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Convince me to read a book and win GPs!

So here's the deal. I love reading, and I'm always looking for new books to read. (Alright, I have a list of books to read a mile long, but I'm still looking for new reading material.) So I'm looking to you for recs.

Here's how it works:

*Reading* Every Monday, about 1:00pm WDC time, I will post the kind of book I am looking for. This could be "What is the best book to read in ________ location?" or "What is the best book that takes place in _______ location?" or "What is a the best book that will make me feel ________."

*Reading* You post in the forum a recommendation for something I can read. Say whatever you need to convince me it fits the topic and that I should read it. But please stay within the forum rating (13+) If you really have to talk about the dirty bits, email me. (Also, I don't listen to threats or bribery *Bigsmile*)

*Reading* The next Monday, I will change the topic and decide what I most want to read. I will change the topic before judging, so the contest is always active, and whatever topic is posted below is the current one.

*Dollar* Each week, I will award 1000 gps to the person with the best recommendation and 500 gps to anyone who happens to pick one of my favorite books. (Except Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Niel Gaimen because I've already mentioned in my port that it's one of my favorites, so it's too easy.)

*Confused* But how do I pick one of your favorites, or even a book you like? You ask. Well, I'll give you a couple hints:
         *Bullet*Like what I write, I read a lot of fantasy literature.
         *Bullet*I've also taken to reading classics, both in and out of school.
         *Bullet*And I read just about anything someone shoves in my face while screaming "read!"
         *Bullet*The only books I don't touch much are romance (not sure why) and horror (I don't need that to scare me), so you might have some trouble pushing those, but part of this activity is to see if I can expand my reading horizons. There are a lot of things out there I never would have touched had someone not suggested it.

On that note, you can recommend me just about anything:
         *Bullet* a novel, particular short story, essay, or poem from an anthology, memoir, picture book, textbook (though you'll have to be pretty convincing), comic book/graphic novel, dictionary, even something you found online. (but please provide a link)
         *Bullet* I will also accept a whole series or anthology, if it can be obtained in a single volume. Ex: The Complete Works of Shakespeare
         *Bullet* I will not accept anything imaginary or sitting somewhere where it cannot be accessed by the public. Also, nothing that is primarily in a language other than English (unless it's translated). Sorry, I'm a monolingual American, and it must be something I can actually read.

Last Week's Winner:

Dawn Stone recommended Matilda by Roald Dahl

Be sure to check out all the winners at my
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This Week's Topic:

Due to my inactivity on WDC lately, I'm postponing this contest until I know I can maintain it.
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