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Experimental Campfire of Two Writers - Using Word Prompts COMPLETED 2007
[Introduction] This two person campfire involves me and my friend Princess Megan Rose . We hope it will move a little faster than most since there are two of us only and we are here (mostly) at least twice a week.

We will take turns giving each other a word. We can either write a poem or a paragraph (no more than 5 sentences) using the word.

Whatever we do, it should be a fun writing exercise that will keep us on our toes. *Smile*

To keep this moving it will be just the two of us. *Smile*
To start I give myself the word: embracing

Kisses for the Earth

(Haiku Tribute to Pope John Paul II)

Billowing white robe
Smile to light up the whole world
Papa, we loved you

Kisses for the earth
Home was where your plane set down
Papa, we saw you

Embracing us all
Spirit strong against the tide
Papa, you touched us

Angels welcome you
Carried home to your father
Papa, we mourn you

Shepherd in heaven
Show us the path to walk on
Papa, we'll join you

Your word is: Shepherd

I saw a shepherd with his flock of sheep as they ate grass and drank water. He was keeping watch over them and I was sitting on a hill top nearby. A mother sheep was making an awful noise because she had lost her lamb. I helped the shepherd find his lamb which was by a cave and he appreciated my help. The mother sheep was happy and the shepherd left with his flock as I realized that the shepherd's destiny was tending to his sheep as mine is to tell stories as a writer.
Your word: Destiny
Destiny's Witness

Destiny rides a battered mare
Through wind and rain and time
Persistent journey never ends
Sacrificed to poet's rhyme

Destiny leaves a bitter taste
So fate may have a laugh
Here lies a writer yet unknown
Witness scribbled epitath

Destiny travels far and near
To Dublin's distant shore
Share a Guiness, find new friendship
Storied authors' ancient lore

Your word is: Rhyme

What does it mean to rhyme?
You write a poem with a beat.
Don't sell it for a dime!
Chances are, it's a poem so neat!

You love to use the words that rhyme-
Enjoy! It's child's play!
After all, it's not a crime!
You can even write a poem about the bay.

Poems give us a chance to release our souls.
Write the words, use your mind.
Oh, how easily the rhyming words flow.
For those who read it, please be kind.

A poem is like a song in your heart-
Think of how the ocean's waves beat against the shore.
Rhyming poems are a work of art.
You have written a beautiful poem. Like seagulls, your talents soar.

You took the time to write a poem that rhymes.
It wasn't hard to let the words flow.
Relax. You have earned your free time.
Beautiful are you as you and your poem glow.

Your word is time.
To What End Gettysburg
(A Poem About the Famous 3 Day Battle of 1863 and its Aftermath)

Lost in the derelection of duty
Failed to whisper allegiance
To what end?
Can't quite recall.....

Left at the legislation of pity
Failed to mutter reverance
To what end?
Can't quite mention.....

Three days in July 1863
Time to muster infantry
To what end?
Can't quite summon.....

Cemetery address that November
Failed to rightly consecrate
To what end?
Can't quite fathom.....

Union preserved at cost beyond measure
Failed to soundly estimate
To what end?
Can't quite leave them behind.....

Bound in memory century later
Failed to rightly imagine
To what end?
Can't quite thank them enough.....

Your word is: measure

You measure ingredients to make meals and desserts. You measure material to make clothes. Carpenters measure wood and supplies to build a house. You don't need to measure love in your heart because there is no measuring cup big enough to hold all the love. The good deeds that you do makes God smile and he tells you that he loves you, his precious child.

Your word is precious.

(Count down then Count up Poem)

Translucent rain transcending precious years
Marking time's immeasurable tears
Eases loss as days grow longer
Gone is earth, love built stronger
Death shakes life body true
Spirit still lingers
Love remains blue
to live

Live to
Blue remains love
Lingers still spirit
True body life shakes death
Strongest built love, earth is gone
Longer grow days as loss eases
Tears immeasurable time's marking
Years precious, transcending rain translucent

Your word is rain

I love to hear the rain fall.
It has a soothing effect and makes me smile on this day.
This is a time to go to the Mall.
It's almost summer. It's May.

Rain helps the flowers grow.
The trees, lakes, oceans and everything on earth need rain.
Watch how the water flows.
Why call rain a pain?

When it rains at night, I love to listen to it as I fall asleep.
Does the rain in Spain stay mainly on the plains?
As I fall asleep, I don't have to count sheep.
Oh, the gentle calming effect of rain.

Now, the rain has stopped. Open the door. What do you see?
A little bunny plays in the grass and hops.
You stand there, smile and drink your tea.

The rainbow. What a beautiful sight!
Ducks playing in the water as they splash!
The sun is out and it's so bright!
The rain is done for now but it will come again someday soon in a flash!

