive. Like a cat, this animal possesses keen eyesight and hearing, an agile predisposition to leap and climb, and it strikes/pounces quickly. The reflexes are amazing. Like a canine, this creature roams in packs and is suited to loyalty and following commands. It's a cat that obeys! The diet consists of vermin, small rodents. I dubbed this species The Terrine.
         3.My third discovery resembles a hybrid of a moose and a horse, The Morse. It has coarse brown hair. It's a tall, well-muscled creature with long , sturdy legs and hooved feet. On its head, there are antlers, not overly large, but impressive nonetheless. Its broad back makes it an animal of conveyance. It doesn't seem to mind carrying a rider, and the antlers offer a convenient place to hang a bag, or two. With its height advantage, this magnificent beast may be ridden through swamps, streams, lakes, and rivers. It is a herbivore and not a fussy one at that. It scavenges almost anything that thrives in a forest: pine cones, twigs, leaves, tree bark, moss, tree buds and the like. I suspect the females carry their unborn offspring for months before giving birth.
         4. This discovery will be a life saver. I found a "bug" that attacks and destroys the COVID-19 virus. It zaps this virulent virus with a zing of heat without harming the host cells. It is green in colour like The Avenger. Although microscopic, it is mighty. It swims through the blood stream and resembles the structure of the virus. It too reproduces by replicating itself and multiplying. For now, I shall refer to it as The Bug Zapper, not to be confused with the electric device that kills insects.
         5.We all know that termites eat/chomp wood, right? What about a creature that eats plastics? I found one. He has especially sharp teeth and a long snout. His paws possess claws to spear pieces of plastic, toes to pick up and grip its lunch, and webbing between the toes so it can swim out to plastic debris in water. On land, it scrabbles or waddles. It is an odd-looking mammal, but as such I presume it too carries its young before a live birth. Since it chews or masticates its preferred food, I shall name it The Plasmasticator. (618 words)
March 18, 2020 at 5:00pm
March 18, 2020 at 5:00pm
"Sandy Supposes.... entered as a Writing Contest @WDC. "30-Day Blogging Challenge ON HIATUS
"New auction bid"   My bids entered at "Mad Hatter's Tea Party Closed for 2023as part of Activities @Writing.Com. I bid:60,000 for the Battenburg Cake, 45,000 for the Victoria Sponge Cake, 24,000 for the Meringue Cake, and 20,000 for the Pound Cake!
March 18, 2020 at 3:50pm
March 18, 2020 at 3:50pm
         PROMPT: Create a word search or a crossword with things of a botanical nature.
Floral Inspiration  (E)
A word search created for the Wonderland Challenge!
#2214901 by SandraLynn Snowflake Slingin'
March 18, 2020 at 3:09pm
March 18, 2020 at 3:09pm
         PROMPT: Oh, if these flowers could speak. Write a short story or poem re a garden full of flowers having a conversation.
         "Is that a blemish on my leaf? Oh no, I'm spotty," wailed the elegant ruby rose.
         "From where I'm standing it looks like an ant," soothed the primrose. "They crawl all over us without permission. They never wipe their feet either."
         The rose sighed in relief. "I do have a certain standard to maintain. These petals don't just appear out of thin air. I pride myself on my appearance. I miss my sister. She could dazzle without any effort."
         "What happened to her? She was a blusher, wasn't she?"
         "She just pulled up roots one day and relocated. I don't hear from her."
         "Excuse me," whispered the pansy. "I'm feeling parched. Anyone else thirsty?"
         "Hold your head up. The sprinkler will be spraying us again soon."
         "Thanks, I've just been planted and I don't quite feel rooted," panted the pansy.
         Rose hollered, "Hey, you big galoot. Save some of that sunshine for us."
         Sunflower swayed in the breeze. "Whoa, what's with the name calling? I know I'm a big girl, but I prefer the term statuesque. There's plenty of sun to go around."
         "You're looking a bit broader Rose, maybe you should cut back on the fertilizer, hmm?"
         Indignation reared its ugly head as Rose spluttered, "I have hips, rose hips. I cannot stay a bud forever."
         Petunia piped up. "Is it just me, or do the bees seem to buzz around me more than anyone else?"
         "Send some my way," lisped the dahlia. "I have pollen to spare."
         "Do the bees like the colour purple? I've been trying to get their attention and now I wonder if I should've bloomed in a mauve. Yoo hoo, bees I'm the clematis up here on the trellis."
         "Now girls, don't pester the bees. I'm sure they already tasted the finest nectar from me," crowed Rose. "My perfume is so alluring."
         Sunflower snorted. "Rose, all the scent in the world can't hide the stench of that manure you're standing in."
         "It doesn't turn up the bees' noses."
         "Or the flies," laughed Sunflower,"look at them swarm."
(364 words)

March 17, 2020 at 4:22pm
March 17, 2020 at 4:22pm
         "Drop it," shrieked the carrot parrot
         to the shadow circling the room.
         "Whatever you tote you cannot
         take, enjoy, or consume."
         "Too late," a small voice burped then drawled
         as it thump-thumped into the light.
         A banana iguana crawled
         in sneakers, sparkly and bright.
         "Please do excuse my intrusion.
         Your heart and wings seem aflutter.
         Have I startled, ruffled your feathers?"
         "No," the bird did splutter.
         "Who are you?" came out as a squawk.
         This sentry despised night creeping.
         "I direct your gaze to the clock.
         The household is sleeping."
         "Well, I'm awake and here you are.
         Don't night owls need company?
         I believe my friend gallops close,
         Macaroni Pony."
         "Oh my, excuse my confusion.
         The clip-clops are hooves that is true,
         but the staccato strikes so slow.
