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The science fiction rollplay for members of Flight of Fancy.
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Jul 10, 2006 at 8:04pm
Set course to...
by Virgo
Chrysth snarled quietly and flicked the switch back so the little light was now blue, "Blesser Chrysth Donis requesting Launch Bay 6 be cleared for launch." He punched a few more buttons, setting the small group awash in blue.

"Permission Denied."

Chrysth narrowed his eyes, "Blesser Chrysth Donis requesting Launch Bay 1 be cleared for launch."

"Permission Denied."

"Wrong answer." He muttered, pulling up a screen on the window and tapping a few buttons on his keyboard. The screen lit with a pale silver glow and what looked like various wires spread across the screen, "Come on..." He smirked to himself as he hacked into the database, clearing his ship for Launch Bay Six and yanked up the boarding ramp, "Set your course, Trine!" He demanded, pressing a few more keys and yanking out of the system as icicles began to form on the screen and the words "Adonis Virus Activated" flashed across the screen, "Chrysth Donis requesting Launch Bay Six cleared for launch." He snarled.

"P...Per-miss-miss-miss-on-n-n Gr-a-a-a-a-a-a-ante-te-te-ted...." And the voice frazzled out.

"What did you do?" Mystic asked.

"I frazzled the harddrives and hotwired the mainframe so they can't set any ship out after us for awhile." He replied calmly, flicking the rest of his systems, "Trine!"

"I... um..."

"Too late, Computer." Chrysth's eyes had fallen away from the intensity from before to his level-headed emotionless mask.

"Chrysth! Welcome back to the Millenium Falcon!" The computer's voice was chirpy and decidedly male, full of pep and spunk, the exct opposite of Chrysth as he closed his eyes and sighed.

"Wrong ship Computer." He growled beneath his breath.

"The Black Pearl?"


"The Santa Maria?"

"Computer, do you want me to take you apart again?" He said flatly as he guided the ship towards the bay.

"Welcome back to the Silver Dragon, where do you want to set a course to, Chrysth?" The Computer seemed to sigh.

"Set a course for Drynt." Chrysth said, typing in coordinates.

"But, uh, are you sure..."

"Computer." Chrysth said warningly.

"Right, Drynt, is that a one-way trip, or do you want me to fly back alone when you don't return?"


"Coordinates 6532 degrees West by TorqueSouth, easy solar winds today, but buckle-up just in case." The Computer recited obediently.

"Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, remain seated until I say ou can get up, do not speak to me while I work this thing, and do not, I repeat, do not encourage my computer to talk in any way, shape, form, or otherwise." Chrysth said calmly, his voice even and blank, as per usual, "And, one more thing, if I die, and any of you don't I'm going to haunt you for eternity."

No one knew what was more scary, the computer that was seemed to be Chrysth's personal nemesis, the fact that Chrysth might have cracked a joke, or the fact that he seemed completely serious the entire time he spoke.

"Shit." Chrysth swore softly, looking down the runway, "Please buckle your seatbelts." He said, flicking switches and twisting a key, "Computer, switch to manual."

"Yes Chrysth, but are you sure..."

"Just do it!" Chrysth glared at the panel, grabbing the steering mechanism in front of him, "Trine, get in the gunner booth to the left, Mystic, to the right, Saffire to the top and the right, Sebille to the top and left, Zalla take the bottom and to the right, I'll take the main guns." He flipped open the tops of the steering system and two red buttons rested just beneath his thumbs, "What are you waiting for?" He growled as they hurried to their posts. He pulled back, the engines roaring to life, and sending them hovering above the ground, pulling on a headset, "Can everyone hear me?" He asked.



"No problem."

"I'm good."


"Good." He murmured, pressing his foot down and sending the Silver Dragon zipping forward, "Someone shoot out the door mechanism." He said, narrowing his eyes and twisting the ship sideways as a jet of silver light shot from the left cannon and took out the doors. They ground to a halt, just barely letting the Dragon pass, leaving a nice scratch and nearly taking out Zalla in the process.

"Oh dear gods in heaven." She said over the comm.

"Hold on tight." He said, "Shoot out the guns, there are towers and they're set to take us out, shoot them first." He pulled back and they began their incline, shooting nearly straight up from Metropolis Docks. Red and silver lasers shot past Chrysth, but his shields were top of the line and deflected the weaker shots as silver shots caused bright orange explosions to light the air around them.

"Entering the Stratosphere." The Computer said.

"Good." Chrysth punched the engines to max and and the whirring picked up, pressing Chrysth farther into his seat.

"Entering the Mesosphere."

Chrysth nodded and shot at a ship that was making to intercept them, turning it into a cloud of yellow flames.

"Entering the Thermosphere."

"Then..." Chrysth murmured, closing his eyes and relaxing.

"Entering open Space and leaving Infinite Nebula Star."
Set course to... · 07-10-06 8:04pm
by Virgo

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