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by Jeff
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A NaNoWriMo fundraiser... compete as a NaNo writer or donate by sponsoring one!

2016 NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Banner

Welcome to the 10th Annual NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon, the activity where you can compete in NaNoWriMo and raise GPs for some great Writing.com causes at the same time! This event is my way of showing appreciation to all the wonderful groups and activities on this site that encourage members of this site to read, write, and participate in the community. I hope you'll all join me in showing your support by participating as either a writer or a sponsor (or both)!

The concept is pretty straightforward. Much like a typical walk-a-thon where participants are supported by sponsors who have committed to donate a certain amount of financial support for each mile walked, this activity has Sponsors who commit to donating a certain number of GPs for each word written by their sponsored Writers!

That's the general idea, so if this activity interests you ... please, read on!

NaNo Write-A-Thon Header - Basics

*Tag* NaNoWriMo begins on Thursday, November 1, 2018 @ 12:00AM local time.

*Tag* NaNoWriMo ends on Friday, November 30, 2018 @ 11:59PM local time.

*Tag* NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write 50,000 new words during the month of November. Outlining and preparation are allowed, but the words that count for this activity occur during the month of November. Narrative nonfiction is allowed. Short stories or vignettes are allowed. Continuing a previously-started work is allowed, as long as you don't count the words written prior to November. For more information on NaNoWriMo, please check out the official NaNoWriMo website  .

*Tag* All Sponsors agree to donate 1 GP per word that each of their Writers completes. Sponsors are welcome to sign up under more than one Writer, and Writers can certainly have more than one Sponsor. It's all in the name of charity, so the more we each give, the better!

*Tag* Sponsors have the option setting minimum and maximum donation limits so they can more carefully manage their donations and/or sponsor multiple Writers without going broke. Sponsors are kindly asked to consider making a minimum donation of 5,000 GPs per Writer, and to sponsor responsibly by being prepared to cover their commitments even in the event that one of their writers goes way above and beyond the 50,000-word target.

*Tag* WdC has a NanoCounter which will be used to track progress:

For more information, you can also check out the following step-by-step guide to setting up and using your NanoCounter:

Your NanoCounter  [E]
Step-by-step information about how to use your NanoCounter.
by Jeff

*Info* Writers are expected to be honest about reporting their word counts and respectful of the rules and spirit of NaNoWriMo (this includes not fudging word counts, and not starting early or ending late). While Writers are not required to provide public access to their NaNo efforts, I reserve the right to request and privately review a copy of your manuscript if necessary to address any questions or concerns. Sponsors are expected to make good on their donation promises. The idea is to have a great time, write a lot of new words (or support the writing of a lot of words), and raise some funds for some really great WdC causes in the process. Let's keep things fun, friendly and fair.

NaNo Write-A-Thon Header - Basics

*Info* Signing up as a writer. If you're interested in competing as a Writer, please post your intent to compete in the forum below, or e-mail Jeff , to be added to the roster. The deadline to sign up as a writer is 11:59PM WdC time on October 31st. Each writer will be added to the "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Group and assigned to a team.

*Info* Signing up as a sponsor. Each Sponsor needs to complete a "Sponsor Sign-Up Form for each Writer he or she is sponsoring (and no, you cannot sponsor yourself). There is no deadline to sponsor writers, but strategically adding specific Writers at the last minute (to win one of the MBs, for example) is not permitted. You will be contacted if there is an issue with your sponsorship. Sponsors will also be added to the group in order to receive emails and updates.

*Info* Team competition and word counts. Writers will be divided into assigned teams for the purposes of the grand prize. I reserve the right to move writers to different teams as needed (mostly to keep the teams balanced). Requests for certain writers to be on the same team will be accommodated if possible but are not guaranteed. To determine team word counts, an average will be applied to any team with fewer members to balance out that team's word count with those teams that have more members. For more information, click here.

*Info* Eligibility. In order to be eligible for the prizes, Writers must put forth a good faith effort to compete and/or support their teammates. There is a 12,500 word minimum word count necessary to qualify for prizes (it wouldn't be fair to penalize someone for not completing NaNo, but you have to put at least some effort to get rewarded). I reserve the right to remove any writer that has signed up but has not been active or updated their word count for an extended period of time. Please note that this is merely to ensure that Writers aren't signing up and expecting their team to carry them through to a prize. Writers will receive a warning and have an opportunity to respond before being removed from the activity.

*Info* Paying up. All Sponsor donations should be made to the "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Group (Group #1546311) at the end of the month once you've been notified of what you owe. I will disburse the GPs to the Beneficiaries after NaNoWriMo concludes, once the Sponsors have all been notified and had a chance to contribute their funds. The goal is to wrap this activity and get the donations out by mid-December at the latest.

