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The science fiction rollplay for members of Flight of Fancy.
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Jul 12, 2006 at 10:17am
Edited: July 12, 2006 at 10:21am
Trine walked through the small crowd of rough, strange looking creatures unmolested, mainly due to Chrysth's warnings and partly due to the murderous gleam in her eyes.

Saffire remained on the ship due to the stunning blow Mystic had inflicted upon him, rendering him unconscious. He had insisted that Sebille was his responsibility and that he alone would find her. Trine had had her fill of stubborn men and their pride. Thankfully, Mystic had read the glance correctly and had acted accordingly.

Once clear of the crowd, Trine hesitated. Thanks to Chrysth removing the trackers from their CommBracelets, Trine had no easy task before her. Sighing, she ripped the CommBracelet from her wrist and stuffed it into the pocket of the black fitted pants she had donned for the search. The thigh length red vest was fitted to the waist then flaired slightly for easier movement. Her knee length boots gave her slight protection. She donned no armor and carried only her lazer and her extension sword.

Turning left on a hunch, Trine took one step before a blood-curdling scream filled the air. Trine ran.

:: ::

"Damn!" Sebille cleaned the blood from her blade and looked at the dead woman. She had come out of nowhere and the scream that had come from her upon her death had been far too loud for Sebille's taste. Soon, she knew, others would come. Smiling, Sebille searched the ground for her prize.

"What are you doing? Are you hurt?" Trine arrived with a skidding of boots on the dirt, kicking dust into the air.

Sebille waved her hand distractedly as she continued to scan the ground. "The scream didn't come from me."

Trine noticed the woman, cleaved in two, and scowled. "Wonderful,"

"Look!" Sebille whispered excitedly. Trine moved to her side and looked where her friend pointed. A black stone lay in the brown dirt. Sebille picked it up and it immediately changed to jade.

"A detector!" Trine felt excitement course through her. Detectors had vanished years ago, so long ago that they were rumored to have never existed in the first place. Detectors were stones that touched upon a persons emotions and showed, effortlessly, how a person truly felt at any given moment...as long as it was touching flesh, that is. Sebille dropped the stone onto Trine's gloved hand and it immediately turned black.

"We need to return to the ship, Sebille." Trine pocketed the stone and looked behind her. No one was coming. "And I'm sure I don't have to tell you..."

"To keep the stone a secret. No, you don't." Sebille agreed.

Quickly, Trine and Sebille headed toward the ship, intent on reaching it before Saffire awoke. Trine filled Sebille in on all that had happened since she disembarked and they were soon chuckling at the thought of Saffire's mood when he woke.

Unfortunately, they had forgotten one minor, albeit important, detail.

"Where the hell have you been and who the hell do you think you are?" Chrysth demanded from in front of the ship that was now void of any onlookers.

"Oops," Sebille said wryly. "I forget we're not answering to the Protector anymore."

"We never did answer to the Protector," Trine murmured but the fire in Chrysth's eyes made her hesitate.

Danger and fear was not something common to Blessers or Summoners but suddenly both were aware of where they truly were and what their actions could have caused.

Mystic and Saffire came down the plank, Saffire holding his head but standing on his own. He spared only a glance ensuring the safety of his sister and the woman he loved before staring stonily ahead.

"Follow me!" Chrysth growled as he turned on his heel and strode away. The landing plank rose, sealing the ship. Sebille and Trine shared a look before falling in behind the others. What Trine couldn't understand is how she had gone from the most powerful and respected Blesser to an equal underneath the rule of the coldest Blesser the N.P. had ever risen but she was intent on remedying the situation as soon as she was able.
Wanderings · 07-12-06 10:17am
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