Your word is rainbow.
Rainbow Row is the name given the colorful houses of Charleston, South Carolina. Surviving the largest earthquake on the East Coast, the opening shot of the Civil War and hurricane Hugo, the city is still beautiful today. There is beauty and great dignity in enduring and rebuilding after so many disasters. The American spirit is alive and well in this beautiful city on the coast of the Carolinas. Many ghosts walk the streets, making it a very interesting place to visit and my favorite city on the East Coast.

Your word is Survive

All God's creatures want to survive. Survive is to live and have the means and knowledge to do so. The dinosaurs no longer exist. Humans are considered the smartest of the species and survival is imperative to us all. Animals and humans need each other for survial or otherwise they will cease to exist.

Your word is dinosaur.
Mr. Gator -The Swimmer

Poetic Lesson About My Favorite Reptile

Alligator swims in a ripe swamp marsh
Life for a reptile can be so harsh
Survived since the day of the Dinosaur
Through times of trial, triumph, peace and war

Short little legs, he moves so fast
Don't think any race will find ol' gator last
Watch your toes, child, don't dangle them south
Find your limbs are tangled in Mr. Gator's mouth

People feed gator hot dogs, not knowing better,
Don't heed those signs, can't read no letters
Tease Mr. Gator and sure you'll die,
With old Mr. Dinosaur, your bones will lie!

Your word is: tangle


A dog gets tangled up in his chain or rope that he is tied to. Some people get all tangled up in the webs of deceit that they weave. Untangle the dog and give him a hug. Apologize to the ones you have hurt, betrayed and lied to. Stay true to yourself and everyone then there will be no reason to tangle with anything or anyone.

Your word is apologize.
The Watershed
(November 14, 1995)

The last to know, the last to learn
Time has passed, those bridges burned
Finding faith to light the path
You apologize, I show you wrath

Moons wane and then they wax
Habits bend and still we pay the tax
Buffer zone is lost one fateful day
Do you ever mean a single word you say?

Forgiveness is, they say, divine,
Trample me still, I draw the line
For Irish temper may rest and lie asleep
Fire up and rouse an enemy to keep

Still you think I will forbear and smile
Only an observer now I wait awhile
Snake in the grass, I know you now you see
Never again my friend, will you fool me.

Your word is smile


What is a smile?
It is friendship, warmth and love.
A smile can be as long as a mile.
It's a sign from the good Lord above.

Smiles are gestures of understanding-
As well as a sign that says everything is alright.
A smile is almost as good as a hug-
and makes you warm like the sun that shines so bright.

Always smile at people,
It's a way of reaching out to ones you don't know.
A smile can change everything and help you to make a new friend.
A loving person and friend is a great role.

A smile says more then words can say at times.
It's a beautiful feeling.
Reach out to others in their time of need.
Smiles, love and friendships are so much more appealing.

Your word is Warm.
One July

That tickle
Moonlight fancies
Background of music
Dancing in the darkness
Magnificent descending
Crashing blinding white ecstasy
Twinkle starlight beckons benignly
July Midsummer's Night's Temptations Rise

Your word is tickle

What does it mean to tickle? It makes you laugh. Tickled pink is when you have just got some happy news and you are thrilled. Hugs and kisses are better then a tickle but a tickle sure beats a slap. Would you liked to be tickled, hugged or kissed?

Your word is pink.

Vegas Sunrise Coming and Going

Valley vistas
Magnificent sky
Night shrouds, shadows embrace
Starlight twinkles light the strip
Restless desert spirits tango
Just another day in the city
Dry blanket of mist covers the landscape

Dry blanket of mist covers the landscape
Just another night in the city
Resless desert spirits tango
Starlight twinkles light the strip
Night shrouds, shadows embrace
Magnificent sky
Valley vistas

Your word is: embrace
Embrace is to hug. This is also a gesture of affection. You can also embrace ideas and if you are brave enough, embrace the world. Don't be afraid to embrace. You will be surprised at hoe much better you feel.

Your word is world.
My favorite travel destination in the whole world is Ireland. I have never felt as welcome anywhere and it is like stepping back in time. If there was one murder in the entire Republic of Ireland, it was big news, unlike here in the United States where guns run rampant. Sheep and cows are everywhere and they literally own the road. A country that has such respect and love for its animals fires the imagination of a writer's soul.

Your word is: century

A century is a hundred years. For centuries, we have seen foreign countries have wars, Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes. America is almost four centuries old. Let's hope for a peaceful world and one full of love. Let this be the century that we cherish and have the perfect world.

your word is Cherish.
Every day that is a healthy day should be cherished. I have taken so much for granted in my life. Now, every day I wake up and pray that it will be a good health day for those that I love and care for. When it rains it surely does pour, but I guess that we only get as much as we can handle. At least I hope that is the case because otherwise I will fall apart.

