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A musical writing contest for Prince's music. Closed. Honorable Quill Mention.
Image of Prince.
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Prince Roger Nelson
Born: June 7, 1958
Died: April 2, 2016

This item is nominated for a Honorable Quill Mention. I share this honor with Prince. Love you, Prince.

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Congratulations on being named Honorable Mention for Best Music for  [Link To Item #2093691]  at the 2017 Quill Awards. *^*Smile*^* For more information, see  [Link To Item #quills] . Merit Badge in Quill Honorable Mention
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Congratulations on being named Honorable Mention for Best Music for  [Link To Item #2093691]  at the 2017 Quill Awards. *^*Smile*^* For more information, see  [Link To Item #quills] .

Lavender Teddy Bear Named Prince Poem  (E)
A Teddy Bear poem for Prince as I named the teddy bear Prince.
#2083768 by Princess Megan Rose

Hello Prince Fans! I am having a musical writing contest for everyone who loved Prince. It has been awhile since I have done a contest. So bear with me.

As of April 1, 2017, this contest will be open until May 30, 2017. I closed the contest May 26, 2017. Participants got done with the challenge early.

I am accepting 8 participants for this contest. Please use a book or an existing book and choose 16 of your favorite Prince songs. If you want to do more then 16 songs, you can. I just thought it might be easier making it every other day to write. You can choose as many as you like. This contest will start April 1 and end May 30, 2017 . Please sign in the forum below that you would like to sign up for this. Give me the link to the book you will be using. Feel free to check out my favorite Prince songs below and check out the Prince Writing Song Journals of four beautiful ladies who did this contest including me I love Prince and happy to reopen the contest for the Anniversary of his death.
My Favorite Prince Songs Playlist  (E)
List of my favorite Prince songs on my Playlist.
#2084973 by Princess Megan Rose

You can write short stories, poems or real life stories but use Prince songs and use 2 or 3 lines of the song. Choose 16 songs. Anyone who completes the challenge will receive the Prince Merit Badge.
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If you already have the Prince Badge and complete the challenge, I will award a 10K Awardicon to the book you are using. Each entry should be 250 words or more. Poems. Let's keep it at 25 lines. If you have questions, let me know. If you complete your journal of 16 songs, before the month is up, you will get your Merit Badge or Awardicon early. You can chose rather you want a Prince Merit Badge or an Awardicon.

I am still taking donations for the Prince Group. 40,000 Gift Points will get you the Prince Merit Badge.
Prince Group  (E)
This group is for all those who loved Prince.
#2085649 by Princess Megan Rose

I invite you to check out this Prince Crossword Activity:
Prince Crossword Puzzle  (13+)
How much do you know about Prince Rogers Nelson? Finish the puzzle and find out!
#2093603 by Purple Princess

I hope you will join us.

Members Music Challenge Journals Of Ones Who Are Doing This:

Prince Writing Challenge 2016  (GC)
Using Prince lyrics in writing.
#2093713 by Purple Princess

Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs  (18+)
Hodge Podge Mish Mosh Inspired by Frasier & Other tHiNgs
#2069359 by ♥HOOves♥

Prince Writing Challenge Book   (E)
Songs Prince did & there will be many! For the contest there's 29 songs in the list Enjoy!
#2094614 by Sunny

Prince Writing Challenge Songs Journal   (ASR)
I will be writing about Prince songs for the challenge contest I am hosting just for fun.
#2094437 by Princess Megan Rose

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#2117380 by Not Available.

Snow Scribbles  (18+)
A Journal to respond to prompts.
#1876955 by Snow Valentine

These ladies are going to add their journals for April 1. I am so happy. I will be adding more Prince songs as well to my Prince Songs Journal.
Purple Princess
Purple Prince Parade 2017  (GC)
The Purple One's Words used to create poems and short stories
#2116513 by Purple Princess

Free Fall Soundtrack  (13+)
Poetry Book Created for Megan's Prince Challenge 2017, All Music Inspired Entries
#2116506 by ♥HOOves♥

Welcome these members who are taking the challenge.
Azrael Tseng
Snow Valentine

Prince In Purple Sig.
Another image of Prince.
Another image of Prince.

If I have forgotten anything, drop me an e-mail.

I love this picture I found of Prince.

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