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Jul 11, 2006 at 4:49pm
Of Wolf and Man
by Virgo
Chrysth's face fell impassive again and he slid his hands into the sleeves of his robes once more dressed and in full battle gear. He followed the wolfish Hebtu through the city, barely glancing one way or another, but all gave him room and none dared look Chrysth in the eye, they saw the glint of steel in his belt and heard the low hum of his laser shields, his cold gaze deterred even the smaller aliens from playing where he trod. Zalla followed nervously, moving as close to Chrysth as she dared while not inciting the white Blesser's wrath either. Her movements were jerky and stiff, until Chrysth's irritated hand jerked her around, so she now rested between Hebtu and himself.

"For hell's sake would you be still woman?" Chrysth snarled lowly and Zalla looked away.

"Be nice to the poor girl, I bet this is her first time on the nightmarish Drynt." Hebtu turned and smirked devilishly at her, his canines sharp and deadly.

She stepped away and nearly into the already angry Chrysth who grabbed her arm and jerked her forward, whacking her rump with his staff, "Move." He growled and she did as she was told, stepping forward obediently and relaxing slightly as she began to look around a bit more.


Chrysth own calm was false and he knew it, an emotion he hadn't felt since he was ten began welling up in him as they moved closer and closer to the place he was born. It was here on this backwater, hellish place that he was born, and it was here that he promised himself he would never return to. And yet, here he was, back on his personal hell, moving towards the place where he had seen her scream, and watched him die, where he had forgone sanity in place of the oblivion that rage left him.

Hebtu stopped in front of a modernish-looking building, all frigid diamonds and cool sapphires, "Remember this place Chrysth?" Hebtu asked, "Brings back memories, doesn't it?"

Please, let me go! I never wanted...

Kill them? Kill them! But you cannot kill the Master...

You don't have to...!

"I suppose." He said coldly tucking a lock of hair behind his ear, "A place to stay, Hebtu, not a trip down memory lane." Hebtu looked disappointed and Chrysth sneered at him, "You won't get what you are looking for, Icicle." He whispered as he stepped closer to the wolf man.

"Is it too much for a Lupanum to hope?" Hebtu asked, turning a flipping his tail, "Your rooms are in here anyways, wouldn't want you going somewhere unfamiliar, would we?"

Chrysth's face twisted, his control loosening and he grabbed Hebtu by the throat, slamming him against the diamond wall, "Hear this now, Hebtu, you were lucky I liked you decently back then, even luckier to have survived it once. But remember, lady luck does not smile on those who spit in her face, you will not survive it a second time, this I promise you." His golden eyes flashed silver and he tightened his grip on the Lupanum, "Am I clear?"

Hebtu's eyes were beginning to bug and he nodded weakly, "Got it! I understand!" he wheezed, gripping Chrysth's wrist pleadingly.

Chrysth dropped him, letting him crumple to the floor, "Our rooms Hebtu?" He was calm once more, as if nothing had happened.

"This... this way." Hebtu was visibly shaken, and led them to an elevator, pressing a button to levy them up.
Of Wolf and Man · 07-11-06 4:49pm
by Virgo

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