*Info* Tracking progress. Writers need to use WdC's word count tracker  , as that will be the mechanism used for determining prize winners, donation amounts, etc. Writers must update their NaNo Counter at least once per week (and preferably daily), as update/progress emails will be sent out periodically during the activity. Once you've entered your final word count at the end of November, PLEASE DO NOT update your word count again until December 2nd, to avoid any incorrect calculations by me or your Sponsors.

*Info* Activating your WdC word count tracker. Just click on the following link: http://www.writing.com/main/my_account/action/update_nano/nanocnt/1

*Info* Donations. Non-sponsor donations of gift points or additional prizes are gladly accepted. Any individual who donates 50,000+ Gift Points will receive an appropriate Merit Badge from my own personal funds. For anyone who donates 100,000+ Gift Points, I'll go ahead and upgrade that to an exclusive NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Badge!
Merit Badge in NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1546311] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs


NaNo Write-A-Thon Header - Beneficiaries

All funds raised by this year's Write-A-Thon will be divided as indicated and distributed to the following groups:

         10% to "Anniversary Reviews Bank

         10% to "The Talent Pond

         10% to "The WDC Angel Army

         10% to "Invalid Item

         10% to "The Quill Awards Panel and Bank

         10% to the "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group

         10% to the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

         10% to the super secret new activity I'm developing *Smirk*

         20% for Write-A-Thon prizes and administration.

NaNo Write-A-Thon Header - Prizes

Okay, so what are these prizes that I keep mentioning? Well, the competing Writers who write a minimum of 12,500 words will each receive the following:

*Badge* Either a NaNo Winner NaNo Write-A-Thon (see below) or NaNo Participant Merit Badge, depending on whether the goal of 50,000 words was reached.

Additional individual prizes include:

*Badge* A Fundraising Merit Badge for the Writer that earns the highest aggregate donation from all of his or her Sponsors.

*Badge* A Generosity Merit Badge for the Sponsor that makes the highest aggregate donation from all of his or her Writers.

*Badge* A Determination Merit Badge for the Writer with the highest final word count.

Additionally, the competing Writers will be divided into teams. The winning team - that is, the team of writers with the highest combined word count - will receive the following:

*Trophys* 5% of the total GPs raised, divided equally among the team members!

So now everyone has an incentive... a guaranteed merit badge, and the potential for a share of 5% of the Write-A-Thon's proceeds plus some bonus GPs! Not too bad, eh? Considering you were gonna try to write the novel anyway... *Bigsmile*


For the Write-A-Thon's 10th anniversary, we're upping the stakes! (Additional bonuses may be added later)

First, anyone who successfully completes NaNoWriMo this year will get an exclusive NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Merit Badge! That's right, no fundraising requirement necessary by the writers this year... if you write 50,000 words, you get this fancy badge!

Merit Badge in NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1546311] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

Second, and far more ambitious, my goal is to top the high water marks set by all previous years. In 2014, this activity raised 7,549,304 GPs for various groups here on WDC. And in 2012, participating writers wrote 3,250,193 collective words. I've got big aspirations this year. If we can raise 10 million GPs and collectively write over 3.5 million words, I will donate 1,000,000 GPs from my own personal funds, dividing it equally among all the participating writers who wrote more than 12,500 words this year! *Shock2*

In order to accomplish this, I need your help to encourage people to participate and/or donate. Convince your writer friends to give this activity a try this year. And convince your generous friends to donate and/or sponsor a handful of writers this year. Let's set records so high they won't be broken for another ten years! *Delight*

*Starbl*          *Starbl*          *Starbl*          *Starbl*          *Starbl*

For a list of Write-A-Thon Writers, their respective Sponsors, and their team assignments, please check out:

NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Group  (E)
NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon list of Writers, Sponsors and Teams
#1546311 by Jeff

You can also find statistics on Write-A-Thons from years past:

NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon Statistics  (ASR)
Statistical information for past years of the NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon.
#1710173 by Jeff

That's really all there is to it. So if you're planning on entering NaNoWrimo and want to earn some GPs for some fantastic WdC groups while you're at it, make sure you get a Sponsor to submit a "Sponsor Sign-Up Form on your behalf by the end of October! Feel free to post your interest in being sponsored in the forum below, or directly contact any friends, mentors, or acquaintances you know. If you're having trouble finding a sponsor and it's getting close to the entry deadline, e-mail Jeff and we'll figure something out. *Smile*
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