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Get info & submit reviews for XGC and other items not normally reviewed.

Reviews must be completed in September, but they can be posted until October 3.

Woman laying with whip and shirtless man standing over her

This portion of the raffle is intended to get reviews for rarely reviewed items. Sexually explicit items are said to be the most read and least reviewed items on WdC. *Think* *Laugh* Though they are not the only items on WdC that are not commonly reviewed. Here is where those reviews will be posted. *Bigsmile*

Now's your chance to read (and review) all those items you've been curious about, but too shy to actually read. *Smirk* *Bigsmile* Or, you know, those items your friends are interested in and you're just reading about so you can understand your friends better. Sure, that's the ticket. *Think* *Laugh*


DO NOT POST ANY REVIEWS OVER 13+ (including the title of the item) IN THE OTHER FORUM! Even if the review is a 1-ticket review, if there is doubt about where to post it, please post it here! Be sure to accurately note how many tickets the review is worth 1-5 tickets based on the quality of the review and the content of the item being reviewed. *Wink* For more information on content ratings, see "Content Rating System (CRS).


The items required to be reviewed for additional tickets are bound to be offensive to some readers. No attempt is being made to suggest that this portion of the raffle should be undertaken by everyone. It should not.

Additionally, a review should not criticize the item or writer for being offensive to the reviewer. Though it can be suggested that if the writer wants to help others see their point of view, less polarizing language could be used. It would be useful to include examples in this case. In particular, I'm thinking of items where one might be trying to persuade others to a viewpoint. However, some topics are simply going to be offensive to some people.

Please do not read and review items you find offensive simply to get more tickets.

Please do not give negative reviews to items simply because you find them distasteful or offensive. You are reviewing the writing skill, not the topic choice.


Examples of items not commonly reviewed--sexually explicit items, addiction, abortion, sexuality, bondage, rape, sexual assault, vore, XGC ratings, controversial or taboo topics, etc.


When posting reviews, any review not designated as worth more than 1 ticket will automatically be deemed 1 ticket. Please divide your reviews up by the number of tickets they qualify for.

Remember that if you are unsure of where to post your reviews based on the topic, title, the graphicness of your review, etc., please post them here, even if they are a 1-ticket review. Even posting every review here for safety is not wrong, though DO NOT post them in both forums. *Wink* For more information on content ratings, see "Content Rating System (CRS).

Post reviews as below using {review:XXXXXXX}:

1 Ticket
Review of "What A Mattress Knows" (The item wasn't XGC, but I wasn't sure if the title was too suggestive, so I decided to post it here to be safe)

3 Tickets
Review of "Cartoon Vore, GTS, Shrink, and All Else"

4 Tickets
Review of "The Hot Tub"
Review of "Men, Women, & Flowers"

5 Tickets
Review of "The Massage"
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