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by Fcfa
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Erotica · #1953011
An old WG title I'd been working on. Thanks for adding and I'll invite almost anyone
Renee was in her office, working on a report of the company’s sales results when her soft stomach growled.

“Oops, I knew I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast.” She muttered, putting a hand on her belly.

You see, Renee was a bit plump; at 230 lbs. and most of the weight settling in her gut or her hips and ass. Although, sometimes she was in denial about her weight. She figured she had only gained “a few pounds” when in fact she’d gained well over a hundred; most of her clothes didn’t fit her anymore, and she put it down to the age-old excuse “it shrunk in the wash.”

She lifted her bulk from the office chair with a slight “oomph” and made her way down the hall and towards the vending machine. Renee put in enough money for a couple candy bars, and retrieved them, going back to her office.

She sat down in her chair, and began snacking on the fattening treats that she claimed, quickly finishing them off within a matter of minutes. When she was done, Renee put a hand to her belly and thought hmm…that didn’t fill me up at all…I’d better go buy something from that bakery across the street… and so, she decided to go with her plan.

As she approached the counter, Renee took a deep breath and inhaled the warm, delicious smelling aroma that came from the freshly baked pastries and cakes in the back of the shop. This bakery had a famous local reputation, that and well…deliciously fattening treats and sweets that were highly addictive as well as slightly more fattening than normal pastries.

“Hello, what can I get you, miss?” asked the teenager behind the counter.

“Hm? Oh yeah, sorry. Um…let’s see, I think I’ll take an extra large cinnamon roll, and a dozen donuts, please.” She replied, smiling.

“Ok, that’ll be $8.50 ma’am.” The boy said politely.

Renee pulls out $15 from her purse and hands it to the boy, saying “Keep the change; you seem like a nice kid.”

The boy blushed a bit, and went to the shelf in the back, and brought out her order, along with a box of chocolate éclairs, free of charge.

“Oh! T-thank you” Renee said, surprised but very happy once she saw this.

“No problem. Enjoy your food miss, and come again soon.”

Renee left the bakery, and headed back across the street, taking large bites from the cinnamon roll as she did so.

Five Weeks later…

Renee was lounging on her sofa, in a pair of tight jeans, and a tanktop, showing most of her impressive belly bulge. She hadn’t been on the scale in a long time, but if she had, she’d know that she was up to 250 lbs. With her frequent stops to that bakery and weekends out with her friends and co-workers, she’d been putting on weight quite rapidly, about 4 pounds each week.

2 Months Later…

It was a Friday, and Renee was at her desk, her huge ass and thighs wedged tightly into her chair. For the first time in a while, she also had to buy new clothes; she had once again gained a significant amount of weight, landing her at 300 lbs. even. She had a giant gut, and to accommodate it when sitting, she had to spread her legs out further than usual.

Renee’s black business pants were quite tight on her ass, thighs, and her lower belly, but thankfully they still had some growing room until she burst out of them. Likewise, her jacket was starting to look somewhat strained around the few buttons it had. Underneath her button-up top Renee was wearing a white t-shirt. Although, it allowed her large tummy to poke out slightly, it would last her for a short while.

As she finished typing some papers, she leaned over the edge of her desk to reach some faraway bowl of candies. Her belly squished against her desk, causing her some discomfort, and when she sat back in her chair, she rubbed it soothingly.

“Ugh, they need to not make the edges so sharp on these damned desks.” Renee said to herself, patting her gut.

Soon enough, she was done with her assignments for the day and she headed out for her lunch break. Renee waddled her way back to the bakery, huffing and puffing as she did so.
Renee returned to her office not long after. What would have been an underwhelming trek for most was an absolute exhaustion for Renee in all of her corporate corpulence. Her choice of black attire had not suited well with the weather, making her a giant fleshy target for the sun to pick on. She was sweating profusely; a thick layer of perspiration coated her every inch. Her ordeal was only made bearable by her constant supply of treats, already dwindled harshly.

As she walked through the doors of her office building, it was becoming pretty obvious that she had developed an unhealthy attachment to food. Her weight was one sign yes, but there were a lot of other little subtleties to it too. Like the fact that she had the last two donuts hanging from her mouth and her empty hand.

“Mmmhmmm…” she giggled lustily over the glazed goodie as she pressed the donut back into her mouth, finishing the poor thing off, “Hope I didn't miss lunch…”
Renee made her way into her office, relieved to be back in the safe sanctuary of the air-conditioned building. She was breathing rather heavily by now, so she sat her large, soft, and squishy secretarial behind down in her chair to stop her heaving bosom and calm her racing pulse. She leaned back in her office chair, causing the poor thing to creak and groan loudly and pitifully under it's owner's large weight. She lazily rubbed her belly with one hand as she brought out a bag of chips from one of her desk drawers and began munching her way through them.