         Flannel camel, it's you!"
         "Drop it," shrieked the carrot parrot
         to the shadow circling the room.
         "Whatever you tote you cannot
         take, enjoy, or consume."
         PROMPT: Study the poem 'The Jabberwocky'. Create a nonsensical poem in the same format.
March 17, 2020 at 4:15pm
March 17, 2020 at 4:15pm
         PROMPT:2020...Reflect on all that's transpired so far. How is your year going? Right or wrong direction? Create a story or blog.
         Wow, reflect... At the moment, the world seems to be caught up in an unfathomable panic. Businesses, particularly restaurants, and public places such as arenas, concert halls, libraries, and movie theatres are closed. Travel has been curtailed with airlines cancelling flights to certain countries and borders shuttered. Schools are not open to staff and students for the next few weeks. All of this is an attempt to thwart or at least slow the COVID 19 pandemic.
         I've never witnessed panic purchasing before. Empty shelves in stores appear eery. Unfortunately, some people choose to become hoarders. That 'me first' mentality is frightening. Why is there this compulsion to stock up on toilet paper? There are jokes that cut to the ugly truth. This year will be known as The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. What a legacy! On the flip side, many choose to share and support their fellow citizens. This selflessness is heartening.
         With the media's influence and its particular method of spinning the news, we now have two new phrases that illustrate the severity of this virus. We are cautioned to practise "self-isolation" and "social distancing." Introverts claim that they were prepared for this and they welcome alone time. Extroverts will struggle with no hugging, hand-shaking, claps on the back, kissing, and close body conversations. Imagine just waving from afar.
         In early February, before the virus-mandated lockdowns, I visited my youngest grand giggle, Alexandra, to celebrate her first birthday. It may have seemed a bit extravagant, but my daughter decorated with a plethora of baby shark-themed balloons and colourful posters. The catchy Baby Shark song is Alexandra's jam. She never fails to smile and bop along when I sing it to her. We adults appreciated the loving thought of the party "pretties." The birthday girl loved the balloons and summed up her delight with an emphatic, "Wow!" She grinned throughout the festivities, not complaining at the numerous photos snapped with her posing centre stage. Her exuberance and determination inspire me to appreciate the here and now. The moments transpiring today are precious.
         A reunion scheduled for the end of March has been cancelled because it's been deemed a hazard. Gatherings of fifty or more people are a no-no. I know this is necessary, but it's still disappointing. I anticipated a great deal of catching up.
         Up until this virus invasion,2020 had been a great year. I could and did travel where I wished visiting family and friends. I splurged on dining out. I could purchase what I wanted and as much as I could afford without worrying that there would be a high demand, or that I'd potentially be shorting someone else. I've lived long enough to see toilet paper and milk rationed. Closing a library seems inconceivable. No more movie date nights for the foreseeable future.
         Like all illnesses, this coronavirus will run its course. We will endure. I have a stockpile of books that beckon. I surf the internet. I occupy my mind with a few WDC projects. I suppose if I become really desperate and bored, I could evict the stubborn dust bunnies that lurk under furniture. If I run out of writing paper, I might attempt to type out my stories with the aid of my finicky keyboard. I can and will adapt. My imagination has been seeking my undivided attention. I may end up talking to myself, but there's no one with me to hear that. There are many months of 2020 ahead.
(603 words)
March 16, 2020 at 8:59pm
March 16, 2020 at 8:59pm
         PROMPT: In relation to the above challenge, a most ridiculous and unjust verdict has been given to you or your character. What rebellious action is carried out in retaliation?
         The young farmer stood in the docket wringing his cap in his hands and shifting his weight from side to side. He glanced back at his fellow farmers and neighbours crowding the gallery. To a man, they all smiled at him in encouragement. One of their own had been called to court and they would stand with him.
         The court clerk cleared his throat with a loud harrumph and rustled a sheaf of papers. One of the guards whistled sharply and this brought the rumble of conversation to a stop. All eyes in the courtroom appraised the clerk.
         "The town of Reasonable charges that you, Monsieur Dupuis, did knowingly name your child Danielle and thus contravened a municipal law. What say you?"
         "Oui, I mean, yes sir, my child has the name Daniel. It is a family nom, er, name. I believe it's a fine, strong name."
         The proud papa's friends stomped their feet in approval. The sitting judge retaliated with one single decisive thwack of his gavel.
         "Order in the court. I will not stand for this foolishness. So, Mister Dupuis, you admit that your child bears the name Danielle. This is a forbidden name. The law is clear. You must reassign a different name to your offspring, or the baby will be banished. Do you understand?"
         "Non, I do not comprehend. Daniel is also my name, a name I have proudly carried all my life. Are you asking me to renounce it?"
         The judge glared at the defiant man before him. Had he heard correctly? Now, there was not one, but two citizens with the dreaded name?
         "Mister Dupuis, I will give you until tomorrow to alter your name and that of your baby. Failing to do so will forfeit your citizenship and you will immediately be evicted from this community."
         The next day, the judge and a few officers attended the farm of Monsieur Dupuis fully expecting complete compliance. What they discovered went beyond astonishment. To their open-mouthed amazement, pigs were flying. In defiance, the farmers had gathered all of their pigs and suspended them in the air via brightly coloured balloons. In the warm spring breeze, pigs floated.
         Monsieur Dupuis greeted the unblinking judge cradling a baby boy in his arms.
         "As you must have surmised, I am French. This is my son, Daniel and no, he is most definitely not a girl. To your untrained ear, Danielle and Daniel must sound the same. The first is a French name for a girl, une fille, and the second is a name for a boy, un fils. By the way, please be sure to tell our Madam Mayor that pigs do fly in Reasonable."
         (476 words)

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