Your word is Tremble

What causes us to tremble? Bad news, an approaching tornado, seeing your house on fire, just to name a few. In times like this, say a prayer, keep your faith and have hope. This will help you get through the tembles of your life. Don't fear the tremble of an earthquake. With God on your side, the trembles in our life are the ones who need to be afraid.

Your Word is: Life

Moving on
Seasons vanish
Time measured in years
Suddenly middle age
Declining strength to endure
Searching for meaning, there is none
Endless parade of false medicine
Convincing ourselves positive outcome

Moments captured forever in the heart
Carry us through the darkest of nights
Faith in something beyond human
Far from the control of man
Arrogant opinions
Deceived and weary
Hold on to hope
All better
If you

Your word is Faith
What is faith? It is loyalty, belief in God and hope of good things to come. Billy Joe sings a song with the line keeping the faith. In a troubled world that we live in, faith is the key to survival and a hope for a better tomorrow. What ever we do in life, we don't want to lose faith.
Your Word is: Key.

Lost and Found

Treading water in despair
Turn the key and I'll be there
Open your heart and so the door
Faith will guide you on the floor

When the night is dark and thick
Turn the key and heal the sick
Open your mind, the window too
Faith will guide my path to you

Morning hangs on damp and fog
Turn the key, and leave the smog
Open your soul, bend an ear
Faith will guide you on, my dear

Your word is path

As we go through life, we aren't always sure
of which path to take.
Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Road.
It seems like we always have decisions to make.
We need to be careful to take the right path and not be so bold.

You try to walk the right path in life.
If you choose the wrong path, don't despair.
No one was promised a life without strife.
Remember that someone does care.

Be thankful for friends along the way.
They, too, have paths to choose.
A true friend is there any time night or day-
and will never think that you are a fool.

In your life, a path will lead you to love,
another to a job career.
Other paths to good things and if you choose wrong-
a path can lead you to bad things but God is
watching from above.
He will help you choose the right paths in life because he loves you dearly.

It won't be easy to chose the right path.
Ask for help along the way.
Hopefully, you won't get caught up in the after math.
Hold what you were taught dear to your heart and you can make it through the day.

Here's to a beautiful life.

Your Word Is: Heart.
The heart of a great people will rise above anything that is thrown their way. My heart and prayers go to the people of London - all feeling people are people of London today. I only hope that London's citizens can feel the prayer's of the world as they go about their business. We must rise above evil in the world so I suggest a random act of kindness should be the order of the day. The Pay It Forward account on this site rose from the ashes of September 11 and who knows what good will rise up from the horror of July 7.

Your word is rise

The sun rises every morning. Cookies, cake and bread rise when you bake them. London has been attacked by terrorists like America was a few years back. There is promise and hope. The sun will rise every morning and London will rise and still be the strong nation that they have always been.

Your word is: Years

The years go by so quickly once you pass a certain threshold. A cataclysmic event seperates the first part of my life from the part I am now experiencing. Thinking in terms of before and after the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one becomes part of a person's routine. If I knew then what I know now, so much would have been done differently. The truth comes out at the most difficult time and in ways you least expect so whatever you do be careful.

Your word is Threshold
A baby enters the world. This is considered a new beginning or a threshold. A groom carries his bride over the threshold which is the sill of a doorway. It is also the beginning of a new life for the couple. Threshold. The start of beautiful things and hopefully not bad events.

Your Word is: Beginning

Through Parklawn

Beginning to see there is no end
The mantle of despair descends
Blinding light just beyond my grasp
The night enfolds, the day is past

Still I search the sky to find a way
To make it to the light of day
Pine tree on a hill, looking down
Solitary marker, flowers abound

Alone among so many others
Sister, fathers, mothers, brothers
Deer roam these parts or so I'm told
Eat the flowers and shiver in the cold

Why is fourteen the magic number?
Will it be the date to lie in slumber?
Or torture living over and over
My sadness reigns, I run for cover....

Your word is reigns
Reigns means rules or prevails. Kings reigned over their land for years. Hitler reigned over Germany for a few years until World War II ended. Thank goodness the war ended and he didn't reign long! God reigns in every heart and hopefully, Freedom will reign throughout the world!

Your Word is: GOODNESS

You find goodness in the most unexpected places sometimes. Even on your darkest day, there will be a spark or hint of goodness if you only let yourself see it. I received a speeding ticket on Thursday - my first in more than 18 years. The goodness in that is that I didn't hurt anyone with my speeding and the policeman was actually quite kind to me. Maybe I will be more careful now and not have an accident and maybe unintentionally hurt someone else.

Your word is unexpected

We expect to do good things in life. Sometimes, unexpected things happen Like: losing a job, illness, money problems and the list goes on.Unexpected can be a good thing. An unexpected marriage proposal, a raise or bonus at work, a baby on the way, presents from friends, the outocome of a movie or a story and other good things. What I have learned is this: Expect the unexpected.