So, she continued on like this throughout the day; she'd always seem to have some sort of fattening treat on hand as she typed away on her computer's keyboard, or whenever she was waddling to and from meetings. Renee had definately gotten used to the cushy office lifestyle, and seemed to be enjoying it. Though, one had to wonder just how far her incredible denial could go? She was already a very obese woman, and she clearly had an addiction to food. It was also becoming quite obvious to her co-workers that things were beginning to get much harder for her. For example, her chair seemed awfully tight on her wide hips and large derrierre, and the fact that whenever she pulled out the keyboard from it's compartment in her desk, her belly would be squashed heavily against it, causing typing for her to become difficult. It was also evidenced by the sheer tightness of her business attire that she was getting more and more out of shape; the buttons seemed to dig into her flesh, and there were wide gaps between them that would threaten to tear or pop them off whenever she took a breath.

Renee though, wasn't concerned about any of this, and stuck with this daily routine. She had done her part for the work day and then she waddled her ponderous bulk out the doors through the parking lot to her car. Renee struggled for a moment to squeeze her belly, love handles, and thick thighs into her car. She drove home and plopped herself onto the couch heavily, and deciding to laze about and gorge herself until nightfall, then she heaved herself up and went to bed.
The next day, in the employee lounge, a small group of three women had bunched together over in the corner. They were particularly young as far as employees went, the oldest in her mid-to-early thirties while the other couldn’t have been but a year or so younger than Renee. One leaned onto the counter while the other two stood at her side, gossiping idly.

The oldest one, Joan, was a sturdy woman with curly blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders. Her experience in the office was denoted by her style of dress which was somewhat more modest and professional than some of the younger girls who worked alongside her. She didn’t exactly have an attractive personality, she was known as something of a bitch around the office, but she more or less led their little sewing circle with an uncommon expertise, easily sipping on her coffee while the conversation grew around her.

On her left was Laurie, a flighty young thing who worked in the office—though how would have been a mystery to most if she weren’t so beautiful. Your typical leggy blonde with pretty features and big breasts, her angelic face alone managed to score her a position in the office. However, while beautiful, she wasn’t exactly bright. Not incompetent, just coddled.

Opposite Laurie was Jackie, another youngster who hadn’t started but a few months ago. Certainly very pretty with her olive skin and dark black hair, though she stood shorter than most of the women by almost a whole head. She had dug into her purse and fished out a tiny compact mirror, where she woed over the swollen hump right between her strong black eyebrows. It certainly hadn’t been there before that had happened…

“You think it’s noticeable?” Jackie asked her co-workers miserably as she prodded the bump tentatively with her middle finger

“Noooo!” Laurie cooed constructively, though her face could hardly tell her lies properly, “It’s not that noticeable.”

“But it’s noticeable?!” Jackie cried out, looking up from her mirror at Laurie as if she had just ran over her puppy

“Actually, you kind’ve look like the Incredible Hulk.” Joan joked in her throaty voice, “Makes me think that I should think twice before sticking you with my backwater clients.”

“Great, just great!” Jackie moaned as she slammed her mirror shut, “First time I have a date in months, and I look like Lou Ferrigno! I could kill Renee!”

“Now how did Renee make you get a bump on your head?” Laurie asked, high pitched and always inquisitive (especially for juicy rivalries among her co-workers)

“Her fat gut popped her buttons on her blouse, right?” Jackie said as she rolled her eyes, “It goes through the cubicle and hits me while I change the paper in my printer!”

“How does that even happen?” Joan asked with mild amusement

“Our boss is cheap, that’s how.” Jackie griped a little more, “We’re a company, you know? Just break down and buy some better materials.”

“Especially with Renee firing little cannonballs everywhere, apparently.” Joan snarked, “With how quick she goes through shirts, I wouldn’t be surprised if we all get little entry wounds before next months.”

“God, I would die if I got that fat.” Laurie laughed, “I mean, she’s like, reeeally big!” she held out her arms to her sides to simulate absent Renee’s astonishing adipose, “Like, how much does she have to eat to get that big that fast, right?”

