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Place your guess on GoT character you think will sit on the Iron Throne!
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Winter is here and we all know what's coming with it. A great war! For those who watched previous seasons of one of the most popular TV shows nowadays, you know how unpredictable some of the deaths were. And now when the great war is on the threshold many tears will be shed over more deaths of our favorite characters. Anyway, let's talk about the fundraiser. I am a complicated woman but this is a simple fundraiser *Wink*. Since this is the last season of the show when fans will (finally!) see who will finish ruling the entire Westeros, all you have to do is place your guess(es) on the GoT character(s) you think will sit on the most famous Iron Throne. That's all. The fundraiser finishes with the last episode of the tv show. If you want to be a winner in this game, the Protector of the Realm, get the throne- GPs and MBes, read the rules below to get an insight how.

Jane Rules.

*Shield7* You can place a guess on one or as many characters as you want from below, the choice is yours
*Shield7* You can place more than 1 guess on the same character and increase the chance to be a winner
*Shield7* Guess costs 2,000 GPs
*Shield7* You can place guesses for your friends also, just drop me their usernames in the comment section
*Shield7* Once the show is over, I'll roll the dice with the list of people who placed a guess for that character and determine 1 winner
*Shield7* You can make a simple donation as well if you never saw GoT and don't care to do it in the future *Laugh*
*Shield7* Donation of 35k GPs will get you Honor MB and 1 character guess chosen by me
*Shield7* Have fun and remember: VALAR MORGHULIS

*Castleright* Funds will be split as follows:
      *Bulletr* 50% will go to "CLOSED!The Monthly Reading Challenge
      *Bulletr* 50% will go to the lucky winner, chosen by virtual dice if there's more than one person who guessed right

Jane Prizes

Merit Badge in Minja
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Be a writer to sail across the world. To be a sailor  and  a writer, well that's an awesome combo for an awesome girl like yourself! The good, the bad, the sweet and the bitter - I am glad that I met the YOU now, the Minja that is kind, friendly, supportive, creative, innovative, selfless, dedicated, loveable and the crazy Harley Quinn! *^*Laugh*^*

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Congratulations on finishing [Link to Forum Post #3207655] for September 2018 *^*Delight*^**^*Bookopen*^*!


*Shield7* 50% of all funds raised in this game
*Shield7* Two of my exclusive MBes

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List of the characters who might or might not be the next ruler of the Westeros

click to their images to read more about each

Arya Stark

Beric Dondarrion- deceased


Bran Stark

Brienne of Tarth


Cersei Lannister- deceased


Sir Davos Seaworth

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater


Euron Greyjoy- deceased



Jaime Lannister- deceased *Cry*


Jorah Mormont- deceased

Varys- deceased


The Red Woman- deceased

Missandei- deceased

Stannis Baratheon (will be back from the dead)


Samwell Sam Tarli

Sandor Clegane- "The Hound" aka Fuck the King- deceased


Sansa Stark

Theon Greyjoy- deceased




Yara Greyjoy


Eddard Ned Stark (will be back from the dead by some miracle)


Jaqen H'ghar aka Noone


The Night King-deceased *Laugh*


There will be NO Iron Throne in the end- winner


Someone else not named here will sit on the throne


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All raised funds will go to "The Book Club straight. Thank you everyone for your support *Suitheart*.
Fundraiser closes with the last episode of the final season!

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