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The newest and exciting fundraising game with lots of amazing prizes!

Ultimate Candy Crusher Banner


Are you a big fan of the most famous candy crushing game on ios and android devices? Ever wished to have that here at Writing.com? Wish no more! WDC's own version of Candy Crush is here! Created with a unique twist on the play of virtual dice, who knows you'll become our very first Ultimate Candy Crusher.

This game was created to help and support all active groups around WDC. This isn't a competition among players, but a game on each player's determination to complete every level and reach the most awaited Ultimate Crusher Level.


Levels Of Achievement XP requirement has been lowered down to half.
Please check below for the new XP equivalent.

Ever wish to gift someone with a Lollipop while showing your appreciation?
Why not send them a Thank you Card? Visit

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You do reviews most of the time?
Why don't you exchange your reviews with Lollipops?
And you'll be helping the fairy Candice as well if you do...so please, visit

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The following are the Levels of Achievement with its corresponding XP requirement and Mastery.

Level 1 [0-499 XP]        :NOVICE CRUSHER
Level 2 [500-999 XP]: APPRENTICE CRUSHER
Level 3 [1000-1599 XP]: ADEPT CRUSHER
Level 4 [1600-2499 XP]: EXPERT CRUSHER
Level 5 [2500-3999 XP]: MASTER CRUSHER
             [4000 XP]        :ULTIMATE CRUSHER
             *XP means Experience Points


         The Candy Board represents the sides of the Dice. There are three(3) dice a player needs to roll for every Lolli Hammer purchased. Dice #1 is the Type/Color of the candies' crushed. IT has 9 sides which is represented by 9 flavors (Black Assortment, Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Lemon Drop, Gum Square, Lollipop Head, Jujube Cluster, White Assortment and the Candy Bomb]. Players will get abundant XP from this board; however, the white gives nothing and black deducts XP. Dice Roll #2 represents the number of candies crushed which will be converted into XP. It also has 9 sides represented with Sweet Crush (15), Delicious Crush (25), Sugar Crush (10), Chocolaty Crush (40), Sugarlicious Crush (50), Fluffy Crush (5), Gummy Crush (20), Suave Crush (30), and Dirty Crush (0). Dice Roll #3 serves as Booster (or multiplier) which is represented with two blank sides, two Flashy Crushes (x2 XP), two Mighty Crushes (x3 XP), one Thunder Crush (x5 XP), and two Dirty Crushes. Beware of Debuffer sides (deducts XP) and Empty Sides {0 XP).


Click image to view full details


Click image to view full details


Click image to view full details

The Candy Board will be used as basis on determining the players' gained XP.


         Please read through the game mechanic so that you will be guided accordingly.

1. It's complicated as it looks, but actually it's not. It is as easy as buying tickets from the usual raffle ticket fundraiser here at WDC. All you need to do is buy yourself or your friend a Lolli Hammer or two or even more. [Note that I'll be sending notification email only to players with gifted hammer(s)]
2. There is no limit on how many hammer you want to acquire. Get as many as you wanted.
3. Each Lolli Hammer bears its own abilities. These hammers will increase your experience points twice or thrice.

4. Post your order in the forum including you payment and group beneficiary of your choice. Failure to indicate your beneficiary group, the percentage will be split among all groups supported.

5. Once a post is submitted, you may start crushing candies. Please include with your post that you will Roll the Dice. Failure to include defaults to me who'll do the dice roll for you. It is always best if you have your hand on the hammer, perhaps would increase your luck of winning more XPs.

*ExclaimR* Please roll the dice right away after you place your order.
*ExclaimR* I will be the one to roll the dice for Gifted Lolli Hammers, unless the "gifter" says otherwise.
*ExclaimR* Outstanding lolli hammers will be rolled automatically after three (3) days starting from the day of purchase so that we will have an updated scoreboard. Please check "Ultimate Candy Crush Profile to view the outstanding lolli hammers.
*ExclaimR* New Rule [for "Ultimate Review Trade Center]: Special Rewards for Dice Roll #1 is not applicable for "Ultimate Review Trade Center Candy Crushes. This means that if lolli hammers from that event hit side#6 or side#9, players won't get the free Ordinaire or Rainbow Lolli Hammer.