Your word is: Story

The story of one's life is full of meaning that you don't always realize at the time things are happening. Last week someone who did not know I write suggested I write down my thoughts in the morning since I am so stressed about my mother's illness and situation. I think this is a great idea, but it took someone else to help me decide to do it. I bet it will help a lot. I am seeing kindness now in a lot of unexpected places, which is truly a blessing.

Your word is Blessing


A blessing is a great gift from God. You bless a meal before you eat it. You are thankful for what you have. That is a blessing. To be blessed and bless someone, warms the heart as well as your soul and gives you peace of mind.

Your word is Gift.
Life and good health are such a precious gift. Neither should ever be taken for granted. Seasons change and storms come and go. What endures in life is faith, love and hope if we are lucky. Do not ever lose hope of a better tomorrow.

Your word is endure

Hurricane Katrina has changed a lot of lives. How will the survivors endure the after math of this? Will they be reunited with their loved ones and pets? I pray that they will endure this awful tragedy and have happier times ahead. It is hard for any of us to endure the loss of New Orleans, a historical attraction for years. God be with us.

Your word is: Historical
FEMA Blues

Oh to be an oracle,
Reciting facts historical

Better to be a soothsayer,
Predicting disaster here and there

But no, I think a writer
Reflecting on life as a fighter

For fighters must we all be
When nature crashes through trees

Tossing us hither and hence
Wouldn't give you a nickel or a pence

For help coming from local or state
Better get right ready to wait

Don't count on FEMA for your meal
Better to beg, borrow, even steal

Your government won't call or send faxes
Except when you don't pay your taxes

Then depend on it, yes you can then
Pay or follow Martha to the pen

Better pay for services owing,
If a flood hits, you'll be rowing

Alone you had better be sure,
Your tax money to the feds will inure

The blame game doesn't save lives,
But the media sharpens their knives

But what ever on earth comes around,
Count on FEMA to be out of town!

Your word is earth


Yesterday's angel used to live on earth,
Now, she's in Heaven.
She will watch you and you won't know that she's
standing by the Hearth.
She helps others who have broken hearts to mend.

She is a vision of loveliness-
as she watches the earth from Heaven above.
Full of happiness, promise and a glowing light
Who is so full of love.

Our angel will guide and protect you.
She will try to take away all your sorrows.
She is here on earth, look for a clue.
Feel the brush of angel's wings, hear her sing
a promise of a better tomorrow.

Yesterday's angel watches over you and me-
In the darkness of night-
You will be able to see.
She will always shine the light
And it will be bright enough on this earth to
guide us all through the journey's night.

You word is: Angel
Asking Dad

Angel of mine, do not rest
Guide me through the darkest time
Angel of mine, stay with me
Show me the way and show me a sign

Angel of mine, do not wait
Guide me through the promised land
Angel of mine, by my side
Hold me close and take my hand

Angel of mine, stay with me
Guide me through this troubled space
Angel of mine, next to me
Shepherd my heart, state of grace

Your word is "grace"

We say grace before a meal. Manners and etiquette are also associated with grace. God loves his people and understands what we go through. God's grace will help us get through the hurricanes and all the problems of the world. Reach out to each other and be gracious.

Your Word is: Etiquette
The use of etiquette is contagious. When you take time to be polite and gracious, it comes back to you many times over. Sometimes in our busy lives we mean to say thank you or please, but forget to do so. The more kindness we show to others, the more will come back into our lives. Life is too short to waste on regrets, but one can start taking action and being kind today and it costs nothing but a little effort and a smile.

Your word is contagious
Diseases and colds are contagious. This means that they are easy to catch. Love is a beautiful thing and we need it to get along in this world. If you want to spread something contagious, be sure that it is love that we spread around. We can't get too much of that.

Your Word is: Beautiful
Distant Moon Baby

Beautiful life force
Blinding light of distant moon
Calling to my heart

Beautiful night hope
Piercing light of distant sun
Beckoning new day

Beautiful day shine
Killing light of distant hope
Shattering my heart

Beautiful baby
Showering star drawing near
Comforting us all

*This poem is about my family. A baby is coming for my niece in February to be named after my dad. At the same time my mother is critically ill. This poem expresses some of what I am feeling

Your word is Piercing
A pin will pierce the skin. Body piercing is a common thing. A scream pierces the night. Cupid's arrow will take it's aim and pierces the heart so it can fall in love. Isn't this the best piercing of all?

Your Word is: Heart

My heart is so tired and worn. Feeling like I am winding down and somehow just totally fatigued. Yet, through the most weary moment there is an element of hope that carries me through. My father's heart stopped suddenly, in an instant. Miles to go before I sleep methinks.

