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Jul 12, 2006 at 10:13pm
Finding Chrysth
by A Non-Existent User
"He should be back by now." Zalla paced back and forth, her eyes focusing on something, then changing to something else. It made her head move almost like a chicken's, jerky and nervous.

"Why do you care?" demanded Trine. "He was always the meanest to you, from what I could tell."

Zalla glared at Trine. "True, he was a jerk to me, but he's still a fellow blesser, and you know he's not a bad guy." Trine turned a bit red in the face, just enough for Zalla to notice, and pounce. "Come on Trine, let's find him. He may be in trouble."

"I don't want to. I'm sure he's fine."

Zalla scowled. True, she couldn't argue that Chrysth was a very talented fighter, and he could beat the snot out of her anytime he wanted, but she was still worried. "He should be back by now!" she repeated. "Come, I'm going, and Trine, if you don't follow me, then I'm an undertrained blesser all alone..."

Trine rolled her eyes at that. Zalla could take care of herself, she knew this, but she'd never admitted it, and she'd always called her 'the undertrained blesser'. Like everyone had, because nobody wanted to admit that she was the most talented 16-year-old they'd met.

Zalla walked out the door, followed by Trine, who was followed by the Girnwoods, who was stalked by Mystic.
Finding Chrysth · 07-12-06 10:13pm
by A Non-Existent User

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