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Contests With A Christian Theme

Beautification for Lighthouse Poetry Contest

He lights your path even in your darkest days.


Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105
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I want to thank my dear friend for this beautiful Lighthouse Globe that shines brightly upon this contest.

The Lighthouse will always light your path


1. Your writing must be poetry.

2. Only one entry per round.

3. The rating must be "E" for everyone. If not, you will disqualify your entry.

4. Poems may be previously written, but NOT previously awarded.

5. Your entry should be submitted, ready to be judged. - Please edit for spellings/typos and grammar etc. before submitting your entry.

6. The deadline for poems will be @ 11:59 EST on the 1st day of the month.

7. There must be three entries for first place to be awarded. A minimum of five entries for first place, second place, and third place to be awarded. The judge or judges will determine any Honorable Mention.

8. Your poem MUST be in b-item, item form, or book-entry form. If you are unsure how to do this, please consult
WritingML Help

9. Please add word count, line count, the verse used, and the prompt to the BOTTOM of your page.

10. I will review, judge, award and make winner announcement's by the 7th of each month, if possible. Please NO edits until after the Winner's announcement, or you will disqualify yourself. I wouldn't want that to happen, because we are all very gifted writers.

I reminder that He is with you no matter what.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed,
for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9


Any Form

"March PROMPT"

What would this world be like without God intervening in our lives?

His love is the Greatest love ever. Too bad that Jesus had to die for us to be saved. If we could have been good to start with. Makes you wonder what life would be like if Adam and Eve had not eaten that apple to start with. It also makes you think what would life be like if Jesus had not died for us. Would we have had to continue the sacrifices of animals to cleanse our souls?

Your prompt is What would your life be like if there was no God intervening in your life and chaos was about you? Now, this is SHOW vs TELL. Show me with words! If you wish you can add scripture to it.

Here are your prompt words GOD/JESUS, CHAOS, TURMOIL, SACRIFICE/SACRIFICES, SAVE/SAVED highlight it in {GRAPE} for these beautiful old eyes of mine... lol In addition if you use a verse highlight it as well in {GRAPE}. The person or persons that do both will get an extra gift.

Please BOLD and COLOR IT in GRAPE so it stands out for my eyes, the rest in BLACK... LOL, It is much easier for me. Thank you *Heart*

Please NO more than 20 lines and make sure you read all the RULES, SORRY to repeat but sometimes you have to. I wouldn't want you to disqualify yourself. Rule # 9. Please add word count, line count, the verse used, and the prompt to the BOTTOM of your page.


Each entry will receive 1,000 GP's

10,000 GP's, an Awardicon for your poem and will be featured the following month.
5,000 GP's and an Awardicon for your poem.
An Awardicon for your poem.
An Awardicon for your poem. (If there are 12 or more entries).
The judge or judges will determine an Honorable Mention.


God So Loves The World  (E)
Poem written for prompt of God’s love, based on John 3:16
#2244031 by Marvelous Friend


Please send donations to The Lighthouse Bank ID: 1723081


There are two ways to earn a Merit Badge.

A donation of 50,000 GP's you will receive the beautiful MB "Lighthouse Poetry."

Merit Badge in Lighthouse Poetry
[Click For More Info]

Here it is your earned MB for entering 4 and supporting The Lighthouse Poetry contest.  I apologize for it being late, I lost track of time.  Thank you for being a loyal supporter. May your day be blessed, Teresa

For a donation of 100,000 GP's you will receive the beautiful MB "Celebrating Life."

Merit Badge in Lighthouse Celebration
[Click For More Info]

Thank you so much for your entry in The Lighthouse Poetry Contest for September's birthday bash. It is my pleasure to gift you #5 MB of my new merit badge.

A donation of 150,000 GP's you will receive the beautiful MB "The Light from Within."

Merit Badge in The Light From Within
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

A donation of 250,000 plus, you will receive all THREE MB's a savings of 50,000k.

The second way is to enter FIVE monthly contests in a row. You will receive "The Light from Within" MB.
Please remind me when you enter your fifth entry, so I don't leave anyone out.

The Lighthouse Poetry Contest Donation List Is Kept On The Lighthouse Bank Page.

If poetry isn't your style and you're looking for another religious contest to enter? I have the right one for you to drop in and check out. Sharpen your skills and write a short story, prompts change monthly.

The Lighthouse Short Story Contest  (E)
This is a faith-based contest where you can share your experiences with others.
#2229244 by LegendaryMaskđź’—

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