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Just a little something to celebrate the respondents of ALL Symposium topics 1 - 39
This little activity is now sleeping happily, after reaching 16 May 2015 with five Originals left. Feel free to look around; who knows, it may wake up again one day!

When The Art of Criticism Project Newsletter debuted on 16 October 2013, members were given a situation and asked a very simple question:

"You are stranded forever on a deserted island. *Beach* Your only two nonessential possessions are a laptop and an iPod, both with unlimited battery. The only way you can purchase internet time is by reviewing on Writing.com (you get two hours per qualifying review). Your iPod is filled with the entire discography of only one musical artist: whose music would you want to listen to for the rest of your life?"

Thus began the Symposium.

Each newsletter since then has carried a new topic requiring a response, and the Symposium has become so popular (regularly hitting over 100 responses now) it has its own book! For the topics (and responses) check out:

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#1987549 by Not Available.

I thought it would be lovely to celebrate the wonderful participation record of those members who had, by "Invalid Entry, answered every single Symposium topic since the very start (me included *Bigsmile*). By no means are these members the only ones who have completed 100% participation since they joined up, but they are the only members who have been with the Symposium right from that very first question.

That's why this forum exists, and it will exist until there is one member standing! I'm hoping Newsletter members/readers will also express their encouragement here. I aim to have all sorts of rewards and carrots-on-a-string, but right now three specific Symposium Topics will bring great rewards if answered:

*Glass5* October 1 2014 - which brought to a close a complete year of topics.*Glass5*
Where the two answers I liked most were awarded with the really cool
Merit Badge in Kiwis on WDC
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for your continued support of the  [Link To Item #kiwi]  group. We really appreciate it. Go NZ! *^*Laugh*^* ~  [Link To User elle]  & The  [Link To Item #kiwi] - given to Elle (she/her) and Jeff

*Glass5* January 16 2015 - my birthday.*Glass5*
Where the four answers I like most received a 75K orange rosette - given to SirSchemingSerpent , Ghostranch , Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 and Hannah ♫♥♫

*Glass5* May 16 2015 - just after my two-year WdC anniversary. I'll celebrate by celebrating others.*Glass5*
And the winner of the 500K Golden Feather is Ghostranch

How will these members be encouraged to continue? Bribes! Oops, no.... rewards. Those who've kept up their participation right through to answering May 16 will go into a draw to win a 500K golden quill trophy. Notice I say 'draw'; I expect there'll be more than one member who fits this requirement.

Continued participation will be ticked off, and rewards will be highlighted.

NB: from Topic 33 these questions no longer spring from the Symposium, since that has closed. However, because I'm determined to give away a Golden Quill, I'm keeping these OPPS to the task myself. Sorry OPPS!

Here's the new special badge to be earned (just had to indulge in my love of orange):

Merit Badge in Very Special OPPS
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "Very Special OPPS" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2030293] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

Introducing the Original Perfect Participant Symposiumers:

SirSchemingSerpent - Topic 37

Dave - fell at A Final Thought hurdle (ST 23)

Elle (she/her) - Topic 38

Samberine Everose - had nothing to be unthankful for (ST 28)

Fi - Participation

Ghostranch - Participation

Mandy - Topic 33

blue jellybaby - ran out of time to give a favourite song with TIME in the title (ST 21)

Lina Black-So Far Behind!!! - fell at A Final Thought hurdle (ST 23)

Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 - Participation

PatrickB - Topic 33

ShelleyA~13 years at WDC - Participation

~ Santa Sisco ~ - Topic 38

Hannah ♫♥♫ - Topic 33

Jeannie🦋 - didn't see the deadline for the Trees (ST 27)

Scarecrow - Topic 33

Jeff - Participation

Liam - Topic 33

And a very hearty THANK YOU to Mandy for the lovely awardicon gracing this forum!

If anyone else would like to help reward these members of great community spirit, yay! Ideas can be posted in the forum and GPs sent to "The Bank of Os (#1990168), which holds funds for philanthropic deeds.
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