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Online journal capturing the moment and the memory of moments. A meadow meditation.
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L'aura del campo

'é a lua, é a lua, na quintana dos mortos'
♣ Federico García Lorca ♣

Higgins Street Bridge, April 25th  2009, Missoula, Montana

L'aura del campo. A breeze in the meadow. So it began the last day of Spring, 2005; on the 16th day of the month of Light of the year 162. This is a supplement to my daily journal written to a friend, my muse; notes I do not share. Here I will share what the breeze has whispered to me.


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passed away November 12, 2005

Please visit her port to read her poems and her writings.
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 Kåre *Leaf5* Enga
~ until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! And I let the fish go.
~ Elizabeth Bishop,
The Fish
April 3, 2021 at 1:45pm
April 3, 2021 at 1:45pm
This is a spoof on the haibun form and how Japanese forms are misunderstood and mangled by most.

And yes, both Lilli ☕ and Witchy woman 'like' coffee and yes, Lyn has a sweet black cat, Macavity (real not stuffed).

Holy Saturday

sun glinting off
plastic wrap 7 steaming
coffee at hand 6

If the window weren't cracked it would be too hot already and the sounds of deconstruction wouldn't remind us that outside this decrepit hotel life goes on. But the call of the domesticated daffodil trumpets too weak to stir ancient flesh and bones into action. The day wears on: three hours before solar noon, two hours, one. Satan can't wait.

quiet motes dancing
in sunshine 8 egg salad
glares at the fork 7

Lilli called yesterday. She wanted her cup back. Lyn called. She wanted Satan back. But His Majesty's mustache merely focused on his pink-bunny bowl. It was empty and he was tempted to take a swipe to knock it off the table. Black whiskers danced as if he were ready to let out a yowl, a gift from his Siamese heritage.

broken cups
hold rescued plants 7 my scalp
needs scratching 5

The path from the chair to the bed is worn clean. Dust gathers in neglected corners and lies in wait on top of everything. Dirty dishes get done everyday but Satan just sits there glaring at me. What I've forgotten, he remembers. He remembers the day my mother was born.

slightly chewed
airplane plants 6 a geranium
blooms hot pink 8

As if to defy me my pee doesn't darken. It's as yellow as mustard egg salad, as clear as the stick-plant's small flowers, as harmless as Satan's amber eyes beginning to swirl. Stuffed toys have attitudes bigger than their bite. Lyn calls. I demand ransom. Lilli calls. I drain the cold cup and put on a fresh pot of coffee.

sun rays move west
to east 6 Satan does yoga
on the bed 8

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Because I couldn't come up with a haiku for the
Dew Drop Inn  (18+)
April poem-a-day poetry spot!
#1370829 by Katya the Poet
April 3, 2021 at 1:56am
April 3, 2021 at 1:56am
Once glittered

I thought you'd always be there for me
guarding the slice of heart I lent you
never expecting it to be refused
stamped 'return to sender'
as if you didn't know
it broke in half — just for you.
Now bereft with dull crumpled parts,
I have no glue to mend it.

© Copyright 2021 Kåre Enga [178.24] (2.april.2021)

This is a poetry sharing activity for expression and entertainment!
#2232169 by Solace.Bring

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