Your word is slumber
I work midnights and it is nice when I can get my slumber. My cat sure sleeps a lot. I wonder what she dreams about? Sleeping when it rains is so comforting and soothing. Slumber gives us a chance to rest and recharge our souls for the activities and events going on in our lives.

Your Word is: Dreams
Dreams elude my restless soul
One since eventide all told
Came to me as in a blur
Feelings that I'd better not stir

Alive and well now in my dreams
Natural and healthy, so it seems
Will I walk with you again?
My heart is broken until then

Your word is "Broken"
Sorry it took me so long - I have been in a fog!
Welcome back, Carol. I have missed you. You are in my prayers. God Bless you, your family and I know that your mother is watching over you. Love: Megan


Promises, hearts and romances are broken. The price of gas keeps going up. The economy isn't in a pretty state. I hope that things will be fixed soon. If things stay broken, we will all be broke. We have to hang on to hope, dreams and prayers.

Your word is: Pretty

Pretty cherry blossoms dot the landscape:
Cows graze in the springtime meadow.
Time goes on this spring just as years past,
But life will never be the same.
Changed forever by one passing through -
As long as there is time she will be missed by all who loved her.

Your word is: "Forever"
What is forever? It is life and events that never end. Sadly for us, nothing lasts forever. In Heaven, we will live forever without heartache, pain and strife. The way things are on earth, we wouldn't want to live forever here. Cherish the good and hope for the best. Someday, we will get forever in another time line not of this earth.

Your Word is: Cherish
Cherish the forgotten moments
The hint of a smile through the pain
Waving a bag of cookies
Spark of recognition for your daughter
Her name your last word on earth
Bits and pieces of the end of a life
Sundown on many happy years
Sunset on your memory will not come
Until life leaves me and I join you in heaven...

Your word is "Sunset"
Sunset. I would love to see the sunset while being in a boat on the ocean. I hear it is the most beautiful sight. Sunset is also pretty when you look it from a corn field or the woods. When the sun goes down, we know that it will be rising again the next day. Doesn't it give you a warm feeling?

Your Word is: Ocean
Sound of the ocean
sings me to sleep
Waves kiss the shoreline
Promises to keep

Night of the desert
Dawn of the day
Sun hugs the horizon
Life is at bay

Call of the campfire
Lonesome and still
Alone with my memories
Dreams do they fill

Your word is "Lonesome"
A wolf cries out in the night.
Is it because he is lonesome or howling at the moon?
The moon shines it's light-
The poor wolf will be up all night but sleeping at noon.

A young teen-age girl just broke up with the one she loves.
She feels lonesome but her heart will mend.
She looks out the window at a pair of white doves.
Wishing that they could take the letter to her boyfriend that she desperately wants to send.

A young woman walks around the cemetery and mourns her lost love.
Lonely is she as she touches his grave.
She sends a pray to God above.
As a whispering voice tells her to be brave.

Being lonesome is no fun.
Friends and family are nice to have around to help you feel better about life.
Yes. It will rain but you will feel warmth from the sun.
Someone new and special will come into your life and you will be relieved that you will feel less strife.

Your Word is: Brave

Away to Connemara

Brave is the country so far away
Green in a meadow where cows and lambs stray
Croagh Patrick, the mountain climbs to the sky
Waiting for souls abandoned to cry

Long for the coastline, Irelands shore
Away to Connemara for now and evermore
Soothed by the Chieftans, their music enchants
Take me to Galway, come on Tom, let's dance! *Smile*

Your word is "Music"
Music soothes the savage beast. Certain songs can take you back to good memories of your life. Some music can also bring up bad memories. The harmony and melody of music are beautiful. What ever you do, treasure music. It helps you escape and brings out the best in you.

Your Word is: Harmony
Harmony beckons
Gentle breeze blowing tonight
Whispers your names

Spirits of my life
Call for me to sing with them
Soon I will be there

Your word is "Spirits"

Sorry it took me so long to focus and write, (((Megan))))
Hi Carol! No problem. I am a little late with this. I am glad that we get to do this.

When I think of spirits, I think of ghosts. Like the three Spirits that visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve. There are the Native American Indian Spirits that the Indians sought for wisdom and guidance. When you say one is in good spirits, that means that they recovering from being ill or they try to feel better after getting through a crisis in their life. The Spirit of Living and Life is always there with a guardian Angel to comfort us. This is the best spirit of all. Your word is: Guidance
August 13, A Year On

Guidance from above
This is what I seek
Date is unimportant,
What day or month or week

Memory is haunting,
It never leaves my mind
Senses left on your pillow
Solace I'll never find
Consult the tree, the willow

A year ago today
August 13, to be exact
Life changed forever
Must look forward and not back

Sundowning is a secret
Known to the bereft and sad
Best to wait to see it
No time is good, all bad

Struggle through the illness
Passed from one to another
So, a year ago this evening
I began to lose my mother

Will the healing ever start
Seek guidance from above
Remember all the good times
Draw strength from all that love

Your word is "strength"

Strength is the force that gets us through a crisis. We live in a time of war and this war is the worst. Prayer helps us get through difficult times. God gives us the strength to face the challenges of life. He promises us a better tomorrow and a perfect home in Heaven.
Your Word is: Challenges
Challenges arrive
Could they keep my mind alive
To face the morning?