Here's what you need to do prior to Rolling the Dice:
         a. Click Writing.com Tools on you left sub-menu and look for Virtual Dice.
         b. Please follow the setup instruction shown on the snipit below.

Setting and Rolling the Virtual Dice:

*ExclaimR* NOTE: On Roll how many dice field, you may change it up to the maximum number of your hammer. If you purchased 5, then set it to 5. If 10, then 10, etc.

         c. Roll the dice only ONCE except if you purchase more than 1 Hammer and you're crushing candies one at a time [Hint: To save time rolling, you can change the number in "Roll how many dice" field]. If so happen that you accidentally click Roll Virtual Dice twice, the first result counts as a successful Roll.

Each Lolli Hammer grants you 3 dice rolls and each Dice Roll has 9 sides.

*Die1* Dice Roll #1 represents the number of candies crushed in one hit.
[Hint: Sides 6 and 9 will grant you special rewards (free lolli hammer). Side 6 gives 1 Ordinaire Lolli Hammer and Side 9 gives 1 Rainbow Lolli Hammer. Always aim for these two.]

*Die2* Dice Roll #2 represents the type/color(see candy board) of candy crushed.
[Hint: Sides 2-5 has XP multiplier which grants you lots of XP. You'll get additional XP taken from the Percentage (%) of your Total XP]

*Die3* Dice Roll #3 represents your Booster and Debuffer Crush. There are sides left empty, meaning no bonus acquired.
[Hint: Beware of Dirty Crush, it deducts 5 points of your XP. Flashy Crush gives you x2 XP, Mighty Crush grants x3 XP and Thunder Crush gives you x5 XP.]

         It is a must to input the Ultimate Candy Crusher Game's ID# 2243881 in Associate To Item ID #: field for me to track your crushes or else, your lucky crushing can't be viewed, thus, not counted. Please post your dice roll result in the forum since the system will only display the last 25 dice rolls. I'll be checking it from time to time though.

Visit Dice Results For: "Ultimate Candy Crusher Game" to see the recent dice rolls or "Candy Crush Dice Roll History for the complete dice roll history. And check "Ultimate Candy Crush Profile for your detailed game status (gained XP and completed dice rolls).

*Die1* *Die2* *Die3* *Die4* *Die5* *Die3* *Die6* *Die6**Die1* *Die6**Die2* *Die6**Die3*


*Dollar*Cost: 1,000 gift points
         No special ability.

*Dollar*Cost: 3,000 gift points
         Eliminates Black-colored candies. If black is hit, no point is deducted.
         Cleanse your Dirty Crush. If Dirty Crush is hit, you will gain 2XP instead of lossing.

*Dollar*Cost: 5,000 gift points
         x3:: Triple the corresponding XP of Purple candies if hit.
         +5:: Adds 5 number of candies crushed.

*Dollar*Cost:8,000 gift points
         x2:: Double the corresponding XP of ROY [Red, Orange, Yellow] colored candies if hit.
         +10:: Increase 10 XP on all types of candies crushed.

*Dollar*Cost: 10,000 gift points
         +5:: Adds 5 XP on all candy crushes; +5 on quantity, +5 on types/color of candies. Booster Crush excluded.
         x2:: Double the absolute value of Black-colored candies if hit. [i.e. /-5/ x 2 = 10 XP]

You can get yourself a Lolli Hammer or more by doing reviews!
Please visit "Ultimate Review Trade Center to learn more.

Please visit this guide, XP calculator, and leaderboard
Candy Leader Board and Trophy Room  (E)
Ultimate Candy Crusher Leaderboard and Trophy Room
#2243883 by GERVIC πŸ‰ WDC Dragon Vale

Candy Guide and XP Calculator  (E)
Ultimate Candy Crusher GUIDE and XP CALCULATOR
#2244045 by GERVIC πŸ‰ WDC Dragon Vale


[#398524] "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group
[#1188309] "The WDC Angel Army
[#1300305] "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
[#1797031] "Contest Central Station
[#] "Invalid Item
[#2073942] "TLC Prayer Parlor
[#1474311] "October Novel Prep Challenge
[#2165720] "Habit Heroes
and more... [please include beneficiaries of your purchase]

Note: Group of your choice will receive 20% gift points on every hammer sale.