“Trust me Laurie.” Joan said dismissively, “No one in the office has the ability to get that fat. She’s just greedy is all. And a special kind of greedy at that.”
And Joan's statement was spot on. Renee was greedy; she had become an absolute glutton. She gorged herself every waking moment, most often times her great amount of glutting would leave her in a stupor, idley and lazily pawing at her billowing belly rolls as she leaned back comfortably. Renee still had no idea just how big she'd allowed herself to get. Though, if she had known, then perhaps she'd discover that her bulk weighed in at a zaftig 380lbs.

Renee kept frequented the bakery, though the short walk between her office building and the Chubb's Bakery, a mere 25 yards, was becoming increasingly difficult as her weight climbed higher and higher. She panted from the absolutley exhausting excercise, red-faced and coated in sweat. The corpulent, coddled cutie left the majority of her blous buttons open, allowing her to cool down a bit and also allowing her great, heaving pale belly flesh to jiggle about freely. Robustly rotund Renee plopped her bulk down heavily in the chair, which sunk down lower from her bulbous butt weighing it down.

While was still deeply rooted in her gluttonous bliss to be aware of anything, she finally had the idea of placing the keyboard on top of her uppermost belly roll to type, as trying to lean over and type with her enormous gut in the way had become impossible. So Renee typed away, occasionaly stopping to scarf down a cinnamonbun, or a twinkie, or a large box of donuts. Though, soon she had found something interesting while typing up assignments and reports. She's gootten an e-mail stating that Chubb's Bakery, the exact same one she'd been waddling into for the past half-year, was having a contest of some sort.

Renee opened up the e-mail and was greeted by the following message:

"Dear valued customer,

We are soon going to be hosting our biannual exclusive membership eating contest. Now, this contest is due to take place next thursday from 11am to 4pm. This is not a test of speed, but a test of will. You must eat more food than your competitors to win each of 4 rounds. In the event of a tie, we shall host a tie breaking round, and the prize for this is an exclusive all-access membership to any of our stores for up to three days. After those three days, the membership is no longer valid. We hope you can attend and are willing to participate. Fill out an application to compete was well as a safety waiver at your local Chubb's Bakery.

Renee could hardly believe her eyes. As soon as she was done reading the e-mail thrice over, she ponderously made her way as quickly as she could to sign up and to indeed confirm that this was not a hoax. Thanfully it wasn't as she talked to the cashier, who handed her a form and waiver, saying that she was the first to sign up.

So, Renee kept glutting herself until the contest arrived. She'd been well prepared too, as every day for the past week after work, she'd stop by the bakery and stuff herself full to bursting on the sweet, sticky treats they offered. With the addictive and fattening qualities of the bakery items, and the way Renee had been eating, it was no wonder none of her blouses fit her, or her work pants.

So, today was she waddled through the front doors of Chubb's the bulky woman wore a pair of sweatpants (which admittedly were starting to see some strain due to her widening waistline) and a comfy white t-shirt, which just barely managed to cover the swell of her belly. Renee took her place at the designated table, which would seat four patrons. She glanced at the two contest participants already there; one of them was a plump woman about her age, but quite a bit smaller in weight than she, and the other contestant was a thin looking man of asian descent. Perhaps he was one of those competitive eating people Renee had heard of. She gulped slightly. Looks like she had some serious competition...

"Welcome one and all to our biannual eating contest to compete for an exclusive three day membership!" exclaimed the owner, who was a bit short. He seemed very excited and enthusiastic about this whole event, judging by his voice and the way he looked over at the participants. "I am also sorry to say that, our fourth contestant had to drop out last minute unfortunately, and it would seem that this year, nobody else besides you three filled out an application,so instead of 4 rounds, this contest will have to make due with 3.

"Today we'll see these three young contestants test their stomachs' endurance against 3 rounds of baked goods, straight from our establishment!" at this the crowd cheered, then he continued "So, without further adieu, let's BEGIN!" just then the employees brought out plates piled high with various pastries, cakes, and sweets. Each person dug into their pile of food with gusto, Renee keeping good pace with the other two. Soon, the first round done, and all three had managed to pass, as they showed no signs of stopping. Renee's belly was looking slightly swollen, but she had much more room to fill.

The plump woman looked about the same, though she also winced when she finally realized her belt was digging into her tummy, so she undid it and felt better. The man's stomach was looking quite distended, though he seemed confident.

After the second round however, he had given up as he could stomach no more, and received a coupon for his efforts. The two hefty women were still going at it during the third round of stuffing themselves, though, soon the anonymous plum woman beside Renee was looking a little green, and then she rushed into the bathrooms, causing Renee to win by default.(though to be fair, Renee was completely and utterly bloated by this point, and she could probably only managed to stomach a couple more cupcakes or cinnamon rolls, but nothing too large.)

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