So, I wander through
Darkness surrounds, days shorten
Autumn here again

October moonglow
Wraps its beams around my soul
Brilliant Fall descent

Your word is "October"
Night comes so fast this time of year.
There is a chill in the air.
The leaves on the tres change their hue.
Sometimes, there is mist.
Other times fog.

Pumpkins on the porch.
Pumpkins on the vine.
Scarecrows protect the pumpkins
and are a big part of Halloween and autumn.

Halloween will soon be here followed-
by Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The best time of the year.
In case you haven't guessed,
this is October.

The stars will shine at night.
The flowers will be dying soon
There are still a few warm days left.
Autumn and October give you a warm, happy feeling.

Maybe there will be a flake or two of snow.
Black cats cross your path.
If only the beautiful colors,chill
and light rain and a few snowflakes-
could stay like this all winter.

October. It's only a month like the rest
but it is the most beautiful month of all.
Who doesn't love pumpkins, beautiful colors
and the fresh air of October?

Your Word is: Pumpkins
Doorstep Pumpkins

Pumpkins on my doorstep
Pie cooks in the oven
Days shorten, cats prowl the street

Still I wonder through the seasons
Fall and Winter, Spring and summer
Days lengthen, dogs bark at the moon

Walk my way through the weather
Coat pulled tight around me
Days stretch, cows moo at nothing at all

Time has passed
A year on is almost here
Days ease the pain of loss for now
Cows know everything when they moo

Your word is "year"

What is a year? 365 days, few holidays,{I can't say how many. Halloween, Valentines Day, St.Patrick's Day aren't recogonized as official holidays}, 12 months and 3 seasons. A lot happens in a year. Weddings, Births, Deaths, new jobs, hurricanes, people fall in love, wars happen, chaos as well as happy events. Years go by fast. We should cherish everyone and every year as no one lives forever but we need to enjoy what time we are given. Fill the world with love, happiness and make your mark in the world.

Your Word is: Recogonized.

Recognized destiny
Synchronized agony
Pulling closer to the shore
Poe is whispering, "Nevermore"

Clouds' illusion
Mesmerized fusion
Pulling farther from the past
Together once again at last

Song's memory
Harmonized tragedy
Pulling towards resolution
Beginning evolution

Free at last, free at last.

Your word is "nevermore"
Quote the raven: "Nevermore."This means "never again." We hope that we will never have another war but we have one going on now. Never is a long time as is forever. We live and learn from our mistakes and when we do then we can sincerely say the word nevermore.

Your Word is: Sincerely

Sincerely believing
That an end to this grieving
Will come with the dawn
I will carry on

Devotion forever
Abandoning never
Though tired am I
To Ireland I will fly

Capturing an image
A mooing fine visage
From County Mayo to Galway
Cows I'll see along my way

Megan, my friend, your word is "Cows"
I'll be back soon, God willing
Thanks, Carol. Have fun in Ireland. If you see castles, think of me!

I like cows. I don't eat steak although I eat occasional cheeseburgers and Barbeque sandwiches. I love cows and I think they are very pretty. I eat chicken, turkey and seafood because I respect cows as animals and I wish I had one as a pet. I love seeing cows eat grass and standing or sitting by ponds out in the country. They make up beautiful images for scenery.

Your Word is: Scenery
New Appreciation

When you look to the ocean
You can't help take a notion

Scenery so grand it delights
Connemara days and Salt Hill Nights

I've been to Westport and Shannon
Traveled to this place and that one

Never found a place to equal
America with all it's differing people

Ireland is quite lovely and serene
It's for North Carolina and Maryland I keen

Never far again shal I roam
Because like Dorothy I think there is no place like home!

Sorry for the delay - your word is "serene"
Serene means calm, fair and peaceful. The ocean can be serene as well as a beautiful sunny day. We also have to weather bad storms. We need guidance, patience and strength to help us through the bad times. Our friends and God are there for us. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a serene New Year as we approach this holiday season.

4Provinces: I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for our treasured friendship and for letting me in your Campfires. Hugs: Megan

Your word is: Patience
(((Megan))) - same to you, my friend!

