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Jul 11, 2006 at 10:22am
Elizabeth stretched as the door swished open Blesser Brascoe strode in, sparing her a bored glance before slamming keys on his computer.

"In case you were wondering, Blesser Trine is missing. A ship has jumped planet and we believe she is on it," I know she is on it but loyalty runs deep, Brascoe pressed a button and the screen went black. "We are commanded to meet in the Dark. Get dressed."

Elizabeth tilted her head and studied her husband. He was handsome, she mused, but he never used it to his advantage. Unlike Darian, who had left her bed only an hour ago. She smiled as she remembered their tryst.

Many men filled Elizabeth's bed though none held her heart. None but Blesser Chrysth Donis and he had refused her as coldly as he refused all else. Snarling momentarily, Elizabeth stood and donned her green gown.

"There is something wrong with the computer system. Chrysth must have done something to it when he jumped planet," Brascoe smiled to his reflection on the dark screen before steeling his features to face his wife.

"What was that? Chrysth has jumped planet?" Elizabeth continued to twist her hair up in an elaborate bun as her husband's eyes narrowed.

"So informal," he murmured.

"Very well...Blesser Chrysth jumped planet, did he? That's very like him, isn't it?" Elizabeth raged inside. Even Protector Adair couldn't resist her, even he visited her bed more often than her husband. But Chrysth was the one man she hadn't been able to sway, the one she hadn't managed to clutch in her web, the one she wanted most, and now he jumped planet.

"Come, wife," Blesser Brascoe only wished he could kill her as he had planned but her sway with others, especially men of power, kept him untouchable. "We must go to the Dark."

:: ::

Protector Adair watched the lasers fail to stop the small vessel as it left the ground. Rage bubbled through him, so hot and intense that he turned red with the effort to keep the calm facade.

"You have failed us for the last time, Protector," the voice that haunted his nightmares spoke behind him as darkness fell.

:: ::


Darian turned off his CommBracelet and stood. Whoever had been in the Protector's office had efficiently killed the man without a moments hesitation. Darian wished he had never placed that Sniffer in the Protector's office while Adair was with Elizabeth.

Darian stood and racked his brain. Where could he go? Something was definately wrong and he was merely a Slicer with no power. But he had to go somewhere.

Cautiously, Darian joined the crowds moving toward the Dark, keeping his eyes open for an escape and for the tall man that had killed their leader.

:: ::

Chrysth looked at Trine as she and Saffire talked quietly at the back of the ship. The intensity in Saffire's gaze told Chrysth all he needed to know but he didn't have to approve. A Blesser and a Summoner could never marry, he knew and he was loathe to think of Trine and Saffire being lovers.

With a flick of his wrist, Chrysth used his CommBracelet to enhance his hearing. Eavesdropping was never beneath a Blesser though only a foolish Blesser would admit it was done.

"...alone." Saffire said.

"It doesn't matter, Saffire. In all actuality, I prefer it this way." Trine replied.

"I don't feel that we will accomplish anything this way. I say that we change course and find a ship for us and Sebille."

"I said no, Saffire. Don't make me pull rank on you. All our years as friends I have never had to but I won't hesitate."

"As you command, Blesser," Saffire growled before turning on his heel and walking away. Trine sighed.

"Eavesdropping, huh?" Zalla asked as she flopped in the co-pilot seat beside Chrysth, causing him to start.

"Shut up, Zalla," he growled and released the Sniffer that had allowed him to listen in. With a fierce expression that made Zalla giggle in her infuriating way, Chrysth attempted to focus on flying.

:: ::

"The enfolding has begun. Round up any that have refused to come and find me Blesser Trine Anderson. Now."
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