For every Lolli Hammer Sale:
70% to Activity Pot [for rewards]
20% to Group Beneficiary of your choice [unspecified, split among groups]
10% to Me [to keep this activity up and running

Group beneficiaries' share on proceeds will be dispersed at the end of each game quarter.


Now here are our most awaited, mouth-watering prizes and delicious rewards!


Everytime a player completes a level, he/she will get the following:
[Please click badge to view rewards]

Note: This rewards might increase upon Sponsorship

Check out your current standing at "Candy Leader Board and Trophy Room


Players have the option to clear their scoreboard by converting their XP (Experience Points) to GPs (Gift Points)

*Star* 1 XP = *Dollar*10 GPs
*Candy1* 10 Crushed Candies = *Star* 1 XP

*InfoR* Important:

*Tackg* XP can only be converted if you become an Adept Crusher. After the conversion, scoreboard is set back to 0.
*Tackg* After reaching Ultimate Candy Crusher level, the player's scoreboard will be reset back to 0 and the corresponding XP will be converted to GPs and dispersed.
*Tackg* Players who earned the title "Ultimate Candy Crushers" can still play the game and will go through each level until he/she completes it for the second time and will earn the title "2nd Time Ultimate Crusher", "3rd Time Ultimate Crusher", and so on.


[This BONUS applies to bulk purchases made in one transaction or payment]

150 XP + 10K Rainbow Portfolio Ribbon guarantee for purchasing at least 20 Rainbow Lolli Hammers
100 XP + 1 MB of Choice guarantee for purchasing at least 15 Rainbow Lolli Hammers
50 XP for purchasing at least 10 Rainbow Lolli Hammers

150 XP + Red or Orange or Yellow Portfolio Ribbon guarantee for purchasing at least 25 Tropic Lolli Hammers
100 XP + 1 MB of Choice guarantee for purchasing at least 20 Tropic Lolli Hammers
50 XP for purchasing at least 15 Tropic Lolli Hammers

150 XP + Purple Portfolio Ribbon guarantee for purchasing at least 40 Purple Lolli Hammers
100 XP + 1 MB of Choice guarantee for purchasing at least 30 Purple Lolli Hammers
50 XP for purchasing at least 20 Purple Lolli Hammers

150 XP + Red Portfolio Ribbon guarantee for purchasing at least 70 Red Lolli Hammers
100 XP + 1 MB of Choice guarantee for purchasing at least 50 Red Lolli Hammers
50 XP for purchasing at least 30 Lolli Hammers

150 XP + Black Portfolio Ribbon guarantee for purchasing at least 200 Ordinaire Lolli Hammers
100 XP + 1 MB of Choice guarantee for purchasing at least 150 Ordinaire Lolli Hammers
50 XP for purchasing at least 100 Ordinaire Lolli Hammers




This game offers huge prizes to dedicated players. Thus, your GP donations is of great help. Please send your GP donations to [#2243923] "Candy GP Fund Bank or include it with your forum post.

Prize donations are much welcomed and appreciated. You may donate whatever you like (i.e. reviews, cnotes, days or weeks of spoiling, images and sigs, gift certificates, paid membership, or a combination of these in a package). Please email me to set it up.

We are also in need of Prize Donations for "Candy Leader Board and Trophy Room to increase the prizes to be won. Please email me or create a forum post for award Sponsorship. Than you so much!

Donation that reaches 50K will get you a Merit Badge of Choice
Donation of 100K will get you a Merit Badge of Choice and 10K Portfolio Awardicon as a token of appreciaion


My greatest thank you to the following awesome members:
Merit Badge in Attention to Detail
[Click For More Info]

I am amazed by your attention to detail with your new fundraiser,  [Link To Item #2243881] . It looks fun and exciting, and so colorful! Best of luck! Kindest Regards, Lilli
🐦GeminiGem🌷 for the gorgeous Bright Green Ribbon gracing the page
Lilli 🧿 β˜• for the gorgeous badge

...and to our game sponsors:
Princess Zelda 2 MBs
🐦GeminiGem🌷 250K GPs
Beacon's Light 100K GPs


Date Launched: 15th of February 2021

*Candy1* 1st SEASON: Feb 16 - May 15


Please visit "Ultimate Candy Crush Profile for a detailed information about payers with their corresponding purchases, gifters, scores and outstanding hammers.

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