Dingle Echoes

Photographs document
Patience perusal
Time captured
Day usual

Sticky Pudding
Dingle Peninsula
Bells ringing
Echoes Musical

Holiday magic
Festival lights
Marching winter
Enveloping night

Your word is "Wreath"

Decorate the house for Christmas.
Put a Christmas Wreath of holly on your door.
The Christmas lights shine so bright around the windows.
The Angel at the top of the tree waits for Christmas Day.

Snow has fallen on the ground.
The children play in the snow.
Some have made a snowman and
some of the snow blows on the wreath.

Christmas Eve has arrived.
Santa and his reindeer are on the roof top.
Santa slides down the chimney with a bag full of toys.
He puts presents under the tree.
Santa eats the Christmas cookies that were left for him.
He fills all the stockings with goodies.
He puts a big red bow on the wreath-
and then he and his reindeer take flight.

The night is almost over.
Fresh, white glistening snow falls to the ground.
There is a shiny glow on the Christmas wreath. Yes!
It is the hope and promise of a Happy, Peaceful New Year!

Merry Christmas, Carol.
Your Word is: New Year
The New Year is already a third over. Spring is here and everything is blooming. Time flies and it also drags this time of year. The blossoming trees fire my imagination and remind me of how nature inspires us to write.

Megan, your word is "Spring" and I am sorry I am so slow with this entry.

Hi Carol: Here goes my next entry. Love: Megan

Spring is the time of the year that lets us know that winter is over. Rain will give us beautiful flowers and green grass. The birds are singing and they love the warm days. Summer will soon be here and we can go to the Beach as well as enjoy outdoor activities. Spring has sprung!

Your Word is: Activities

Fillable Words

Writing's an activity
Sometimes it's an endeavor
To locate a thesaurus
To make my thoughts sound clever

My rhyme is calculated
To end in some syllables
This time it's about seven
Some words are just "fillables"

Get my dictionary out
Thumb through many long pages
My writing doesn't pay much
In conventional wages

Still I wouldn't trade my muse
For coins, silver, copper, gold
Still be a pauper writer
When I'm brittle, frail and old!


Megan, your word is writer
A writer searches their very soul to find the right words to convey their thoughts and stories. Writers write from the heart and write with passion. Words are the keys to a succesful author. Writers can take you to the Medieval Times or any time or place or fantasy because they use their imaginations. A writer should never use a poison pen. Writers should tell the truth and leave their readers with positive feelings.

Your Word is: Keys.

Whispered Doubt

(A Countdown and Count Up Poem)

Sent away without a whisper of doubt
My mind reels at the absence of thought
Not a day goes by that I gaze
Keys lost somewhere in a haze
Find me a lock closed now
Give me a way how
With open door
To the floor
I fall

I fall
To the floor
With open door
Give me a way how
Find me a lock closed now
Keys lost somewhere in a haze
Not a day goes by that I gaze
My mind reels at the absence of thought
Sent away without a whisper of doubt...

Your word is "absence"
Absence is the state of being away. I have been absent from Church and writing my third novel. I hope to be back in Church and writing my third novel soon. I do wish that I had more time to do the things that I would like to do. Amazing that I am never absent from work much. That takes up my time. Your Word is: Amazing

It is amazing to realize that I am a grandmother to a two month old baby boy. Where did the time go? Sometimes I stop and wonder how this has come to pass. It is truly a wonderful thing, but I remember my grandmothers as being little old ladies. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see my grandmother's face, but that is on days I am real tired. *Smile*

Your word is mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the wall?
I look at the woman's reflection who is me.
I wish I was going to Cinderella's Ball!
Just my fantasy you see.

As I look in the mirror, I see a young girl who played with Barbie Dolls.
I see a little girl who saw JFK get on the Presidental plane.
I remember a little girl and her gal pals.
We loved to dress up Barbies and would stay outside to play until it started to thunder and rain!

I clean the bathroom and look in the mirror again. What do I see?
I see a Nurse and a writer.
I see a woman who loves to shop and scrapbook. That's me!
I am a sexy actress I purr!

I love to fantasize. That's why I write!
I am having dreams of the everyday housewife.
That's my right!
Amazing, what you see in a mirror! You can see yourself in a past and present life!

Your Word is: Housewife

A housewife is a noble caregiver, someone who sacrifices and gives of their time to the betterment of their family. My mother was a housewife and a lot of us wouldn't have the life we have without all that love and caring she gave us. I like nothing better than to be a good housewife and partner to my husband. At the end of the day, kindness and love are that really matter in life. The rest just fills up time and takes and makes a lot of moola.

Your word is "partner"
A partner or partners in business own and share the business. Don't you love ice skating when the man and woman are dancing on the ice? It can be romantic as well as an art. They, too are partners. To me, partners in marriage and love are the best ones of all.

