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NATURE-themed quarterly contest.
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"Verdant Poetry Group

Founded by ✨Ger✠Vicious Vampire➻❥
Managed by ChocoHuf-flepuff and assisted by ~Lifelessons~ , Whata 4Cs Now Open , and ~Minja~

"To me a lush carpet of pine needles
or spongy grass is more welcome
than the most luxurios Persian rug."
- Helen Keller

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Though inspiration as a poet truly comes from within, nature can act as a means to enhance imagination and devices used in our poetry. I believe that nature possesses a unique and grandest beauty that only poets can perfectly describe. And I want you dear poets to bring forth your NATURE POETRY to prove this.

Verdant Poetry Contest is especially created to bring out the best nature poetry you guys could possibly create. And of course, delightful prizes await.

Verdant Rules
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*ButterflyV* I read and understood the rules, bring me right to the message forum. *ButterflyV*

Please read carefully the following Contest Rules prior to submitting your entry:

FORM: Check below for the form of the month.
GENRE: Nature only or pieces which nature is the main genre.
EDITS: You may edit your entry up until the due date. Please no editing after this, or your poem will be disqualified.
RATING: Entry must not exceed 18+ rating. Anything that does will be deleted from the forum.
LIMIT: Only one entry per person per month.
LINKING: All entries must be submitted in Big Item Format (bitem format) or book entry format. If you need help with bitem linking, please see WritingML Help for b-item or "Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format
PROMPT: This contest can be a prompt-based or prompt-free. The host will announce it through forum post.
REVIEW: The panel are not oblige to give all entries a review. However, reviewing is strongly encouraged and is given attention if time permits.
RIGHTS: We reserve the right to hold prizes if there are not enough entries. All qualifying entries for the current round will be carried over to next. One winner will be awarded if there are only 3-5 entries, two winners for 6-9 entries, and three winners plus honorable mentions if more than 10 entries.

Entries non-compliant to the aforementioned rules are considered non-qualifying.

Judges' decision is always final and irrevocable.

Verdant Prizes
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Merit Badge in Verdant
[Click For More Info]

For making Verdant Poetry Contest rise and running again, thank you so much  [Link To User purplesunday] ! This badge serves as a token of Appreciation.

Autumn MB


5K Gift Points

Verdant Dates
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This is a QUARTERLY contest occurring each season. Rounds will be held in June, September, December, March, and June. Each round starts on the 1st of the month at 0:01am WDC Time, and closes at the end of the month at midnight WDC Time. Look for the Start and Closed posted messages.

This contest has been featured in
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Brujo Schnujo
. Take a look at this challenge. Oodles of prizes for simply writing something every month.

Verdant Prompt
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*TulipR* *Heart* *TulipR* *Heart* *TulipR* ROUND 26 ~ AUTUMN *TulipR* *Heart* *TulipR* *Heart* *TulipR*

PROMPT DESCRIPTION (You don't have to use all the words or include them in the poem):

Pen a poem.
Be it your experiences, observations, or thoughts.
Images are provided for inspiration.


Click here


Verdant Qualified Entries
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1. "Autumn Memories by Lilli Munster☕
2. "The Soul of Autumn"   by Solace.Bring
3. "Wonders of Autumn"   by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
4. "The plane leaf"   by K.HBey
5. "Wild Geese by Dave, the gravedigger
6. "To Autumn by hullabaloo22
7. "Autumn Ebbing"   by Words Whirling Pumpkin Party!
8. "Autumn Interlude"   by Beholden
9. "Autumn’s Glory"   by Sharmelle the Spooky Women
10. "Autumn's Glow by Andy~~your friend til the end
11. "Autumnal by Brian Enjoys Silence of Lambs
12. "Red, gold and green [233] by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

Verdant Judging
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Permanent Judge:

Rotating Guests Judges:
~ Aqua ~
Spooky Skerri J. Miller

June Judge:

If you want to become a guest judge, please email ChocoHuf-flepuff .



*DropG* Expression/Presentation (covers the form, rhythm
and rhyme)
*DropG* Imagery
*DropG* Grammar
*DropG* Impact to readers
*DropG* Relevance to the topic (applies if round provides
prompt to follow)

These areas will be rated from 1-10.

Verdant Winners
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*BalloonG* *BalloonG* *BalloonG*AUTUMN WINNERS *BalloonG* *BalloonG* *BalloonG*

*Poseyr* This contest is back and in great need of your help with gift point donations to give away prizes. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

*Poseyr* Please send your gift points donation to [#1999999] "Verdant Poetry Group or include it on your forum post.

*Poseyr* All donations 20K and above will get a raffle ticket worth 1,000 GPs to any active raffle fundraiser.

*Poseyr* Donations reaching 50K get you a Nature MB.

*Poseyr* Donations more than 200K will get the commissioned Verdant MB. Thank you!

A special thanks to Devils in my Ear for this Verdant Ribbon gracing the page.

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"Kick Those Legs by Legerdemaim

*Heart* A huge thank you to the following who donated to this contest:

*Poseyp* CONTEST DONORS *Poseyp*



*Mailp* : Ticket Purchased
*ButterflyG* : Nature MB Sent
*Grass* : Verdant MB Sent

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