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Delight me with your guests, and don't forget a good menu.
Feel free to leave your list here and check in on others. Remember, a total of 30,000 GPs is up for grabs.

And now, a recap of the rules.

You are holding a dinner party and can invite either 9 or 11 guests (you will be there of course so inviting 9 or 11 will give an even number), living, dead or fictitious. That, is the easy part.

I want to know why you are inviting these guests. What is it about them that has you so drawn to them?

Secondly, I want to know what you would serve.

The main purpose of this is to find out what makes my friends tick, and also to give you a chance to daydream a little. Invite your long-lost teen crush for dinner. Invite every member of the Backstreet Boys over for Smores, I don't care. Just let me know why. And, "because" is not an answer.

You have until midnight 30 September to submit your dinner lists, and I look forward to seeing them. I, and I alone, will be chosing the three I think are the most creative, most inspirational, or most honest.

Feel free to invite me, but it doesn't get you any brownie points or bonuses. If I am invited, it better be for a good reason; not just because it's my GPs on the line.

Have fun, delve deep, and thank you all for playing.

The Literary Penguin
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