Your Word is: Romantic

Croagh Patrick, County Mayo

Take my hand and come with me
'Cross the mountain to the coast and sea
Croagh Patrick looms above the shore
Famine remembered here as 'twas before

There is a lane between the rocks
Sheep linger there in pairs and flocks
Stop your traffic now, prepare to yield
They own the road more than the field

Romantic country, turn back time
Come put your faith in luck and rhyme
Remember songs that whisper to your soul
Walk with me and visit County Mayo....

Your word is traffic
I don't like to drive in traffic or be around a lot of people. I would never make it in New York City. I drive to the Mall by Chicago and after three in the afternoon, it is rush hour traffic! How I love to get home back to the country! Fresh air, one neighbor and the farm lands and woods are so green and beautiful this time of year! A few cars and farm equipment but no traffic!

Your Word is: Woods

I love the way the trees in the woods fill in with leaves in the Spring. I have a tree right outside my window that fills in so that I cannot see the busy road behind my house. It makes it feel so pastoral and peaceful as the cars continue to zoom by on the road. I am snug in my little oasis on a hill writing this as I look at the trees.

Your word is oasis
Oasis is a fertile area in a desert region having a spring or a well. Oasis is like a Paradise or a port in a storm. Oasis is like hope. We hope that things in life will get better. Life is like being in the desert. Look for the oasis!

Your Word is: Paradise
Paradise is an illusion but for my parents I picture it as a beautiful early morning in Las Vegas. My dad is at the blackjack table, drinking his coffee and yes smoking his cigarette. My mom has just come down and is settled at a slot machine. Soon, they will go to breakfast and play Keno and both win enough to pay for the trip. I will pick them up at the airport upon their return someday, and they will be smiling as they greet me.

Your word is: "Diamond"
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I have a few diamond rings that I love to wear. Stars sparkle like diamonds in the sky but the best diamonds of all are the friends and family members you cherish. These diamonds live in your heart and you can mine them anytime. Your sparkle and shine comes from a loving attitude and others will love you and cherish you for it.

Your Word is: Sparkle

Never Apart

The moon and the stars, they did shine
The tears in your eyes, they did sparkle

The love in your heart, it was yearning
The sun in the sky, it was burning

The kiss on my lips, it was divine
The taste of your love, it was wine

The hug in your arms, it was warm
The home in your heart, survives storms

The life by your side, 'tis forever
The parting with you, will be never

Megan, your word is never

Don't you wish we could live in Never Land? We would never have to grow up. It would be nice not to have any worries. Hopefully, we will get to see Heaven someday and we will never have to worry or be sick or sad ever again. Until then, never give up the good things you seek in life.

Your Word is: Seek.

Seek the positive and you will find it as you wade through a sea of negativity. It is the season of discontent that leads to overwhelming and sometimes not so therapeutic change. Whatever you do, keep yourself motivated to look for the good and faith will see you through your challenges.

Megan, your word is "ocean"
I have always loved the ocean. I love how the waves come in and go back out. I love to see seagulls flying near by. The ocean in the Pirates movie is a beautiful blue and green. I am so glad God made the ocean.

Your Word is: Waves


Waves of despair crash
Over my rooftop
Housed inside protected night

Open up heart for kindness
Spied through the window
Past the stormy winds of change

Megan, your word is "window"
Windows let us see the world outside. Wearing eye glasses is like looking through a window. Eyes are the windows to a person's soul. You can see happiness or sadness. Without windows, you would see only darkness. Your Word is: Eyes Thanks, Carol for letting me be in all your Camp Fires.
The Watch Waits

Blue eyes watch from the window
So damaged by age
yet sharp with acuity
Discernment, seeing everything and nothing
In a moment a deer finds a home
by a creek in a cemetery
And waits for her.
The Timex watch from Wal*Mart
Ticks away the hours in the nursing home
The ambulance arrives daily
And waits for her
I wear her watch every day
The deer crosses the bridge
by the creek in the park lawn
Many years have passed
They wait for me

Megan, it is my pleasure to write with you. Your word is "creek"
When I think of a creek, I think of a nice, warm sunny day. A little boy swings from a rubber tire on a rope attached to a tree. Creeks are dirty but it is water and must have a purpose. I live in the country and we have several creeks. I love watching deer stand by the creek. This can make you smile.

Your Word is: Smile.

A smile can totally change the way you look at the world. The smile of a child is natural and comes from the heart while an adult's may be nothing more than a mask. A genuine smile can totally light up a room and make you feel warm and loved. A smile costs nothing, but can change everything in an instant.

Megan, your last word for this campfire is: "ending"
I love a happy ending to a movie or story. I cry over sad endings but I cry if the movie was good or touched me. We don't always have happy endings in real life. Cherish each day as it comes. The best ending of all will be when we get to Heaven.

Hey Carol! WE DID IT!!! A hundred entries. I am ready for the next one. Love You: Megan
Megan, indeed we did and I hope to start the next one in a day or so. Love to you too! Carol

The End!

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